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The Tick is a super hero who does not know his own limitations. He really does not want to know what they are, because he would not be able to solve crimes. The Tick and his trusty side kick Arthur battle crime in the big city. They also meet several friends along the way, like American Maid.

The Tick is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 1994.

The Tick is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Tick on demand atAmazon Prime, Google Play online.

3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
September 10, 1994
Comedy, Action & Adventure, Fantasy
Cast: Patrick Warburton, David Burke, Nestor Carbonell, Liz Vassey, David Burke
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The Tick Full Episode Guide

  • The Tick is teaching a class of student super heroes when a company mascot named Uncle Creamy begins to exact revenge against his former employer, the local ice cream factory for accidentally turning him into a living ice cream cone. The company hires a second mascot to replace and fight Uncle Creamy and the Tick and his class get involved.

  • The Tick and Arthur find themselves stuck in the past 3.5 million years ago! They join up with a tribe of apemen who are subsequently captured and forced to work in a hotel by the owner, a humanoid from the distant future.

  • Chairface Chippendale plans to steal a body-switching device from a mad scientist convention by sending Professor Chromedome to do his dirty work. Through all the chaos that ensued in the acquisition of the device, The Tick wound up in a zebra, Arthur wound up in a giant tongue, and Chromedome wound up in the Tick. Chromedome ran back (in the Tick's body) to Chairface in eight minutes flat (and lifted up a dump truck along the way) to the shock of his employer. Chairface then used the device to switch himself into the Tick's body and Chromedome into Chairface's.

  • The Tick switches places with Éclair, a superheroine from Belgium, in the name of international relations. The Breadmaster decides to take over The City with gingerbread men in the Tick's absence. Meanwhile, The Tick goes disco dancing in Belgium, with Éclair's sidekick, Blitzen and has to fight some European supervillains.

  • Sewer Urchin finally is the hero in this episode as he battles his arch enemy, Lou Salazar the Sewer Czar and his army of Filth!

  • Mr. Mental returns in this episode to steal a mind-altering device to animate his thoughts, the problem, he needs a place to build it. It makes perfect sense to live with the Tick. Using his mind powers, he makes the Tick think that he's a baby!

  • Baron Violent is tearing up The City, using his strength-enhancing belt. After he is defeated, Arthur begins using the belt but he succumbs to its influence towards making the user mean. The Tick has to stop Arthur at all costs!

  • Arthur is on a date with Carmalita only her old baseball team, The Aztecs, try to kidnap her. They nab Arthur instead, so the Tick and Carmalita have to follow them to some Aztec ruins in Mexico. The Tick picks up a pet, "Speak" while he is there.

  • In a plot to take over The City, Chairface Chippendale, switches Dinosaur Neil's anti-growth medication with placebos, and increases the amount of stress generated at his wedding by employing the services of El Seed to mutate the flower arrangements, and The Breadmaster, to plant a cake bomb. And then in one final plot, Chairface hires the Indigestible Man to plant the electronics he needs to take over Neil's body!

  • The Tick is suddenly sporting a mustache, much to Arthur's concern. It turns out the mustache is a living weapon left over from the Cold War era that takes over the mind of its victims. Jim Rage and the ladies of Project: SHAVE come to The City in pursuit of the mustache.

  • While visiting old superheroes living in a retirement community, The Tick and Arthur stumble across a plot by a former supervillain, The Terror, to get back his device The Desirovac. With it, he can get anything he desires.

  • Two animal trainer/entertainers in Reno, Nevada contact Arthur for help in locating their missing dolphin: Mr. Smarty Pants. While investigating the disappearance, The Tick and Arthur discover that the missing Dolphin is now a criminal calling himself The Fin.

  • Thousands of ants form themselves in woman-shaped thieves who are stealing all of the glass in The City. Unfortunately, ants creep out The Tick so he checks into Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium.

  • The producers of the reality show, "HEROES" want to feature The Tick in an episode. While the camera crew follows him around, The Tick faces off against The Deadly Bulb who has a pig for a leg. With his henchmen Watt and Socket, he uses The Tick as a filament for his gigantic light bulb.

  • The Ottoman, a furniture-controlling villainess has fallen for Die Fledermaus. Unfortunately he has commitment issues, so she goes on a rampage.

  • El Seed returns in time to steal a flower that blooms once every 400 years. But it needs to be constantly played soothing music or it blooms in a bad way, but that's exactly what he wants!

  • After using Mad Nanny to capture the Tick, Charles, the Brainchild, transforms the Tick into a two-headed blue bird that can only speak high school level French. To the delight of Chairface Chippendale, Pineapple Pokopo, The Terror, and The Idea Men, Charles holds an auction for sole ownership of the Tick!

  • The Tick and Arthur have to stop a guy calling himself the Mother of Invention. Unfortunately for him, he isn't much of an inventor so he kidnaps famous inventors from the past so that he can steal their ideas. Luckily for the Tick, Leonardo da Vinci decides to turn the tables on the Mother of Invention!

  • The Tick and Arthur face Venus and her henchman, Milo. Venus steals their arms and puts them on robots who are sent on a crime spree.

  • As part of a special team, The Tick is assigned to remove the letters lasered on the moon by Chairface Chippendale (in the episode "The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale"). Unfortunately, he only manages to remove the "C." The Tick loaded too much explosives into the "C" and rockets himself into space where he meets Omnipotus. The Tick learns, too late, that Omnipotus plans to eat the Earth!

  • An 80-foot tall whale named Blow-Hole begins a cross-country jog on his two feet! Meanwhile Arthur has fallen in love with Carmalita, the daughter of his moth suit's inventor. With Arthur preoccupied, the Tick carves a new sidekick out of wood. Then they all end up swallowed by Blow-Hole!

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