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The Choice is an American-produced television game show that involves a group of contestants competing for the chance at a romantic connection. The show, which airs on Fox, blends dating competition and game show elements, featuring four eligible celebrity bachelors who must must eventually each choose a date from a pool of lovely contestants. Each celebrity bachelor selects a team of three contestants, and then narrows his options down until he's ready to pick his date at the end of the episode.

Hosted by English model and television presenter Cat Deeley, The Choice begins with the initial blind audition round. For that majority of this round, each of the celebrity bachelors sits with his back turned. The contestants individually make their pitches, offering up their most redeeming qualities in 30 seconds or less. Once a bachelor hears something the likes, he can pull his love handle and turn to face the contestant. If more than one bachelor picks a contestant, then she earns the privilege of picking between the two men.

This continues until each bachelor has chosen a team of three contestants, at which point the second round begins. Drastically increasing the energy from the first round, the second portion of The Choice involves speed dating of sorts. Each contestant has 15 seconds to sit down with a bachelor for a rotating question-and-answer session that will help the bachelors decide which potential dates are the most attractive...and which of the three gets eliminated.

Once the second round has concluded and a member of each bachelor's dating team has been sent home, the third and final round begins. Each contestant is asked a single question by the host, and gives a thoughtful answer. When both teammates have answered, the bachelor appears and reveals his selection to both the contestants and the audience. The happy couple is then treated to a date experience to end all experiences, and hopefully go on to enjoy a romantic and fulfilling future together.

The Choice is a show that features a hip, current update of classic dating game show elements. The fast pace and quick contestant elimination make for exciting viewing, and celebrity bachelors are often featured. Some episodes even flip the show's usual gender dynamic, and feature male contestants competing for a date with four ladies. Perfect for any game show lover, The Choice is a program that has something for everybody. Its quick pace and contestant eliminations provide plenty of excitement, with an appealing addition of modern romance.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
June 7, 2012
Celebrity & Entertainment, Reality
Cast: Cat Deeley, Shakyra LaShae, Cassandra Davis
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  • Celebrity bachelors include Dean Cain, Tyson Beckford, Ndamukong Suh and Dr. Robert Nettles.

  • Celebrity bachelors include Rob Kardashian, Finesse Mitchell, Rob Gronkowski, and Steven Lopez.

  • Celebrity bachelorettes include Carmen Electra, Sophie Monk, Hope Dworaczyk, and Rima Fakih.

  • Celebrity bachelors include Mike Sorrentino, Taylor Hicks, Warren Sapp, and Rocco Dispirito.

  • Celebrity bachelors including singer Joe Jonas, snowboarder Seth Wescott, radio personality Mike Catherwood and actor Parker Young.

  • In the premiere of this dating game show, meet celebrity bachelors Jason Cook, Jeremy Bloom, Romeo and DJ Pauly D as they compete to find love.

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