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Hanasaku Iroha is about the story of a young girl named Ohana, whose mother has sent her off to live with her grandma, since Ohana's mother wants to start a new life with her new boyfriend. Ohana has never met her grandmother. As soon as Ohana arrives at her doorstep, her grandmother isn't too happy to see her.

Instead of giving Ohana a warm welcome, she decides to put her to work at a hot springs inn.

Even though this isn't the lifestyle Ohana wanted, she tries to make the best out of her new and challenging life.

NIS America
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 3, 2011
Cast: Aki Toyosaki, Junichi Suwabe, Kenji Hamada, Mamiko Noto, Takako Honda
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Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow Full Episode Guide

  • The day of the Bonbori festival. Everyone sets aside their differences and looks toward the future, for a day when Kissuiso will invite them all back once again.

  • Kissuiso's business is booming, but they neglect to properly prepare for the upcoming Bonbori festival - something the whole town joins together in doing. Tensions are high when the staff begins to argue about their future until Madam Manager intervenes.

  • Ohana happens to run into Ko while she is in Tokyo. The two of them talk, and Ohana strengthens her resolve. At Kissuiso, a surprise rave review in a large publication spurs an influx of visitors, giving everyone new hope that the inn will survive.

  • Once news of Kissuiso's closing circulates among the staff, spirits are low, but optimistic once they craft a plan to keep its doors open. Ohana joins Takako on a trip to Tokyo in order to get their money back from the film director.

  • Everyone begins to prepare for the big wedding in their own ways. Tohru talks to Minchi in an attempt to diffuse the bad blood between her and Ohana. Beans has a bittersweet announcement to make after the wedding concludes...

  • Enishi and Takako declare their intent to marry. The question of who will host the wedding and how much it will cost gives the Kissuiso staff a brilliant idea. Minchi confronts Ohana about Tohru, who seems to have feelings for the latter.

  • To douse the flames that Minchi created through her stubborness about the classroom café's menu, Ohana and Nako take it upon themselves to show how simple dishes done right can be delicious and fun to make. But will Tohru come? What will he think?

  • Ohana's classroom decides to run a café for the school's culture festival. They put Minchi in charge of the menu and food preparation, but her short fuse becomes her downfall as she begins to antagonize her classmates about what should be included.

  • Nako has a very different personality when she is at home compared to the way she acts at work. The contrast begins to trouble her, and she tries to find ways to become more outgoing, including changing up her outfit into something more trendy.

  • Filming is proceeding well at Kissuiso. After some initial footage was taken, the director leaves with a check and a promise to return soon. When he never does, Enishi receives a call from his sister, Ohana's mother, who tells him what she knows...

  • A famous film director makes his way to Kissuiso and offers to shoot a movie using their inn as the setting. Excitement spreads through all the Kissuiso staff, and the girls start to scrub down a long-neglected pool.

  • Ohana offers to help the inn she and her classmates are staying at once she hears that the part-timers all quit. Is she experienced enough to do it on her own? Yuina's friend is impressed by Ohana's work ethic, causing Yuina to rethink her own priorities.

  • Ohana goes on a trip to the beach with her class. While there, Yuina runs across an old friend who brings up old memories. As the trip continues, tragedy strikes the inn everyone is staying at when the part-timers decide to quit!

  • Ohana's mother comes back to Kissuiso as a guest. She makes the staff uncomfortable, but gives good advice on how they could improve the inn. Family history comes to light, as the first season comes to a close.

  • Ohana decides to kidnap her mother and take her to Kissuiso to prove to her that Kissuiso is a great hot springs inn. Tohru tells Ohana that he and Minko will only help her if she gets Ko to come along, too.

  • After receiving an unfavorable review in a hot springs magazine, Ohana decides to return to Tokyo to confront the critic. While in Tokyo, she decides to visit Ko.

  • Ohana gets sick, and everyone makes time to take care of her between their duties. As Ohana rests, she uses the time to figure things out about her life.

  • Ohana tries to find Tohru at his friend's wedding, while the others try to serve all of their customers and Ren has cracked under the pressure. Also, Ko tries to visit Ohana at Kissuiso.

  • Rumors of a secret critic from a hot springs magazine coming to town, a sudden rush of reservations, and Madame Manager collapsing puts the staff of Kissuiso in panic mode.

  • Tomoe decides it's time to settle down and get married, which means she'll have to quit her job at Kissuiso. But when survival gamers start harassing the girls at the inn, she decides it's better to get fired for harassing them back.

  • Takako comes to revitalize the inn by updating the attendant uniforms. Ohana becomes inspired to try to find a way to run with the idea on her own, but needs a little help from those around her.

  • Rumors that Tohru has been lured away by a rival inn circulate throughout Kissuiso. Ohana tries to endear herself to Minko by helper her in this time of crisis.

  • It's Ohana's first day at her new school. Now she must try to navigate the high school social scene, but she gets some unexpected help from the granddaughter of the owner of a rival hot springs inn.

  • Ohana gets kidnapped by the writer after reading his "masterpiece." When he is discovered, he flees the inn in their truck, and the chase is on. Also, Minko comes up with something new to call Ohana in place of telling her to die.

  • Ohana gets promoted to being an attendant, but causes trouble when she throws a famous writer's manuscript in the trash. She forms a pact with Minko and Nako to improve themselves, which will be sealed with a meal of the girls' least favorite foods.

  • When Ohana's mother decides to run off with her boyfriend to dodge debt collectors, she sends Ohana to live with her grandmother at the family's hot springs inn. Her grandmother puts Ohana to work, as she tries to fit in with her new surroundings.

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