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The Shift is a television series that follows the Homicide Detectives of the Indianapolis Police Department. A film crew goes out with the detectives whenever there is a homicide that has been reported to the local emergency dispatch. The detectives will often talk to the people in the neighborhood where the homicide took place to find out about any unusual activities going on in the neighborhood before or after the crime was committed. Other times, when a bystander turns out to be missing or might be involved indirectly with the murder victim, the disappearance is investigated as well. The knowledge that a particular witness can be in danger of being killed for what they know about the incident needs to be investigated by the detectives.

Later on, at the police department, a person can come in for an interview to tell the investigating detectives about what they know about the victim and possibly the perpetrators. Every lead is checked out to see if they are related to an active investigation into an open homicide. When the detectives feel that they are closing in on a suspect that may have committed the crime or murder, they pull out all the stops to get their man.

By the end of each program at least one case is solved after 48 hours of investigation by homicide detectives. The city of Indianapolis can rest easy knowing that the city's police force is on the case of the most brutal crimes that can happen on any given day. A word of warning when thinking about committing murder in Indianapolis, the homicide unit is always watching, so think twice before getting any ideas about trying something that can be considered premeditated.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 21, 2008
Cast: John Beach, Jeff Breedlove, Tom Tudor, Lesia Moore
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The Shift Full Episode Guide

  • Detective Jeff Breedlove investigates the murder of a man who is found wrapped in bloody carpet. Witnesses identify a suspect, who vanishes, along with an 18-year-old female witness.

  • Detective Scott Scheid investigates the murder of a recent immigrant and father of eight, killed during an apparent robbery attempt. Scheid's best lead comes from security cameras that recorded the entire murder on tape.

  • A 24-year-old man is shot dead due to an apparent bad drug deal. With no suspects, will investigators be able to crack the case?

  • A woman is maliciously killed and when detectives arrive at the scene they find blood in every room. Her husband becomes a suspect, but only an autopsy will reveal what happened.

  • A jewelery store owner is killed with his own gun, but detectives must question family and friends for clues.

  • A woman is murdered after being hit by a stray bullet in a neighborhood. The prime suspect is on the run and is threatening to kill himself.

  • On Halloween night, Detective Mannina finds a 24 year old male shot to death outside an apartment building. Mannina must dig deep to uncover the events leading up to the shooting. Is the suspect she finds a murderer, or a victim acting in self defense?

  • Two women are shot in their car in a parking lot.

  • A 36-year old father is brutally shot in Indy's east side. Lead detective Lesia Moore investigates and follows a lead that involves the victim's girlfriend.

  • A 27-year-old mother of three kids is found dead in her home. The neighbor has a surveillance video, but will this be enough to solve her murder?

  • A shoot out in a Hispanic section of Indy leaves one man dead and 4 others injured. IMPD is on the case, trying to find a reason for the crime. When detectives identify their suspects, they must race against time to keep them from escaping to Mexico.

  • A man is shot on Indy's east side. Since the girlfriend was an eyewitness, Detective Tom Tudor hopes she's able to provide useful information. She seems reliable until she gets a call from an unknown ID saying 'I hope you're keeping your mouth shut.'

  • Detectives must sort through many lies in order to determine who is the killer.

  • A student's murder is investigated.

  • Det. Christine Mannina identifies a badly burned body.

  • Who killed a teenager?

  • Why was an elderly man murdered?

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