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  • TV-14
  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.1  (1,300)

The Moment Of Truth was a controversial game show that aired on FOX from 2008 to 2009. The show was hosted by Mark L. Walberg and featured a panel of experts including psychologist Kris Mohandie and polygraph examiner Angela Donahue. The format of the show was simple - contestants had to answer a series of increasingly personal and revealing questions as truthfully as possible. Prior to appearing on the show, the contestants were given a polygraph test to ensure their answers were truthful. Throughout the game, each question was worth a larger cash prize, but the risk was also greater if the contestant answered dishonestly. At any point during the game, the contestant could choose to end the game and keep their winnings, but if they continued to answer questions truthfully they would have the chance to win up to $500,000.

The show gained notoriety for its explosive and often uncomfortable revelations. Contestants were asked questions about their personal lives, relationships, finances, and any potentially scandalous behavior. The polygraph test results were shown on screen alongside the contestant's answer, creating tension and drama for viewers at home. As the questions became more personal and intense, contestants often broke down in tears or became visibly agitated.

One of the most controversial episodes of The Moment Of Truth featured a woman named Lauren Cleri. During the episode, Cleri was asked if she had ever cheated on her husband. She answered "no" and the polygraph indicated that she was lying. Cleri then went on to reveal that she had not only cheated on her husband, but had also fantasized about leaving him for another man. The revelation caused a public outcry and led to calls for the show to be taken off the air.

Despite its controversy, The Moment Of Truth was a ratings success for FOX. The show generated buzz and became fodder for water cooler discussions and online debates. Critics argued that the show was exploitative and damaging to its contestants, while supporters maintained that participants signed up knowing the risks involved.

However, The Moment Of Truth was ultimately cancelled after just two seasons. The show's controversial nature and negative publicity led to a decline in viewership, and many advertisers pulled their support. In addition, the show was criticized for its handling of sensitive information and the potential for the polygraph to be inaccurate.

The legacy of The Moment Of Truth is mixed. While it was certainly compelling television, it also raised ethical questions about reality TV and the lengths producers will go to create drama and controversy. The show's use of polygraph tests also drew criticism from experts who argued that the technology was unreliable and could create false positives.

In the end, The Moment Of Truth was a cautionary tale about the perils of reality TV and the power of television to expose and exploit our deepest secrets. While its impact was short-lived, the show remains a vivid reminder of the power of entertainment to both captivate and shock audiences.

The Moment Of Truth
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Episode 116
6. Episode 116
July 8, 2008
Summer finale episode.
Episode 115
5. Episode 115
July 1, 2008
The Moment of Truth summer finale because of schedule changes on June 24, 2008. It aired on July 1, 2008. It is about real estate investor, Annette (Netty) Nelson. Netty ended up wining the most money so far out of anybody, $200,000. Since she was the first one to answer 18 questions correctly, viewers can see the difficult types of questions one is expected to answer the more money is at stake. For example, question 18 asked Netty if her mother was terminally ill and she wanted to end her life, would Netty help her do it. She answered no and won the $200,000.
Episode 114
4. Episode 114
June 17, 2008
Conjetta Lawellin. After revealing her past about dating women and her unethical choices during her pregnancy, she eventually lost the money when she was asked "Have you ever regretted getting back together with your boyfriend Nick?" She answered "No" and the polygraph machine deemed that a deceptive answer, resulting in her losing the $25,000 she was gambling.
Episode 113
3. Episode 113
June 10, 2008
In this episode featured two contestants. First was Aaron Dunbar, a 21-year-old emergency medical technician from Lancaster, California. After admitting he wouldn't give CPR to Osama bin Laden, being ashamed of growing up Mormon, and knowingly falsifying reports, he decided to walk away after completing the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000. After admitting to thinking that fat people are weak, a member of NAAFA asked, "Do fat people repulse you?" as Aaron's sixth question, to which he truthfully answered in the affirmative. Next was Mary Beth Kraese a 39-year-old volunteer firefighter from South Huntington, New York. After admitting to ignoring pages from the fire house, she gave a false answer when asked if she had lost attraction to her husband. This caused her to leave with nothing.
Episode 112
2. Episode 112
June 3, 2008
This episode featured contestant Kristina Paolino; she is a 25 year old former flight attendant from Chicago, Illinois. Like previous contestants, Paolino decided to walk out after reluctantly admitting privy, personal feelings and past transgressions such as riding a stolen vehicle and revealing her true feelings about her friend Joseph. She has also admitted her concern over her father's "bad" decisions that he made when Paolino was younger. Paolino only reached the end of the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000.
Episode 111
1. Episode 111
May 27, 2008
Curtis Frank, a gold broker from Arizona. He walked out with $100,000 after admitting to watching gay porn for more than a minute, wearing makeup, not being able to pay his mortgage if his mother cut off his allowance, having sex in his family's furniture store, and cheating on his ex-girlfriend while they were dating. An earlier question asked him if he secretly wanted to get back together with her and he answered "yes".
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    January 23, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    5.1  (1,300)