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Jumanji is a Robin Williams movie that focuses on a board game that has mystical powers. The rules of this board game are that any who begin to play must continue to play until there is a winner. On every turn of the game there is a challenge that is presented, such as surviving a monsoon or escaping a stampede of animals.

The catch of the board game is that each challenge that Jumanji presents actually happens in real life, thus putting the players at risk of injury and even death. The suspense builds up as the challenges become progressively harder and the pressure of finishing the game becomes more intense for the players.

Jumanji is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1996.

Where do I stream Jumanji online? Jumanji is available for streaming on UPN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jumanji on demand at Amazon, Hulu online.

3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
September 8, 1996
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Bill Fagerbakke, Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Melanie Chartoff
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Jumanji Full Episode Guide

  • Alan, Judy, and Peter are chased into a cave by a ferocious Jumanji lion where they stumble across the "Crystal of Reflection." Legend has it that all that has ever occurred in Jumanji is stored in the crystal, like a cosmic video album. The three watch, mesmerized as they see their various Jumanji adventures play back in reverse order. They realize that if they watch long enough they will see when Alan entered Jumanji and be able to find out his clue! But the lion continues his pursuit and Alan drops the crystal shattering it into pieces&

  • After returning from Jumanji, Peter and Judy find themselves growing older. At first, they think it's cool to be teenagers. But they continue to grow old and return to Jumanji to figure out the solution. Alan decides they somehow fell into the Pool of Ages, a reverse fountain of youth. They must drink from the Golden Goblet of Jumanji-Kan to stop the aging process. The only person who can lead them to Jumanji-Kan is Ashton Phillips, world's greatest explorer. When they arrive in Jumanji-Kan, Ashton Phillips has his own plans for the golden goblet.

  • Peter brings back a sacred Manji voodoo doll to Brantford enabling him to control whomever he chooses. When the doll's ruby eye gets lost, Peter can't reverse the curse he's put on Judy. Peter must replace the eye and return the doll to the Manji witchdoctor, otherwise Judy could remain a frozen popsicle forever!

  • Professor Ibsen has invented the Triangle of Terror. It brings your worst fears to life. Alan, Judy, and Peter are experiencing its effects, but don't realize it. Judy keeps imagining giant cockroaches are attacking her; Peter keeps thinking he's naked; Alan believes he'll never get out of Jumanji. The fears are only hallucinations at this point, but if they don't destroy the Triangle, the illusions will soon be reality.

  • Trader Slick has gathered all the villains of Jumanji to bid on the ultimate weapon - the Transvector of Jumanji. Whoever possesses the transvector will control all of Jumanji. Alan, Judy, and Peter disguise themselves to infiltrate the auction, but get caught and Alan gets sucked into the netherworld of the transvector. Judy and Peter must go up against Ibsen, the Judge, Van Pelt, and Von Richter in order to save Alan.

  • Aunt Nora has a garage sale and sells the Jumanji game to Old Miss Desmona, the meanest lady in Brantford. Judy and Peter try to get the game back, but Miss Desmona has already tossed the dice and the three of them are pulled into the game. In Jumanji, Miss Desmona forces Trader Slick to hand over the Tome of Jumanji, a book of magical incantations that turns its owner into the Sorceress of Jumanji. As the Sorceress, Miss Desmona captures Peter and makes him her apprentice. Alan and Judy must battle the Sorceress's powerful spells to get Peter, and the Tome, away from Miss Desmona.

  • Judy and Peter arrive in Jumanji and find strange things happening. An elephant rescues them instead of charging at them, Trader Slick confesses to selling worthless junk, Van Pelt despises hunting, and Ibsen and Alan have become chess buddies. But in reality, "nice" Jumanji means the end of Jumanji unless Alan, Peter, and Judy can fix the subterranean gearwork that controls everything and everyone in Jumanji.

  • Judy, Peter, and Alan get caught sneaking around Ibsen's lab and narrowly escape by way of Ibsen's submarine. In the meantime, Peter has turned into a salamander after being slimed earlier. The sub is hijacked by Squint and his crew in order to search for the undersea treasures of the lost land of Milkadanda. They dive too deep and the sub breaks apart. Alan and Judy are okay, but they'll need the help of Salamander Peter to survive.

  • Peter is tired of feeling left out because he's short. He secretly trades for a serum from Trader Slick that will make him grow. But Peter takes more than enough and doesn't stop growing. He grows so big that Alan and Judy fit in the palm of his hand. Peter is pleased with his size, but he's destroying Jumanji with every stop he takes. The Manjis capture him and are ready to sacrifice him to the Pit of Doom when Alan and Judy bring him an antidote. But now Peter is so small he's in danger of being eaten by a Jumanji shrew.

  • Judy and Peter surprise a criminal in their attic. He has them cornered so they roll the dice and escape to Jumanji. When they arrive in Jumanji the criminal is with them. Judy escapes and goes to Alan for help; Peter tells the criminal that there are emeralds in Van Pelt's lodge hoping to stall long enough for Alan and Judy to come rescue him. But time is running out and Peter had come up with real emeralds...or else.

  • Judy and Peter land in Jumanji and are captured almost instantly by Ibsen. On a previous visit to Jumanji, Judy and Peter had turned Ibsen into a giant toad with one of his own machines. Ibsen has devised a plan to send Judy and Peter down Time River, in order to reverse the past and restore himself to human form. But Judy and Peter got swept further down the river than they realize and end up running into Alan...young Alan on the day he arrived in Jumanji.

  • Peter gets mad at the Jumanji game, thinking that this was the time that Alan would get out. So Peter throws the game against the wall, breaking its "eye" into three pieces. After being sucked into Jumanji, Peter has a distinct multiple personality, sometimes timid, sometimes really nasty, and sometimes perfectly perfect. Judy and Alan are confused until they come face to face with three actual Peters. Judy and Alan have to got the three Peters together in one place in order to return all the Peters back into one.

  • Refusing to stay in bed like Aunt Nora has ordered, Peter rolls into the game with Judy. But he's too sick to finish, forcing Judy and Alan to seek help from Tribal Bob and his Manji Healer, who they save from being destroyed by a volcano. But when they discover that Peter might have infected everybody in Jumanji with a deadly disease, they must take Doctor Cahill into the game with them to try and find a cure.

  • When Van Pelt uses Peter and Judy as bait to get Alan, his rival Von Richter suggests a contest -- one in which Alan will be released into a special compound to determine who is the greater hunter. With Van Pelt and Von Richter trying to sabotage each other, Peter and Judy help Alan and trap Van Pelt and Von Richter before flying to freedom on a pair of eagles.

  • Captured by monkeys, Alan is taken before the Judge and charged with stealing a treasure known as the Singing Orb. An unjust trial takes place and Alan is found guilty, though it's Peter who is sent to a brutal penal colony. As Alan and Judy try to rescue him, all three are caught and are about to be executed when the Wombles, a group of cute, koala bear-like animals who actually stole the Orb, show up to deal for our heroes lives.

  • When he and Judy find themselves in a bayou where Alan is battling some enormous leeches, Peter's picture of a boy drawn in bubbling mud comes to life. Although he's obnoxious kid whose sole goal is to have fun, Mud Boy may also be the key to their clue. When Judy lays down new rules to keep him in check, Mud Boy gets mad and kidnaps Peter. And while Mud Boy intends to destroy Alan and Judy, Peter must save them.

  • When Peter wants a fancy new water gun, he and Judy roll into Jumanji where they discover a chest of gold coins coveted by the greedy Sand King. Pursued by the Sand King, Judy, Peter and Alan wind up back in Brantford, where everyone who touches the gold coins is turned into an animal. When the Sand King is finally defeated by Peter and his new water gun, our heroes toss the chest in the sea.

  • Peter rolls into Jumanji by himself to find Alan claiming that Ibsen has turned over a new leaf. To keep Peter in Jumanji, Ibsen sends a robot version of him back to Brantford, which pleases Aunt Nora but worries Judy. When Peter finds the real Alan imprisoned in his lab, they uncover Ibsen's plan to replace everyone in Brantford with robots. As Peter and Alan destroy the lab, Judy figures out that Robo-Peter is evil and tricks him back into Jumanji. And after getting the robots to turn on Ibsen, Peter discovers that his robot counterpart has earned him a new reputation at school.

  • When Alan is tricked by Trader Slick into taking on a debt that will make him his slave forever, an opportunity to erase it appears in the person of Ashton Phillips, a boastful explorer who leads our heroes to the Palace of Lost Clues. Traveling through the mountains where they encounter a stone giant, they finally reach their goal just as Peter is turning into a block of ice. After the frozen Peter is restored to life, Phillips is destroyed by his own greed, leaving Alan with enough rubies to pay off his debt to Slick.

  • Peter and Judy find themselves in a desert facing terrifying beasts which turn out to be Ibsen's latest mechanical creation, operated by Alan. At a fabulous oasis, a mysterious voice gives them clues in a voice that Alan is sure belongs to Jumanji. But after going through a maze and confronting several dangers, they discover that the voice actually belongs to an old, deranged player, who's stuck in the game just like Alan.

  • When the airplane of female aviator Dottie McGreal crashes into the game, Peter and Judy convince her to take them to the sky village of the Jumakis. This tribe of winged creatures lives in fear of a "sky spirit," who actually turns out to be Ibsen in his dirigible. And while Dottie escapes from the game through a hole in the sky, Judy insists on staying to help the Juamkis and, with Alan and Peter, wins their everlasting gratitude.

  • In Jumanji, Peter is carried off by giant red ants as Judy and Alan meet the colony of black ants they have been battling over a sacred piece of filth known as the "Bahoot." While Peter is led to believe he's going to save Judy and Alan from the "evil" black ants, Alan and Judy agree to help the black ants in order to save Peter from his "evil" red captors. When Judy convinces Alan that the impending war threatens Peter's life, they steal the Bahoot themselves, causing the two any armies to join forces against our heroes.

  • Peter, Judy and Alan team up with a wooden nosed sailor who says he knows the way out of Jumanji. However, when they discover an alternate map in his cabin, Captain Ishmael Squint admits to deceiving them in order to get help against the Kraken, the one-eyed squid-like creature responsible for ruining his nose. Although upset with him for lying, the kids don't have time to dwell on it when the Kraken attacks Squint's ship. And when Squint loses his battle with the monster, it's up to Peter, Judy and Alan to save him...and themselves.

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