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Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara (If Her Flag Breaks), translated from the Japanese as "If Her Flag Breaks" or "Gawoware," is a romantic comedy about Souta Hatate. Souta is a transfer student that can see the future of a person, though the visions always comes in the form of various flags. Souta is aware that he can change these flags by simply interacting with that person. After settling into living in a dormitory laden with pretty girls, Souta discovers a flag indicating his death. To change this outcome, Souta quests for a knight, a magic-user, a cleric, and a ninja.

NIS America
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 9, 2014
Cast: Kana Asumi, Ai Kayano, Ibuki Kido, Ryôta Ôsaka
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Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara Full Episode Guide

  • Souta regains his memory and learns he knew the girls once before, but had Laplace's Demon save them. Souta and the girls fight the Premium Ambriel, but his death flag breaks and he awakes in the real world where he learns more about his past.

  • Souta fights the Angelus Gemini to protect his world by placing 'Death Flag' on his enemies. Nanami learns from Riru how she is linked to Souta, and takes the Quest Dorm members to help Souta fight.

  • The mysterious girl is idol Serika Ginyuuin. During her concert Souta's powers increase and time freezes. No. 0 tells Souta he must leave or the world will be destroyed. Souta erases Quest Dorm's memories of him, but Nanami is unaffected and remembers.

  • Souta recommends the Quest Dorm enters the Miss Hatagaya Academy Beauty Contest. Nanami gives a speech to cheer up Souta, and wins a festival pass which makes everything free as long as she is with Souta. They meet a girl who is running from something.

  • The Quest Dorm goes to Nanami's home country, the Principality of Bladefield, and meets Nanami's little sister Hakua, and the crown prince. There's big news about Hakua and Nanami. Then No. 0 talks to Hatate about the founding fairy tail of the country.

  • Souta returns home with Kikuno during summer break, and is spoiled by her. Ruri shows up all of a sudden and takes him away. He ends up at Akane's house. Everyone from Quest Dorm is worried about him and shows up, except for Nanami.

  • Hatagaya Academy goes on a trip near the ocean, and Souta meets Daishikyougawa Kurumiko there. Souta enlists the help Mimori Seiteikouji, the granddaughter of the chair. Souta and Mimori go on a date as compensation.

  • Daimyouzamurai Mei, a transfer student, joins class 1-F. She seems to also have the ability to see and manipulate flags. Meanwhile, class 1-F is split into two groups and goes on a trip to the ocean and forest. Souta is forced to join both trips.

  • Souta promises to go on a date with Akane, and the rest of Quest Dorm finds out about it, and wants to go as well. Nanami stays back at home, but Souta has to go on a date with Megumu, Akane, Rin, and Kikuno.

  • The week-long track meet starts. A new member joins, and everyone tries to prevent the Quest Dorm from shutting down and Souta being expelled. Mimori has a large list of events, and everyone works hard to get MVP, but something puts them all at risk.

  • Everyone is settling in at Quest Dorm when Akane gets a female android named Ninjabayashi Ruri from her family. Meanwhile, Hatagaya Academy's student council president announces the start of a week-long track meet, and then Mimori surprises everyone.

  • Souta Hatate meets his old friend Okiku. They have renovated the Quest Dorm thanks to Mimori Seiteikouji's volunteers. Souta, Megu, Akane, Okiku, and Nanami move in to keep the dorm open. Souta recalls how he got his powers.

  • On her way to school, Nanami Knight Braidfield comes upon a boy who saves people from a collision. After watching him in class where he behaves rudely, she confronts him and finds he has the ability to see somebody's future in the form of flags.

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