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  • TV-PG
  • 1998
  • 4 Seasons
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Legacy was a drama series that aired on UPN from 1998-1999. The show starred Brett Cullen, Jeremy Garrett, and Sharon Leal, among others. The series was set in the fictional town of Lynnfield, Pennsylvania, and followed the story of the respected and wealthy Garrett family. The series was created by Chris Abbott and produced by Chris Abbott Productions and Spelling Television.

The show's premise revolved around the death of Garrett family patriarch, William Garrett. Following his death, his three sons – Ned, Ethan, and Charley – take on the responsibility of running the family business and maintaining the legacy that their father had built. The show explores the struggles that each brother faces as they try to work together to keep the family business afloat while balancing their personal lives.

Brett Cullen played the role of Ned Garrett, the eldest brother, who was the most serious and traditional of the three. Jeremy Garrett played the role of Ethan Garrett, the middle brother, who was the most innovative and forward-thinking of the three. Sharon Leal played the role of Charley Garrett, the youngest sibling and only daughter of William Garrett, who had recently returned home after pursuing her dreams in Hollywood.

In addition to the main focus on the Garrett family, the show also featured a number of supporting characters, including William's widow, Margaret (played by Grayson McCouch), who found herself caught in the middle of her sons' power struggle; Ned's wife, Sarah (played by Lisa Sheridan), who was trying to balance her family life with her career; and Ethan's girlfriend, Jill (played by Sarah Rayne), who was a local lawyer and a strong personality in her own right.

The show's first season saw the Garretts dealing with the aftermath of William's death while trying to hold the family together. In addition to the typical family squabbles, the brothers had to contend with a number of business problems, including a potential takeover bid, financial difficulties, and family secrets that threatened to come to light.

Throughout the first season, the show also explored the struggles of each of the Garretts' personal lives. Ned found himself dealing with a midlife crisis, Ethan struggled to balance his new role as the Garrett family's de facto leader with his personal commitments, and Charley had to navigate the difficult waters of starting over in her hometown.

Despite its strong cast and promising premise, Legacy struggled to find a consistent audience during its first season. The show's second season saw a number of changes, including the departure of Lisa Sheridan and the addition of several new cast members. The show also underwent a creative shake-up, with new writers and producers brought in to try to revamp the struggling series.

Despite these efforts, however, the show's low ratings continued to haunt it. Legacy was eventually canceled in 1999, leaving fans with a cliffhanger ending and no closure for the Garrett family.

Legacy may not have enjoyed a long run, but it left an indelible mark on fans who appreciated the show's intelligent writing, strong performances, and relatable characters. While the show's legacy may be one of what could have been, it remains a beloved and memorable entry in the world of television dramas.

Legacy is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 1998.

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April 13, 2020
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March 30, 2020
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From Dowsing to Spirituality
4. From Dowsing to Spirituality
October 1, 2019
In this episode of Legacy, Uri Geller reveals that when he discovered the spiritual nature of his abilities, all of the material gains from his work paled in comparison to living a life of greater spiritual fulfillment.
The Paranormal & Life After Death
3. The Paranormal & Life After Death
October 1, 2019
In this episode of Legacy, Uri Geller reveals that while some question whether or not we have angels surrounding us, guiding and protecting us, for him there is no doubt that they are real.
Paranormal Proof & the CIA
2. Paranormal Proof & the CIA
October 1, 2019
In this episode of Legacy, we learn that before there was an official remote viewing program, there was Uri Geller.
Bend a Spoon, Bend Your Mind
1. Bend a Spoon, Bend Your Mind
October 1, 2019
In this episode of Legacy, Uri Geller shares with us his unique perspective of the way our minds can willfully affect the molecular structure of objects causing them to change shape or manifest.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 9, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (420)