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The Everyday Tales of a Cat God is a Japanese anime television series created by Touko Machida and AIC PLUS+ Studios. The series was based heavily off of the manga series of the same named by Akita Shoten and FLIPFLOP's. The series is often known under its alternative English title of, The Everyday Tales of a Cat God but it's original title translates to simply, Cat God or Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

The series follows the life and times of, what else, a cat god named Mayu who is currently living in exile, without any of her godly powers. She wanders to Earth and befriends the inhabitants of a small antiques shop, but when they find out who Mayu really is their lives are turned upside down.

NIS America
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 9, 2011
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The Everyday Tales of a Cat God Full Episode Guide

  • Mayu here. How many years has it been since that day? After being exiled from Takamagahara, I was completely lost and decided to take shelter at a small shrine. Well, until that talked to me... Yeah, some cat who called himself Kotetsu.

  • This is Gonta's mother, Shizuha. I really love to gamble. As always, I challenged the biggest sucker - I mean, the biggest risk-taker, Mayu, to a game of dice. I won, of course. I took some video game, but that fool keeps trying to reclaim it. Why!?

  • It's Gonta again. Our temple's festivities are all ready to go thanks to the lovely Yuzu...and the others. That's why we're all going to have a slumber party, which always leads to telling ghost stories at someone's request... Ugh.

  • Oh my, hello there. This is Yuzu. Lady Mayu and I have come to visit Grandfather Genzo. He is my mentor who taught me the basics of identifying antiques, and... No, that isn't quite right. Really, he is a teacher who I respect and look up to.

  • Hey, it's Gonta. I won the lottery they were holding at the mall, so I'm going to the beach with Miss Yuzu! Watermelon breaking! Beach volleyball! And, and, and, the mind-boggling site of Miss Yuzu in a bikini! What!? What "fell out"!?

  • This is Shamo. I'm friends with a manga artist/spirit master named Yukina. She uses her shikigami as her illustration assistants. But those idiots have gone on strike, just in time for the Special Issue. Everyone's gonna help her out, y'know.

  • Hello, this is Yoshino. My grandfather entrusted me with the task of making certain that the cherry blossoms bloom. But I lost the very, very important Pot of Blooming. Nobody will be able to go cherry blossom viewing this year, and it's all my fault!

  • Hey, this is Mayu. After being exiled from Takamagahara, I somehow ended up in some town's antique shop named Antiques Unlimited. But now there's this rumor that the god of poverty is coming! We gotta stop her, at any cost! I don't wanna be poor!

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