The OCD Project

The OCD Project is a reality show in which Dr. David Tolin takes 6 patients diagnosed with the most severe forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and puts them through an intensive 6 week program in the hopes of trying to help them lead a more normal life. To date, each patient's OCD has caused havoc in their lives. It has affected their relationships with family and friends, and in some cases has prevented them from attending school or work.

The six patients move into a house together, and are treated by a team of doctors led by Dr. Tobin. They use a treatment called Exposure Therapy, where the patients expose themselves in ever-increasing levels to stressors that trigger their OCD behavior. Exposure to the very things that scare patients with OCD in many cases can habituate them to the point that it scares them much less, and in the most successful of cases, not at all. Exposure helps them unlearn the fear that has become so ingrained in their minds.

The show highlights the struggles of each patient, and the situations in which their OCD developed to this point. By living together and watching each other go through treatments, the six feel as if they aren't alone in their struggles. They help each other through their exposures and support each other, learning along the way that their lives can be so much better once they conquer their fears. Each patient also sets a goal for the end of treatment, something they want to do but have been unable to accomplish due to their OCD.

The show delves into the paralyzing fear of everyday things that affect people with OCD. It shows how all-encompassing these fears can become, and how they can completely take over any semblance of a normal life. It also shows that with sound treatment by a doctor who specializes in OCD, it can be managed or even overcome.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
May 27, 2010
Cast: Christina Gillam, David Tolin, Elizabeth Moore, Kevin Suscavage
The OCD Project

The OCD Project Full Episode Guide

  • The patients have one final group session to face their hardest exposures again and Dr. Tolin recommends one patient enter additional treatment. Three months after final checkout, Dr. Tolin follows up with each patient.

  • Dr. Tolin goes home with each patient to eliminate "triggers" and also to "contaminate" their safe zones. One patient experiences flying on a plane for the first time.

  • One patient is asked to leave the program while the rest of the group reach extreme exposure in the program.

  • Dr. Tolin takes the group for an overnight trip to an abandoned hospital to take on OCD triggers such as death, disease, and the Supernatural. One patient continues to regress.

  • The patients expose themselves to their families.

  • Dr. Tolin gives the group three days to continue their compulsions, while monitoring them so he can understand their triggers. Check out this full episode of The OCD Project.

  • Dr. David Tolin will attempt to treat six patients with OCD in 21 days.

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