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In this "Moesha" spinoff, undergraduate Kim is joined at Santa Monica College by her mother Nikki, who decides to go back to school with her daughter. The Parkers is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on August 30, 1999.

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5 Seasons, 110 Episodes
August 30, 1999
Cast: Mo'Nique, Countess Vaughn, Dorien Wilson, Jenna von Oÿ
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The Parkers Full Episode Guide

  • While the plans are underway for Nikki's wedding to Johnnie, Professor Oglevee finally realizes he is in love with Nikki and is determined to stop the wedding, until Andell stops him first. Meanwhile, Stevie and T finally graduate from school.

  • When Nikki and Johnnie's relationship starts to get serious, Johnnie gets offered a job in New York, but instead of leaving Nikki behind, he asks her to marry him. Meanwhile, Kim, unable to graduate because she doesn't have enough credits, enlists Stevie's help to start her own design business instead.

  • With Nikki always around, Andell is desperate for some alone time with her new boyfriend Lester, so she secretly arranges a blind date with Johnnie for Nikki, who is shocked at the idea of possibly cheating on Professor Oglevee, but Nikki's resistance gradually turns into attraction when she and Johnnie realize how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Mavis turns down Woody's marriage proposal, which sends him into a funk and causes him to move out---and in with Professor Oglevee.

  • An old friend from Nikki's wild days visits who is now the new Rev. at Nikki's church. Her promiscuous past causes turmoil in the church, which forces Nikki into the role of peacemaker. Also, Professor Oglevee gets Kim to coach him for a singing audition with the chorale group so he can join them on an exotic trip to Spain.

  • After Nikki tells an author tales of her ""love life"" with Professor Oglevee, the author convinces Nikki to write her own book about it all. The book becomes a best-seller that has love-starved women chasing after Stanley?EUR?now Nikki must devise a plan to scare them all away from her man. Meanwhile, Kim assists the head stylist for a super obnoxious super model.

  • When Kim and Stevie take T to a Murphy Lee show to celebrate his birthday, T meets and falls head over heels for Kai the girl of his dreams, but before things start to get hot and heavy between the two, she reveals that she is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee enlists Nikki's catering talents to help impress a visiting team of representatives from a high profile university that is considering him for their Vice Presidency.

  • Nikki is up for a need-based scholarship to a university, but it is put in jeopardy when the school's representative shows up early to interview her and finds her at Andell's during a party gone wild. Also, Professor Oglevee lies about being a single dad in order to date a beautiful single mom.

  • When local DJ's Shag and Tone pick Kim as their new ""on-air hottie with a body,"" a bitter rivalry erupts between the two radio jocks as they both secretly vie for Kim's attention. Meanwhile, Nikki fumes after Andell becomes Professor Oglevee's star student.

  • When Stevie's mom brings home her new and much younger boyfriend, Stevie accepts an awkward invitation to join him for a more private meeting. Nikki suspects that he may be interested in more than friendship and convinces Sophia to spy on them. Meanwhile, Nikki enlists the gang's help in throwing a garage sale, but Professor Oglevee initially refuses to get involved until he realizes that there is money to be made.

  • When Nikki becomes Professor Oglevee's teaching assistant, she butts heads with the pretty young student who flirts with him for special treatment. Meanwhile, Kim, Stevie, T, Regina and Freddy compete for $5,000 by volunteering for a psych study in which they are forced to live for three days in cramped quarters.

  • T's dad Thad, a former member of a one-hit wonder group, comes for a rare visit hoping to start a new band with his son, and T is forced to decide between joining his dad or sticking with his band Freestyle Unity. Meanwhile, Andell finds herself in a real bind with Nikki when Lurlene, her cousin visiting from Louisiana, accidentally makes a date with Professor Oglevee.

  • When Kim and Nikki win a guest appearance on their favorite daytime talk show, ""Zorah,"" Andell must sub in as Kim's mom when Nikki gets sick on the day of the show, but when Nikki comes bursting into the studio also claiming to be Kim's mom, Zorah continues the show assuming that Andell and Nikki are lesbian mothers. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee agrees to play Cyrano de Bergerac so T can charm a beautiful older woman.

  • Professor Oglevee goes on a dating game show where America will choose one of four fine--yet somewhat freaky--women he'll go on a date with. To his horror, Nikki swindles her way on to the show as one of his potential dates. Meanwhile, Kim, Stevie and T open a smoothie stand on campus, but after several failed attempts at finding the right flavor, Kim stumbles upon Grandma's delicious and quite intoxicating secret formula.

  • Nikki blackmails Professor Oglevee into attending therapy sessions when her testimony is required to prove a car accident wasn't his fault. Meanwhile, T and Stevie enlist Kim's help to snap celebrity photos for a tabloid.

  • Kim surprises everyone when she returns home from Harvard, but since Nikki has rented out her room, she and Andell come up with a scheme to force out the new nightmare roommate, Erica. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee becomes obsessed with an illegal pyramid-like scam that T convinces him to join.

  • Nikki buys a burial plot for herself and Professor Oglevee from a shady undertaker. Meanwhile, Stevie and T hire a new singer for the band in order to replace Kim.

  • When Nikki discovers Professor Oglevee's secret honeymoon whereabouts, she sneaks aboard their yacht to try to win him back only to discover that Stanley's new wife, Paris, is plotting to murder him for his inheritance money. Meanwhile, Nikki also begins to realize how lonely she is since Kim moved across the country to be with her boyfriend.

  • When Professor Oglevee inherits his uncle's $10 million fortune, Nikki fears his attraction to Paris---a sexy widow with a string of rich, dead husbands---may prove fatal and warns him against getting involved. Meanwhile, Kim also faces a professorial dilemma when her psychologist boyfriend wants her to move to Harvard, where he's landed a teaching job after using her as an unwitting test subject.

  • Professor Oglevee is thrilled by the prospect of jury duty---until he realizes he'll be serving with Nikki. Meanwhile, Kim captivates a substitute professor.

  • After seeing a picture of an Old West bandit who resembles Prof. Oglevee, Nikki imagines herself the no-nonsense sheriff of a frontier town who falls for Oglevee's clumsy sidewinder.

  • musical guest: NiveaWhen the young son of a widowed friend of Professor Oglevee decides that he wants Nikki to be his new mother, he attempts to get Nikki to give up the Professor so that Nikki will date his father. Meanwhile, Freestyle Unity performs at a ""'70s"" party in the student union, but a mix-up has the party populated with senior citizens.

  • Kim and her fashion school nemesis Freddy Fabulous both get internships at a high profile design house, but the competition heats up when they learn that only one of them will end up getting hired in the future.

  • Kim tries to be a friend to Regina so Nikki can stir up catering business at a book club, while Professor Oglevee enlists T's help for a chili-cooking contest.

  • When Nikki overextends herself, a guardian angel appears to her in the form of Grace, who helps Nikki get through some stressful times while preparing for a gospel festival hosted by television personality Bobby Jones. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee attempts to tutor Kim in order to get her grades up so that she will finally pass his class.

  • When Nikki's wildly spontaneous friend from high school returns to town to participate in the annual AIDS WALK, she drags Nikki to a rave party in San Diego which results in Nikki's arrest. Meanwhile, Kim, T and Stevie cram for Professor Oglevee's exam.

  • Professor Oglevee is visited by his pompous, successful older brother, Sterling. Meanwhile, Kim writes a gossip column for the school paper, using her friends as material.

  • When Nikki is holed up in Professor Oglevee's apartment with a broken leg, she starts spying on the neighbors and, after she thinks she witnesses a murder, worries her own life is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Kim's top-secret clothing design idea gets stolen and used in a school fashion show.

  • Nikki tries to find an antidote after her daughter and friends unwittingly ingest a Jamaican fortune teller's potent love potion.

  • Nikki's efforts to get a loan are sidetracked when she and Professor Oglevee are taken hostage during a bank heist staged by a little person.

  • Already depressed about her birthday, Andell and Kim try to cheer up Nikki by tracking down Nikki's favorite clown, who used to entertain at her childhood birthday parties. Nikki realizes how much she has to be thankful for following the clown's untimely, albeit accidental, death.

  • Nikki and Andell get excited about the possibility of becoming sisters when Nikki's biological father and Andell's mother start dating, but when the fledgling romance goes sour, it causes a rift between the two friends. Meanwhile, Alan returns to Kim a changed man.

  • Nikki's catering job on a popular soap opera turns into an acting role when the soap's director witnesses her confront the soap's star hitting on Professor Oglevee. Meanwhile, Kim uses her mother's connections to get a part on the show.

  • Nikki and Andell infiltrate the L.A. Lakers locker room to get an autographed jersey from Shaquille O'Neal after the one belonging to Professor Oglevee is ruined. Meanwhile, Kim takes in a stray dog.

  • Kim, Stevie and T go on a road trip to Las Vegas with their friend Hakeem, but when Hakeem's car breaks down in the middle of the desert, they are at the mercy of a price-gouging entrepreneur who owns all of the businesses in town. T's jealousy also cramps Stevie's style. Meanwhile, Nikki, Andell and their friends drag Professor Oglevee into their poker game.

  • Gary Coleman moves into Nikki and Kim's apartment building, inspiring Nikki to move into a career as his manager. Meanwhile, Stevie and T start dating.

  • musical guest: TweetWhen Kim lets it be known that her birthday wish is to see R&B vocalist Tweet, Nikki and Andell do whatever it takes to make it happen. Meanwhile, Stevie doesn't understand why T is acting jealous of her new boyfriend until T makes a romantic move on her.

  • Kim, T and Stevie each audition for a national talent show without telling each other. Meanwhile, Nikki wins a big-screen TV with Professor Oglevee's help, whereupon ownership becomes an issue.

  • Nikki takes over as the cook at Andell's bistro, when her regular chef goes into labor, and wows a critic with her dishes. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee hires Kim to keep Nikki at bay.

  • Nikki has a running battle with a traffic warden who's dating Andell. While three ex-cons pledge Kim and Stevie's sorority, a hapless pledge irks frat brothers Professor Oglevee and T.

  • After Nikki and her video camera witness the school's dean in a compromising position, she persuades him to give Professor Oglevee back his old teaching position. Meanwhile, Kim prepares a lavish dinner to impress Alan's parents.

  • Mother and daughter Nikki and Kim Parker both attend Santa Monica College. Nikki got pregnant with Kim and dropped out of school but now, just as Kim is getting ready for college, Nikki decides it's her turn to finish getting her education.

  • Following an evening of drowning his sorrows after losing his job, Professor Oglevee awakes from a drunken slumber mortified due to his one-night stand with Nikki. A month later, Nikki starts to feel queasy and soon later learns that she is expecting Professor Oglevee's child. With all this sudden news, Professor Oglevee unexpectedly proposes to Nikki. Meanwhile, Kim pursues a relationship with Alan.