The Tatami Galaxy

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Tatami Galaxy centers around the exploits of an unnamed male protagonist during his third year at Kyoto University. He endeavors to join various clubs, each of which brings its own challenges and adventures. Along the way he continuously becomes entwined with the mischievous and mysterious Ozu, who always has some questionable secret plans in which he wishes to ensnare the main character. All the while, our protagonist must consistently face his romantic interest, second year student Akashi. And though his affection for Akashi is undeniable, the protagonist struggles to balance Ozu's plans with his own plan to pursue his love.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
April 15, 2010
Cast: Maaya Sakamoto
The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy Full Episode Guide

  • The angst-ridden narrator becomes lost in a maze of 4.5 Tatami rooms as he searches for what lingers just out of reach. Will he finally make the long-awaited, often-hinted-at love connection he's sought for so long?

  • An unusual young man with no interest in the outside world tries to survive the college experience by refusing to step foot outside his room. Will it be extreme hunger or a desire for female companionship that forces him out first?

  • A name scrawled inside a secondhand novel leads to a romantic exchange of letters, but the storybook ending takes a bizarre turn when the two star-crossed pen pals meet face-to-face.

  • When a young man seeks romance and adventure by joining the campus foreign language club, he finds himself caught in a bizarre love triangle where a night of drinking leads to intrusive gum massages and sloppy tongue baths.

  • A lowly college student seeking more out of life signs on as a disciple to a madman who's wanted by the library police. His first assignment: accompany the girl of his dreams on a quest to attain a mystical toilet brush.

  • After the campus cleanup crew confiscates his state-of-the-art bicycle, a college misfit trades his wheels for some wings in an attempt to become a human birdman. Why? To impress a girl, of course.

  • A college dropout in search of ramen crosses paths with a self-proclaimed deity of matrimony. This bizarre meeting sends the young man hurtling through a horrifying flashback to his days as a "black cupid."

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