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Barakamon is a Japanese anime series based on a manga of the same name created by Satsuki Yoshino. The plot begins when a young calligrapher, named Seish? Handa's work is cruelly criticized by a elderly curator at a local exhibition. This drives Handa to fury and in a moment of emotional instability he strikes the old man in the face. His father is furious at this outburst and downcast and disappointed in his son, so he exiles him to the small and idyllic island of Goto where Handa meets the colorful villagers who inhabit the place and begins to learn, both about himself and his art.

Sunday 2;20 PM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 5, 2014
Cast: Daisuke Ono, Suzuko Hara, Nozomi Furuki, Rina Endô
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Barakamon Full Episode Guide

  • With his calligraphy exhibition entry finished, Handa wants to return to the island and the people he cares about there. Unfortunately, his mom is dead set against it. How will he convince her to let him go?

  • Handa has returned to Tokyo, to show his new "STAR" calligraphy to the gallery director he had punched and ask for forgiveness. However, Handa doesn't feel quite right about the work, and ends up smearing it before the director can. Could some inspiration from his time at the island help him create an even better work before the deadline?

  • After Handa submits his "Star" calligraphy despite some trepidation, he gets roped into helping to build a stone wall and then into taking the girls to the summer festival. Meanwhile, Kawafuji gets the exhibition hall director to agree to welcome Handa back to Tokyo. How will he bid farewell to the kind islanders who've taught him so much?

  • With the Narukain exhibit closing in, Handa is starting to feel the pressure again. He gains the inspiration to write his work, but...

  • Handa experiences summer on the island, and sees a different side of Naru when he joins her in paying a visit to her family grave.

  • To make up for the turmoil of the previous two days, the village kids and Handa treat his guests to a fun day of fishing before bidding them farewell.

  • Handa's only friend, Kawafuji, arrives with a kid named Kanzaki Kousuke in tow, but their trip to Handa's house ends up being very roundabout. Why does Kousuke want to meet Handa so badly, and why did Kawafuji agree to bring him?

  • After the job from Miwa's dad breaks his artist's block, Handa's ready to get writing! But some distractions come up, in the form of the girls demanding penmanship help, a day taking the kids to the beach, and Naru's Grampa's addictive pickled daikon...

  • After his computer and cell phone break, Handa's only link to the outside world is the phone at the general store. He decides to focus on his entry for the upcoming Naruka Institute competition, but hits a wall. Can a job from Miwa's gangsterish dad help him break through it?

  • Handa's sends in his calligraphy work, only to find he was awarded second place.

  • A week after coming to the island, Handa is trying to focus on improving his calligraphy. However, he keeps getting interrupted by Naru and her friends, including middle-school girls Miwa and Tama, who want their old base back!

  • A calligrapher is sent away to an island after causing a commotion. There he get to know a young girl who would inspire him to a world he has never seen before.

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