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  • TV-PG
  • 1995
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.8  (1,394)

In The House is a television sitcom that premiered on the UPN network in 1995. The show starred LL Cool J as Marion Hill, a former professional football player who had fallen on hard times and was forced to rent out a portion of his luxurious Los Angeles mansion in order to make ends meet. Maia Campbell played Tiffany Warren, a teenager who moves in with Hill after her mother gets remarried and she is left without a place to live. Alfonso Ribeiro rounded out the cast as Maxwell Stanton, Hill's best friend and business partner who helps him manage his financial affairs.

The show was set in a lavish mansion, which served as a backdrop for the show's many comedic moments. Despite their different backgrounds, the three main characters formed a close bond and faced a variety of challenges together, from dealing with Marion's ex-wife to navigating the ups and downs of teenage romance.

The relationship between Marion and Tiffany was a central theme of the show. Despite their initial reservations about living together, the two quickly became close and often relied on each other for support. The show tackled a number of serious issues affecting young people, including drug abuse, peer pressure, and absentee parents. Through it all, Marion served as a mentor and role model for Tiffany, teaching her important lessons about responsibility, hard work, and self-respect.

Although In The House was centered around a single household, the show also featured a vibrant supporting cast of recurring characters. Among them were Marion's mother, played by Irma P. Hall, and his daughter Lark, played by Alisa Reyes. Both characters provided plenty of laughs and added depth to the show's overall narrative.

Another recurring character was Rachel, played by Kim Wayans, who was Marion's ex-wife and the mother of his three children. Her presence on the show often created tension between Marion and Tiffany, who resented Rachel's attempts to interfere in their relationship. Rachel's own struggles with addiction gave the show a more serious edge and provided an opportunity for the characters to have more meaningful conversations about the dangers of substance abuse and the importance of seeking help.

In The House also featured a number of high-profile guest stars over its five-season run. The likes of Vivica A. Fox, Gabrielle Union, and Lisa Leslie all made appearances, adding even more star power to an already impressive cast.

The show was praised for its positive portrayal of African American families and its willingness to tackle difficult topics in a lighthearted way. Despite its serious subject matter, In The House was never preachy or heavy-handed, and remained one of the most beloved comedies on television throughout its run.

Ultimately, In The House was a show about family, friendship, and the importance of sticking together in tough times. It was a heartwarming and often hilarious look at the lives of its characters, and it left a lasting impression on audiences who tuned in week after week. Despite ending its run over 20 years ago, the show's legacy lives on, and it remains a beloved classic of American television.

In The House is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (76 episodes). The series first aired on April 10, 1995.

In The House
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Out House
6. Out House
August 11, 1999
In the series finale, Marion awaits news on an NFL franchise. Carl and Raynelle try to decieve their parents. Maxwell and Mercedes continue to try to conceive a child. Marion reconciles with Valerie. Marion finally opens up to Maxwell. Also, Mercedes reveals the news of her pregnancy. Valerie tells Marion that she and Brianna are moving back to New York. The NFL franchise is finalized and Marion decides to also move back to New York to be with Valerie and Brianna while taking the liaison job there. Now that Marion won't be needing his place, he gives it up to Carl and Raynelle to have along with Tiffany and Graham once they return. As everyone leaves to celebrate, Marion looks back on all the great things he has done for others and most importantly the people he shared them with.
Guest Dad
5. Guest Dad
August 10, 1999
Maxwell and Mercedes struggle to conceive a child while Marion encounters Valerie's ex-husband Justin, who has plans for reconciliation.
Cornbread, Marion and Me
4. Cornbread, Marion and Me
August 6, 1999
Marion accidentally kills Brianna's goldfish. Meanwhile, Maxwell tries to reconcile with Mercedes with the help of a counselor. Raynelle's new boyfriend becomes too clingy.
How Nana Got Her Groove Back
3. How Nana Got Her Groove Back
August 5, 1999
Marion's suspiciousness about Nana's fiancee Ted causes the relationship to collapse on the eve of their wedding. Also, a letter left from Tiffany reveals that she has eloped with Graham.
There's Something About Tiffany
2. There's Something About Tiffany
August 4, 1999
Tiffany and Graham's relationship heats up while Marion is introduced to Valerie's inquistive daughter Brianna. Also, Marion's nana pays him a visit and explains to her grandson that she's getting engaged and Mercedes and Maxwell face problems in the bedroom.
Not as Good as It Gets
1. Not as Good as It Gets
August 3, 1999
Marion's life hits a crossroads when he begins to fret over whether he and Maxwell should sell their clinic while Tonia gets offers from the WNBA. Meanwhile, Carl and Raynelle move in with Marion and Tiffany temporarily, but the three friends soon regret the whole idea.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 10, 1995
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (1,394)