The First 48: Bad Blood

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This popular, hour-long TV series is in the true-crime genre. The First 48: Bad Blood revisits unsolved murder cases originally featured on the series The First 48 and includes updates on the resolution of the crimes including up-to-date interviews with the original detectives on each case.

Each episode looks at a different case in a different city. The cases often involve revenge killings or gang retaliations and follow detectives as they follow police protocols to attempt to unearth new evidence, track down the perpetrators and investigate the motives for the crimes.

The First 48: Bad Blood gives viewers a look at all of the unglamorous grunt work that goes into a crime investigation as the detectives follow new leads. Police are followed in documentary-style footage as they revisit crime scenes, interview suspects and victims’ families and work with experts in the legal world and scientists in the world of forensic medicine

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on A&E
1 Season, 4 Episodes
August 17, 2015
Crime, Documentary & Biography
The First 48: Bad Blood

The First 48: Bad Blood Full Episode Guide

  • A Dallas detective investigates the murder of a young man shot in his friend's car; Minneapolis police search for the person who beat a homeless man to death.

  • The killing of a foreign exchange student is captured on video; family members are involved in a shooting at a New Orleans carwash.

  • Cleveland detectives uncover a shocking motive in the case of a bullied teen who was shot and killed outside a public library.

  • A mother is shot in her car while her three young children sit in the back seat; four cousins are gunned down while relaxing on their grandmother's porch.