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In post apocalyptic Japan, teenager Cruz joins a group of superpower-wielding idiots in hope of avenging his sister's death.

Thursday 1:30 PM et/pt on The Anime Network
1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 2, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
Cast: Brittney Karbowski, Andrew Love, Serena Varghese, David Wald
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Needless Full Episode Guide

  • With his strongest opponent now out of his way, Arclight begins his ascent to the throne. But Blade has a plan that may save them all from total destruction.

  • Saten announces his plans for domination and reveals who he plans to have sit by his side as he rules.

  • Blade and Arklight escalate their battle. And Aruka discovers what's really behind Saten's deceitful motives.

  • The true nature of the "Adam" and "Eve" test subjects are unveiled at last. And the two Adam's have a greater connection than they realize.

  • Blade attempts to steal Arklight's powers, and the origins of the Adam Project are revealed.

  • Just as Aruka is ready to finish off her brother, she is stopped by an unlikely interloper.

  • As Cruz hovers between life and death, Aruka and Saten try to destroy Blade and his comrades once and for all.

  • As Aruka deals a deadly blow to Cruz, he remembers their early days in the Resistance.

  • During the battle with the Fourth Great One, her mask is taken off, shocking everyone as to her true identity.

  • After lying in wait for so long, Saten finally makes his move, revealing just what his fragment actually is.

  • Kuchinashi unleashes her most powerful weapon, the wickedly deceptive Lillith Temptation.

  • A fallen enemy may have the key to deprogramming Eve. And Saten is very displeased with the Girls Squadron's dicey attempts at destroying Blade.

  • Just when it looks as though the Girl Squadron has Blade and his own team beaten, Cruz makes a vital discovery.

  • The Girl Squadron reveals their new weapon in the fight against Blade - Blade's own fighting partner, Eve.

  • Cruz finds out that Blade originally traveled with two other Needless - the death-wielding Set and the manic Solva.

  • Trapping Blade in a giant bedroom, the Girl Squadron combine their powers to seduce him.

  • Adam Arklight at last meets Blade face-to-face, resulting in a dangerous battle played out before thousands of innocent victims.

  • When a competing team discovers the Girl Squadron has taken a valuable hostage, they begin a riot grrrrl-like turf war.

  • Disc joins Blade and his team, but unfortunately the Girl Squadron has taken Eve captive.

  • Just as they discover important information at Iron Mountain, Blade and his team are attacked by Adam Arklight's deadly Girl Squadron.

  • As Adam Arklight's body begins to fail him, he finds the perfect donor - Adam Blade.

  • Cruz and Eve battle a powerful mutant who seems to have more powers than any mutant is allowed.

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