The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills

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In a town built on good looks, the elite plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills put their A-list patients under the knife so they can look their best.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
Cast: Jason Diamond, David Amron
The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills

The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Rey makes a life-changing decision that will affect his family and career. Dr. Amron performs at a party, where Hayley reveals her husband's news.

  • Dr. Ziering helps a famous actor with his thinning hair. A model gets new breasts from Dr. Rey. Dr. Diamond hires a celebrity dog trainer for his pup.

  • Dr. Amron tackles a difficult case of lipoedema. Dr. Diamond takes on a complex rhinoplasty revision. Dr. Sands worries about Dr. Rey's front teeth.

  • Dr. Rey revitalizes a new mom's breasts. A robot helps Dr. Ziering with a hair restoration surgery. Dr. Sands's latest splurge lands him in hot water.

  • After an indoor skydiving session with Dr. Diamond, Dr. Amron repairs a botched liposuction, while Dr. Sands fixes teeth damaged from eating lemons.

  • Dr. Ziering helps a celebrity assistant reverse the hair loss she's kept hidden from everyone. Dr. Sands tries to watch his own kids without any help.

  • After solving a housekeeping crisis, Dr. Rey performs a female rejuvenation. Dr. Amron plans a complex liposuction for a patient with large calves.

  • Hayley opens up to the other doctors' wives. Dr. Sands works on a cancer patient. Dr. Diamond and Dr. Rey team up to perform a nose and chin implant.

  • Dr. Amron reduces a woman's "cankles" with liposuction. An aspiring actor seeks a nose job from Dr. Diamond. Dr. Rey grills his daughter's new beau.

  • Dr. Sands gives a woman a new smile, and later consults a rabbi for help. Dr. Diamond learns his celebrity face-lift patient is having medical issues.

  • The aftermath of Dr. Amron's glider disaster is revealed. Meanwhile, Dr. Diamond performs a face-lift on a woman unhappy with how tired she looks.

  • Dr. Amron performs full-body liposuction, while Dr. Ziering helps a woman with thinning eyebrows. Later, Dr. Amron goes for a disastrous glider ride.

  • Dr. Diamond performs nose jobs on a pair of sisters and a facial rejuvenation on their mom. Dr. Rey's wife finds him posing with a supermodel patient.

  • Dr. Rey gives a tae kwon do classmate a butt lift. A client with a heart-wrenching past gets new teeth from Dr. Sands. The doctors visit a racetrack.