The Hollywood Squares

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The Hollywood Squares is a game show designed to entertain by bringing laughs to the audience. The show uses a variation on the game of tic-tac-toe to create a challenging format for players. The squares which make up the board are actually small cubicles constructed in a high-rise fashion. Each row has three squares where a desk and chair are placed. Each square is occupied during the show by a famous celebrity, with some of them having more permanent places. The middle square is usually occupied by one of the semi-permanent celebrities who is well know for comedic banter. The other celebrities are also well known performers.

The game has a host and two player which are set on the stage opposite to the large board of squares. The players usually consist of the returning champion and a new opponent unless the previous champion reached their limit for earnings, in which case both players would be new. Game play begins by one player selecting a celebrity in a square they would like to win. The host then reads a question from a selection of cards in the celebrities specific category. Some questions are designed to capitalize on the star's well known character while others are about categories they are well educated in. The chosen celebrity provides an answer to the question, which the player can then accept or reject.

When a player is correct in their choice of answer they win the square and the appropriate circle or x is lit on the front of the celebrities desk to show which player has obtained it. The object is the same as traditional tic-tac-toe, which is to win the game by getting a complete row of either circles or x's. As a bonus to the standard game play a secret square is added at the beginning of one of the games. If chosen, this square will provide the player with an opportunity to win additional prizes such as trips. A player becomes champion when they win two out of three matches.

12 Seasons, 28 Episodes
April 9, 1978
Game Show
Cast: Gilbert Gottfried, Jeffrey Tambor, Rose Marie, Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Dalton
The Hollywood Squares

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