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Three Moons Over Milford is a science fiction drama TV series that takes place in a small town in Vermont. The series is set at a time when the moon has been hit by a large asteroid that has shattered it into three pieces. The pieces of the moon threaten to fall and destroy life on Earth.

Three Moons Over Milford follows a tight knit family and several other people in the village as they try to live their lives with the threat of a possible Armageddon looming. Three Moons Over Milford premiered in 2006 on the ABC family channel. The show ran for one season and a total of 8 episodes were aired.

Three Moons Over Milford is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on August 6, 2006.

Three Moons Over Milford is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Three Moons Over Milford on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
August 6, 2006
Science Fiction, Drama
Cast: Elizabeth McGovern, Nora Dunn, Sam Murphy, Teresa Celentano
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Three Moons Over Milford Full Episode Guide

  • Laura's marriage to Carl makes her a target of the IRS; Lydia goes to extremes to get closer to Jonah; and Michelle searches for a mate online.

  • When Milford's priest decides to stop being a man of the cloth, the town starts confessing to each other and finds out baring your soul doesn't always set it free.

  • When Mack's high school wrestling rival Roarke Monaghan (guest star Corin Nemec "Stargate SG-1") returns to Milford as a successful, high profile lawyer, Mack takes him on in a re-match to finally set the record straight.

  • Pete Watson (Richard Kind "Spin City") is a mild mannered bank employee and community theatre activist with a panache for Mamet, but a chain of events make him rob the bank and hold everyone hostage.

  • Michelle becomes involved with her real estate associate while at the Blue Moon Festival, as Mack reminisces with his high-school sweetheart, and Laura discovers a new boy in Lydia's Life.

  • A stubborn landowner hires Mack to represent him in a land dispute with a yuppie couple, while Mack's old flame comes back into town. Meanwhile, the family's house is reposessed and they are forced to move into their father's tent. Alex takes it upon himself to find the family new living arrangements while him and his sister start at a new school.

  • A Cometary event has caused the moon to split into three seperate pieces, and the world's leading scientists are trying to predict how long it will be until the moons crash into earth. Because of this event, everybody has decided to live life to the fullest, especially the Davis Family as The father skips town to climb the albs, leaving his family penniless, teenager Alex is romanced by the twenty-something next door, Lydia burns down her school gym trying to cast a spell to fix the moons, and Laura herself is just trying to live a normal life. Meanwhile Mack (a local Lawyer) tries to convince his mother he doesn't want to take a 6 month cruise around the world