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In post apocalyptic Japan, teenager Cruz joins a group of superpower-wielding idiots in hope of avenging his sister's death.Needless is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2009.

Needless is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Needless on demand atiTunes online.

Thursday 1:30 PM et/pt on The Anime Network
1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 2, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
Cast: Brittney Karbowski, Andrew Love, Serena Varghese, David Wald
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Needless Full Episode Guide

  • With his strongest opponent now out of his way, Arclight begins his ascent to the throne. But Blade has a plan that may save them all from total destruction.

  • Saten announces his plans for domination and reveals who he plans to have sit by his side as he rules.

  • Blade and Arklight escalate their battle. And Aruka discovers what's really behind Saten's deceitful motives.

  • The true nature of the "Adam" and "Eve" test subjects are unveiled at last. And the two Adam's have a greater connection than they realize.

  • Blade attempts to steal Arklight's powers, and the origins of the Adam Project are revealed.

  • Just as Aruka is ready to finish off her brother, she is stopped by an unlikely interloper.

  • As Cruz hovers between life and death, Aruka and Saten try to destroy Blade and his comrades once and for all.

  • As Aruka deals a deadly blow to Cruz, he remembers their early days in the Resistance.

  • During the battle with the Fourth Great One, her mask is taken off, shocking everyone as to her true identity.

  • After lying in wait for so long, Saten finally makes his move, revealing just what his fragment actually is.

  • Kuchinashi unleashes her most powerful weapon, the wickedly deceptive Lillith Temptation.

  • A fallen enemy may have the key to deprogramming Eve. And Saten is very displeased with the Girls Squadron's dicey attempts at destroying Blade.

  • Just when it looks as though the Girl Squadron has Blade and his own team beaten, Cruz makes a vital discovery.

  • The Girl Squadron reveals their new weapon in the fight against Blade - Blade's own fighting partner, Eve.

  • Cruz finds out that Blade originally traveled with two other Needless - the death-wielding Set and the manic Solva.

  • Trapping Blade in a giant bedroom, the Girl Squadron combine their powers to seduce him.

  • Adam Arklight at last meets Blade face-to-face, resulting in a dangerous battle played out before thousands of innocent victims.

  • When a competing team discovers the Girl Squadron has taken a valuable hostage, they begin a riot grrrrl-like turf war.

  • Disc joins Blade and his team, but unfortunately the Girl Squadron has taken Eve captive.

  • Just as they discover important information at Iron Mountain, Blade and his team are attacked by Adam Arklight's deadly Girl Squadron.

  • As Adam Arklight's body begins to fail him, he finds the perfect donor - Adam Blade.

  • Cruz and Eve battle a powerful mutant who seems to have more powers than any mutant is allowed.