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The River series is set on the Amazon and delves deep into superstition, magic and the unknown. When a famed explorer was reported missing and presumed dead during an expedition on the Amazon along with his crew, his wife mounts a televised expedition to find him and bring him home. Backed by the producer of her husband's show she convinces her adult son to come on the journey along with her.

The group is made up of old friends, family of the missing crew and a young girl who is the daughter of the ships captain and seems to be psychic at times. Trace evidence has been found suggesting that the explorer may still be alive, turning this to a rescue mission rather than a recovery mission it originally set out to be.

As the group travels deeper into the jungle along the river, strange and frightening events begin to happen. Each time they are ready to turn back another clue to the explorers whereabouts is discovered, luring further on into the unknown dangers ahead.

There are explorations off the boat into the deep jungle where ancient evil and spirits are encountered in their search for the missing crew and explorer. When some members of the original crew are found and brought on board, strange events follow them, putting everyone on board in danger.

Just when it seems all is lost, the explorer is found and insists they continue on with his original trip. The show mixes adventure, paranormal, suspense and horror quite well to produce a well rounded drama each week.

The River is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on February 7, 2012.

The River is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The River on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, ABC online.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 7, 2012
Drama Science Fiction
Cast: Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson, Leslie Hope, Eloise Mumford
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The River Full Episode Guide

  • The Magus Crew finds one of their members shot dead.

  • The Magus crew find themselves in a dangerous situation as they're stalked by a cannibalistic terror while searching through an abandoned research facility following mysterious clues that suggest Dr. Emmet Cole may still be alive. Meanwhile, security force leader Kurt is forced to make a heavy personal sacrifice to ensure the safety of the crew.

  • The Magus find one of Emmett's crew members that went missing the same time Emmett did.

  • Spores from a tree cause temporary blindness to the Magus crew, except for lone holdout AJ, who will have to overcome his most paralyzing fear to find a cure before the blindness becomes permanent. Meanwhile, the local Morcego tribe stalks the crew and judges whether they are worthy to stay in the jungle.

  • When the spirit of Dr. Emmet Cole mysteriously enters Jahel, the message is deliberate, go home! Instead, Tess continues onward. While on their mission, they endure a nightmare in order to appease an angry spirit and get their loved one back.

  • Dr. Emmet Cole, beloved adventurer and television personality vanished in the Amazon. His family was forced to accept his disappearance as the end and decided to hold a memorial service to commemorate his amazing life. Six months later Emmet's location beacon mysteriously begins to relay a signal and Emmett's family and film crew decide to find him.

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