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  • TV-14
  • 1957
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.6  (1,237)

The Real McCoys was a popular CBS sitcom that aired from 1957 to 1963. The show featured a talented cast of actors including Walter Brennan, Richard Crenna, Kathleen Nolan, Michael Winkelman, Lydia Reed, Tony Martinez, Madge Blake, and Andy Clyde. The show was set in the rural town of San Fernando Valley, California, and centered around the lives of the McCoys, a hard-working and down-to-earth family. The patriarch of the family was Grandpa Amos McCoy, played by Walter Brennan, who won an Academy Award for his role in the movie "Come and Get It."

Grandpa Amos was a wise old man who had lived a long and full life. He was the head of the McCoy family and his opinions carried a lot of weight with his children and grandchildren. Grandpa Amos was a skilled carpenter and he was always building something in his workshop.

Richard Crenna played the lead role of Luke McCoy, the eldest son of Grandpa Amos. Luke McCoy was a successful oil executive who had left the family farm to pursue his dreams. Despite his success, Luke never forgot his roots and always made time for his family.

Kathleen Nolan played the role of Kate McCoy, Luke's wife. Kate was a strong-willed and independent woman who was not afraid to speak her mind. She was a loving wife and mother who always did her best to keep the family together.

Michael Winkelman played the role of Little Luke McCoy, the son of Luke and Kate. Little Luke was a mischievous boy who was always getting into trouble. Despite his antics, he was loved by his family and had a heart of gold.

Lydia Reed played the role of Hassie McCoy, the daughter of Grandpa Amos. Hassie was a beautiful and practical woman who was always keeping the McCoy family in line. She was a skilled cook and homemaker who was always whipping up delicious meals for the family.

Tony Martinez played the role of Pepino, the family's handyman. Pepino was a lovable and humorous man who was always making jokes and playing pranks on the family. He was also a skilled mechanic and helped keep the family's cars and farm equipment running smoothly.

Madge Blake played the role of Flora MacMichael, the McCoy's neighbor. Flora was a widow who was always looking out for the McCoy family. She was a kind and caring woman who was always quick to lend a helping hand.

Andy Clyde played the role of George MacMichael, Flora's son. George was a simple and honest man who worked as a truck driver. He was also the love interest of Hassie McCoy.

The Real McCoys was a wholesome and entertaining family sitcom that was loved by audiences of all ages. The show was known for its witty humor, memorable characters, and heartwarming storylines. Despite ending over 50 years ago, the show remains a beloved classic in the world of television.

The Real McCoys is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (224 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 1957.

The Real McCoys
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Pepino's Mama
39. Pepino's Mama
June 23, 1963
Luke schemes to get rich by selling Mama Garcia's bean sauce.
38. Pals
June 16, 1963
Luke runs smack into trouble when Little Greg spots him kissing his mother Louise.
Don't Be Nosey
37. Don't Be Nosey
June 9, 1963
Luke and Pepino regret trying to patch things up between George and his sister Flora.
The Peacemakers
36. The Peacemakers
June 2, 1963
Louise and Luke help patch up the Porters' spat - which starts one of their own.
The Partners
35. The Partners
May 26, 1963
Luke agrees to become Pat's partner in the ownership of a boat.
The Auction
34. The Auction
May 19, 1963
Luke blows Grampa's tractor payment on some worthless art at an auction.
Luke Grows a Beard
33. Luke Grows a Beard
May 12, 1963
Luke grows a full beard and a new rotten personality to go with it.
The McCoy Sound
32. The McCoy Sound
May 5, 1963
A visiting musician livens up the McCoy household.
Up to Their Ears in Corn
31. Up to Their Ears in Corn
April 28, 1963
Uncle Rightly promotes a corn growing contest at the Grange and volunteers a $500 award to the winner in Grandpa's and Luke's names.
Uncle Rightly and the Musical Milker
30. Uncle Rightly and the Musical Milker
April 21, 1963
Uncle Rightly woos George's sister Flora in hopes of getting her to invest in his latest invention - a musical milker.
Skeleton in the Closet
29. Skeleton in the Closet
April 14, 1963
Louise's socialite aunt takes an interest in Luke's uncle, but Luke doesn't like it.
The McCoy Hex
28. The McCoy Hex
April 7, 1963
Strange noises in the house convince Grampa that he has been cursed.
The Incorruptibles
27. The Incorruptibles
March 31, 1963
Luke, George and Grampa find themselves getting a lot of female attention after they are chosen as judges for a homemaking contest.
Luke the Dog Catcher
26. Luke the Dog Catcher
March 24, 1963
Luke does too good of a job as dog catcher, and the McCoys wind up with a household full of homeless pups.
How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
25. How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
March 17, 1963
While Grampa's out of town visiting kinfolk, Luke takes in a couple of hired hands.
Aunt Win Steps In
24. Aunt Win Steps In
March 10, 1963
Luke's romance with Louise is moving too slow for Aunt Win, so she tries to speed things along.
Grampa Apron Strings
23. Grampa Apron Strings
March 3, 1963
Grampa is worried that when Luke marries he'll leave the farm.
Aunt Win's Conquest
22. Aunt Win's Conquest
February 24, 1963
George loans Luke some money - thanks to the charms of Aunt Win.
Aunt Win Arrives
21. Aunt Win Arrives
February 17, 1963
Aunt Win goes all out when she campaigns for Grampa.
Luke in the Ivy League
20. Luke in the Ivy League
February 10, 1963
Luke joins the city slickers in his new job as a slogan writer for an advertising agency.
The Little Boy Blew
19. The Little Boy Blew
February 3, 1963
Little Greg runs away from home when his widowed mom decides to remarry.
Sir Fergus McCoy
18. Sir Fergus McCoy
January 27, 1963
The head of the McCoys in Scotland clashes with Grampa over who runs the family.
The Other Side of the Fence
17. The Other Side of the Fence
January 20, 1963
Grampa picks a peck of trouble when he helps Louise harvest her tomato crop.
Cupid Wore a Tail
16. Cupid Wore a Tail
January 13, 1963
Luke meets an attractive widow after her runaway cow tramples the McCoy cornfield.
The Crop Duster
15. The Crop Duster
January 6, 1963
Luke gets a hair-raising ride in an airplane that leaves him dizzy when he tangles with a crop duster over the affections of a wealthy girl from Texas and winds up on the short end.
The Farmer and Adele
14. The Farmer and Adele
December 30, 1962
A winsome dance instructor tricks Luke into signing up for a twenty-year dance course. Now, it's up to Grampa to rescue him from this expensive situation with a devious plan.
Luke the Reporter
13. Luke the Reporter
December 23, 1962
Luke discovers a new source of income when he reports the gossip he overhears at the laundromat to the reporter of the local newspaper.
The Love Bug Bites Pepino
12. The Love Bug Bites Pepino
December 16, 1962
Grampa and George take turns playing Cupid when their respective farmhands, Pepino and Pedro, find themselves competing for the same girl.
The Health Addict
11. The Health Addict
December 9, 1962
When Luke lands a job teaching calisthenics at a ladies' health club, Grandpa sees an opportunity to attract some business to the McCoy roadside fruit stand.
The Girl Veterinarian
10. The Girl Veterinarian
December 2, 1962
Knowing that Grampa will disapprove, Luke pretends that the girl veterinarian secretly treating their ailing cow is one of his new girlfriends.
Pepino's Inheritance
9. Pepino's Inheritance
November 25, 1962
Grampa and Luke are left with an unproductive hired helper when Pepino apparently inherits a valuable Arizona estate.
The New Housekeeper
8. The New Housekeeper
November 18, 1962
Luke proves to be an easy target for Mrs. Gaylord, an ambitious housekeeper who hopes her new position in the McCoy household may lead to a more permanent position for her unmarried daughter.
Actress in the House
7. Actress in the House
November 11, 1962
Taina Engstrom, a Hollywood actress escaping from her hectic existence, finds peace and quiet at the McCoy farm posing as a housekeeper.
Money from Heaven
6. Money from Heaven
November 4, 1962
Grampa sees an opportunity for financial gain after a paratrooper lands on an old chicken coop, but Luke doesn't like the idea.
The Good Will Tour
5. The Good Will Tour
October 28, 1962
Grampa commits a colossal faux pas when foreign dignitaries visit neighbor George's farm.
The Roofing Salesman
4. The Roofing Salesman
October 21, 1962
Luke gets swindled by a wily, smooth-talking saleswoman, but Grampa has a plan.
Army Reunion
3. Army Reunion
October 14, 1962
George's big moment during his election as commander of the local VFW post is disrupted when Grampa brings to the ceremonies three of George's buddies who know the real story of his "heroic" battlefield actions.
Three Strikes and Out
2. Three Strikes and Out
October 7, 1962
Grampa thinks he has a good thing going when he encourages three widows to do household chores at the farm, until he realizes that all three are looking for marriage.
Grampa Pygmalion
1. Grampa Pygmalion
September 30, 1962
Grandpa arranges for Tilda Hicks from Smokey Corners to join the McCoy family as housekeeper.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 1957
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (1,237)