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The Incredible Hulk (1996) ran for 21 episodes and featured the voices of Genie Francis, Neal McDonough, Luke Perry and Lou Ferrigno, with a narration by Richie Johnson. This show aired on network UPN. Lou Ferrigno was at the start of the original TV version of the Hulk. Fortunately, he continued into the 1996 series as the voice of The Incredible Hulk. This character is a super hero as large as his massive physique. David Banner, a mild-mannered person, evolves into a mass of destruction when angered.

This series had guests coming straight out of Marvel Comics: the Hulk's friend, Rick Jones; love interest Betty Ross and scientist Doc Samson.

Sunday 10:00 AM et/pt on UPN
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
September 8, 1996
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Lou Ferrigno, Neal McDonough, John Vernon, Mark Hamill
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The Incredible Hulk Full Episode Guide

  • Caught in a battle between the peacekeepers of a hidden village and their outcast adversaries, Banner finds the cure he has long sought...

  • Doctor Doom strikes again just as Jennifer becomes roped into a deal that could propel her to instant movie stardom

  • Attending a charity fashion show involving Betty and other top scientists sporting bathing suits, Bruce and Jennifer confront The Leader and his Gamma Warriors

  • Doctor Strange and She-Hulk team together when Bruce, and with him The Hulk's power, falls under the influence of an evil anti-matter demon. Strange and She-Hulk enter Bruce's tortured mind and bring both the warring Green and Grey Hulk personalities together to try and cage the beast before he causes further damage within Banner's body.

  • As a result of Ross's interference, Rick Jones has been transformed into a Hulk creature, with Banner transformed into a grey variation of the creature, and one with a much more rational mind, but still carrying a brash attitude. Ross confronts the new Hulk, but is soon felled by a nearby landslide, placing him in a coma. Banner is soon arrested and placed on trial, leading to the prompt intervention of his cousin Jennifer Walters, The She-Hulk, and the vengeful Leader.

  • A female known as the Hybrid tries to take over Gen. Ross, causing Gray Hulk and She-Hulk to team up with agent Gabriel Jones.

  • The underworld of Chicago is changing, thanks to the arrival of the supervillainess Allure and her enforcer, Crusher Creel.

  • The Hulk is confronted by Banner within the protected confines of a Hulkbuster droid, The Hulk eluding them again, Bruce and Betty decide to marry amidst the chaos unfolding. However, their wedding is interrupted by a now completely insane General Ross, the pressure of chasing The Hulk finally getting to him.Banner has a heart attack and collapses, leading to a horrific revelation, neither Banner or The Hulk can survive without the other, Betty, Rick, and Samson decide to find The Hulk before they both perish, but will the insane Ross still prove to be the final deciding factor in these life changing events?

  • The now mindless Hulk goes on a rampage with a savagery never seen before, he is finally brought to a halt by The Leader, who absorbs and incorporates the Hulk's strength into himself. As The Leader makes use of his new power and attacks Gamma Base, he finds The Hulk's natural brutality too hard to restrain. Banner tries to convince Betty to let him deal with The Hulk, but she refuses, forcing him to take matters into his own hands

  • After months of hard work, Betty and Doc Samson finally complete work on a neutriant bath that will seperate Banner from The Hulk, after a battle against the creature, Samson suceeds in knocking him out and returns him to Gamma Base, but can Banner be finally cured?

  • A new viral strain created accidentally by The Gargoyle attacks a major city, forcing Betty into action to help contain the plague and find ways of curing it. She is assisted by Doctor John Blake, the civilian identity of the God of Thunder Thor.Blake is told to find Bruce Banner, whose blood holds the key to possibly curing the strain, but as Thor, he finds the task difficult when he runs into The Hulk.

  • Bruce and Jennifer travel to New York to request the help of Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, but upon arrival, find only The Thing, one of the Hulk's biggest rivals, awaiting them. With the rest of Four on vacation, The Thing is soon left to deal with the occasional grudge fights with The Hulk, a flirting She-Hulk, and an army of gamma warriors deployed by The Leader.

  • Banner visits his best friend, cousin, and district attorney Jennifer Walters, and confides in her his secrets, but Jennifer is soon critically injured in an attack orchestrated by the insidious Doctor Doom, who captures both her and Banner in an attempt to use The Hulk to serve his needs. Bruce gives the dying Jennifer a blood transfusion, sharing with her his irradiated bloodstream, transforming her also into a Hulk like creature, The She-Hulk.

  • Banner travels to the Canadian wilderness to visit an old friend who he hopes can cure him, but an accidental unleashing of The Hulk rattles the local villagers, who mistake him for a "Sasquatch".

  • The Hulk is poisoned by a deadly new virus, which blurs the line between Friend and foe more for the already less than coherently manageable creature. His rampage prompts the summoning of the motorcycle riding vengeance demon Ghost Rider, as the Hulk's life slips away from him, it's up to Betty and Rick to convince Ghost Rider the creature is innocent

  • Whilst trying to contact old Friend, industrialist Tony Stark, Banner becomes the victim of an earth tremor and loses his memory. Rick Jones and Stark eventually realize he's missing and search for him with the aid of Stark's armored identity as Iron Man. What they find is an amnesia stricken and paranoid Banner, who soon becomes too frustrated to repress The Hulk, who likewise doesn't recognize Rick or Stark, and he battles Iron Man to a standstil, to make matters more complicated, the military are aware Stark is freinds with Banner

  • A lowly maintenance worker named Mitch attempts to help Banner with an experiment that could cure him, but instead channels megawatts of energy into himself, becoming a creature called ZZZAK, his rampage unleashes The Hulk and the two battle it out.

  • Betty and Rick Jones team up with under dwelling creatures, cast offs of Gamma experimentation, to rescue Banner from the clutches of The Leader, who plots to absorb The Hulk's power into himself

  • Bruce Banner's attempts to cure himself are halted by the military, who interfere in an experiment and trigger his transformation into The Hulk. Successfully capturing him, they take Banner back to Gamma Base, unaware that the arch criminal The Leader is preparing to take The Hulk from them by any means necessary.

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