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For all of Takashi Natsume's life, he's been able to see spirits, or "ayakashi," thanks to a power he inherited from Reiko, his grandmother. When Reiko's end draws near, she hands her Book of Friends over to Takashi. This Book contains all sorts of contracts that Reiko had made, in her favor, between herself and a multitude of spirits. Due to the Book's nature and history, Takashi is constantly harangued by spirits by merit of being its new owner.

While Takashi's grandmother spent time binding spirits to contracts, Takashi seeks out ways of dissolving each one in both penance and a genuine desire to help the spirits. As some of these spirits are rather violent and homicidal toward Takashi, the cat-like spirit Madara appears. Madara, whom Takashi affectionately refers to as Nyanko-sensei, decides to protect and aid Takashi, while also seeking ownership of the Book for his own purposes.

Natsume's Book of Friends, or Natsume Yujin-cho, is a 13-episode fantasy series written by Yuki Midorikawa, directed by Takahiro Omori, and produced by Brain's Base studio.

Natsume's Book of Friends is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (79 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 2008.

Where do I stream Natsume's Book of Friends online? Natsume's Book of Friends is available for streaming on NIS America, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Natsume's Book of Friends on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

NIS America
6 Seasons, 79 Episodes
July 7, 2008
Cast: Ryouhei Kimura, Miyuki Sawashiro, Sanae Kobayashi, Akira Ishida, Junichi Suwabe
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Natsume's Book of Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Natsume encounters an old man who asks for help with getting home. The old man turns out to be a yokai who will soon disappear and he asks Natsume to help him to fulfill a promise that he had made.

  • Natori's group searches the Hakozaki mansion for the study. But other forces want the powerful magics contained within, and Natsume doesn't want them to have it...

  • Natori is trying to find information on Natsume and his book of friends. Meanwhile, Natsume visits his house to deliver some of Touko's homemade jam. But this is the start of an adventure...

  • Natsume travels to an inn for a study session with the rest of his class. While he's there, a flood washes away a local shrine. The shrine is said to house three masks, but Natsume can see four...

  • Natsume is on his way home when he finds a letter on the ground. The letter seems to belong to a nearby man, who asks Natsume to take him to his school. The man is actually a youkai, who was once deeply involved with a human girl. He cut the relationship off, but the girl isn't ready to give up...

  • Natsume meets a youkai named Gomochi, who has come in search of Reiko. The youkai has a message for Reiko, and wants to thank her for a favor she did him long ago. In hearing his story, Natsume comes to learn more about his mysterious grandmother.

  • Natsume's friends reflect on how they met him, and the difference he made in their lives. He's found a home, and he means a lot to the people who live there.

  • Natsume gets a call from his old "friend" Shibata, who he once helped with a youkai problem. Shibata wants him to come visit, and Natsume reluctantly agrees. He and Tanuma pay Shibata a visit, and have a pleasant chat at a park. But when Shibata mentions a local haunted house, Natsume finds his visit has turned into more than he expected...

  • Natsume's town is visited by a stonewasher: a powerful magical being capable of purifying tainted rocks. The stonewasher is looking for its lost student, and turns to Natsume for help.

  • Natsume helps a youkai out of a pot, and as a "reward", is made young again. But Natsume is already young, and making him younger just confuses him and addles his memories. When he doesn't know who to trust, will he have the strength to know who his real friends are?

  • While searching for Nyanko-sensei, Natsume gets invovled in a dangerous game of hide and seek.

  • Natsume has come down with a cold after adventuring in the hills. All of his friends, both human and youkai, do their best to make him feel better. As he lies in bed, he begins to realize how much the people around him care for him, and how valuable the bonds he's established are.

  • Touko and Shigeru are the kind elderly couple who took in Natsume when no one else would. But what were they like before they let Natsume move in?

  • While on the run from a fearsome youkai, Natsume accidently sits on a tiny mushroom youkai. The mushroom youkai is incensed, as it has a meeting with a 'noble person' later in that day. It insists on Natsume helping it prepare for its meeting with this 'noble person', and Natsume finds himself drawn into the strange story of its past...

  • Natori's family has always been exorcists... until they lost the abililty to see youkai. After generations of fearing the youkai's revenge, Natori is suddenly born with the ability to see them. His family doesnt want anything to do with his powers, though, and he's left to figure out how to live on his own. His life changes when he meets a young Matoba at an exorcist gathering, and the two of them end up hunting a powerful youkai together...

  • Natsume and his friends go to a distant hot springs to help with the renovations. When he arrives, he meets an old friend of Tanumas, but he quickly gets caught up in local youkai trouble. Tanuma's old friend is actually a youkai, and she threatens terrible things if Natsume reveals her secret.

  • Nyanko-sensei runs away from Natsume to chase a dragonfly. He finds himself stuck with two young children on their first errand. He keeps trying to leave, but the area of the forest they're in is filled with dangerous youkai. Can he help them complete their errand, while still retaining his sanity?

  • Natsume's friend Taki lives in a house filled with traps and mazes for youkai. She can't see the youkai herself without the aid of a special circle, but she can hear them when they're trapped in her house. She saves one of them, but it refuses to leave her home. Natsume suspects that there may be danger involved, and visits her to make sure that everything is okay.

  • Natsume arrives at the exorcist meeting to help smoke out the youkai that Matoba wants to find. But he quickly discovers that the situation is more complicated than it first seemed. The youkai is capable of replicating itself to possess targets, and no one but Natsume is able to see who is possessed. Natsume and Nyanko-sensei search the halls, still unsure if they even want to be there.

  • Natsume receives a letter from Matoba, an exorcist whom he's had unpleasant dealings with in the past. The world of exorcists is a dangerous place lately, and Matoba wants Natsume's help. Natsume wants to refuse, but Matoba threatens to reveal Natsume's powers to his adopted family, which would spell the end of his peaceful life.

  • On a rainy day, Natsume meets a young girl youkai. Her name isn't in the book of friends, but she wants his help anyway: she wants him to find a man she met once. The man couldn't see Youkai normally, but a mischievous trick of the weather let him see her for just one day. For the next fifty years she visited him, hoping he'd see her one more time, but he never did. Now he's vanished. Can Natsume find him for her?

  • Natsume continues to spend his days giving back Youkai their names from the book of friends. One day, as he's heading home, he finds himself chased by a giant, rolling pot. The youkai in the pot insists that his grandmother Reiko stole a doll from her. When she threatens to hurt his family, however, he's forced to go out and find it. But would his kind, smiling grandmother Reiko really steal a doll from someone?