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  • TV-PG
  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (1,497)

The Goode Family was a satirical animated sitcom that premiered on ABC in 2009. The show was created by Mike Judge, known for his work on Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, and Office Space. The Goode Family followed the lives of the titular family, consisting of Gerald and Helen Goode, their teenage daughter Bliss, and their adopted son Ubuntu. They were a stereotypical upper middle-class family living in the fictitious, eco-friendly town of Greenville.

Gerald was an anthropology professor who had a passion for saving the environment and was extremely politically correct. Helen was a stay-at-home mom who was also a vegan and volunteered at various charities. Bliss was an activist who was passionate about social justice and Ubuntu was a young boy from Africa whom the Goodes adopted in order to make a difference in the world.

The show satirized the over-the-top liberalism of the Goodes and the lengths they went to in order to be politically correct. For example, they had a hybrid car named "Eco-Mobile" and recycled everything, including their own urine. They also tried to raise their children to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible, but often struggled to understand their teenage daughter's rebellion and their son's cultural identity crisis.

The show featured a wide range of supporting characters that the Goodes interacted with, including their next-door neighbors who were conservative and unapologetically anti-environmentalist. Other recurring characters were the Goodes' son's birth mother, an environmental activist who was trying to teach the family about the importance of cultural diversity, and a town council member who was determined to implement ridiculous policies in the name of environmentalism.

The humor of The Goode Family often relied on the absurdity of the characters' extreme liberalism and the clash between their ideals and the realities of everyday life. The show also made fun of different social and political issues, ranging from environmentalism and animal rights to race and gender relations.

Despite its talented cast, which included Nancy Carell, David Herman, Linda Cardellini, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Dee Bradley Baker, The Goode Family failed to find an audience and was cancelled by ABC after only one season. The show's humor was considered too niche and polarizing, making it difficult to attract a large enough fan base.

Overall, The Goode Family was an attempt to satirize the current trends of political correctness and environmentalism prevalent in American society. While it was not always successful, the show's clever writing and talented voice cast made for an entertaining and thought-provoking experience. Unfortunately, the show's time on air was cut short, leaving fans wanting more.

The Goode Family is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on May 27, 2009.

The Goode Family
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A Goode Man Is Hard to Find
13. A Goode Man Is Hard to Find
August 7, 2009
Gerald is under the impression that he is to become a sperm donor, and Charlie teaches Ubuntu about being a man after he gets his first facial hair.
Gerald's Way or the Highway
12. Gerald's Way or the Highway
August 7, 2009
Gerald decides to motivate Bliss and Ubuntu to do something good by adopting a highway and cleaning it up. But when an Aryan prison work-gang claims the highway is their territory, the Goodes become embroiled in an all-out turf war! GUEST STARS: Johnny Knoxville (Dean), Toby Huss (Clyde, Prison Guard)
Trouble in Store
11. Trouble in Store
July 31, 2009
Helen is banned from One Earth on the day of Gerald's big meal, after 'stealing' something from the store.
Public Disturbance
10. Public Disturbance
July 24, 2009
Gerald wants a PBR (Public Broadcast Radio) affiliate in Greenville so bad that he and Helen host a pledge drive and Gerald surprisingly raises all $100,000 needed, from an old woman named Ruth. But when Ruth asks for her money back because she gave more than she could afford, Gerald is told that all the money's been spent. GUEST STARS: Kevin Nealon (Irwin), Andy Richter (Fred Ridley, PBR Host ), Dax Shepard (Steve, Ned)
After-School Special
9. After-School Special
July 17, 2009
When Helen and Gerald stop paying attention to their own kids due to mentoring at-risk children, Bliss and Ubuntu start causing trouble of their own.
A Goode Game of Chicken
8. A Goode Game of Chicken
July 10, 2009
Gerald takes on Cranky a local celebrity chef when he uses chicken in his "meatless" chili dish. Meanwhile, Che is missing.
Graffiti in Greenville
7. Graffiti in Greenville
July 3, 2009
When Helen finds out that Bliss' new community service job cleaning up graffiti is bogus, she decides to secretly start tagging to give Bliss some actual work to do. But when "Huggos" graffiti gets media attention and an Oxford professor declares it the work of a major new urban "artist," Helen decides she can't keep quiet about who did it.
6. Freeganomics
June 26, 2009
After getting duped into eating "meatless" chili (what they got was chicken), Gerald takes on a local celebrity chef, Cranky. Meanwhile, Che goes missing.
A Tale of Two Lesbians
5. A Tale of Two Lesbians
June 19, 2009
In an effort to gather support for their Eco festival, Helen invites famed "Freegan" Heinrich to Greenville. Henrich is a leader in the movement where followers live only off the waste of others. The Goodes quickly realize the Freegan might be nothing more than a freeloader, but have trouble getting him to leave.
Helen's Back
4. Helen's Back
June 12, 2009
Helen's back goes out, jeopardizing the Goodes' chances of being featured on the organic garden tour. A Latino gardening crew and Helen's childhood pen pal from Burma come to the rescue. But to the Goodes' chagrin, they discover they've unknowingly exploited the workers.
Goodes Gone Wild
3. Goodes Gone Wild
June 3, 2009
Helen finds a way to win Charlie's approval when he becomes attached to one of the pets at the pet adoption center. However, the animal happens to be Gutterball, a disgusting animal, who Helen is forced to take in because Charlie's home is not pet friendly. Meanwhile, Che helps Gerald with the college's squirrel infestation.
2. Pleatherheads
June 3, 2009
Helen finds a way to win Charlie's approval when he becomes attached to one of the pets at the pet adoption center. However, the animal happens to be Gutterball, a disgusting animal, who Helen is forced to take in because Charlie's home is not pet friendly. Meanwhile, Che helps Gerald with the college's squirrel infestation.
1. Pilot
May 27, 2009
Having tired of her mother's attempts to talk to her about sex, Bliss decides to join an abstinence group. Now that adopted son Ubuntu has turned 16, he wants to learn to drive a car.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 27, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (1,497)