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Tosh.0 is a comedy series on Comedy Central hosted by the popular stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh. Tosh.0 has been consistently aired since June 4th, 2009.Tosh.0 typically features collections of humorous, or exciting viral videos from the internet, further satirized by the limitless wit of comedian Daniel Tosh. The show also features pictures from the internet and also from viewer submissions which are then discussed and made fun of.

While reviewing the video clips and pictures Daniel Tosh chooses one of them and gives himself twenty seconds to post as many comedic posts about the video segment or picture, twenty seconds that end when Tosh no longer can think of anything to post. During the end of this portion of the show Tosh starts what he calls the "Video Breakdown", in which Tosh critiques and pokes fun at a video segment from the internet, frequently stopping the video to more clearly illustrate pivotal moments throughout the length of the selected video.

The most popular portion of the show for many viewers is the "Web Redemption", while the redemption's do not take place in every episode, they are quite frequent throughout the series. Daniel Tosh's "Web Redemption" features a 'star' from one of the viral videos from the recent past; Tosh invites the person from the popular video onto the stage with him so that they can then view and discuss the individual's video, often Tosh will attempt to reenact the video with the guest, the guest meanwhile attempts to explain the video or what they might have done in the video in an effort, usually, to make themselves less embarrassed; A lot of viral video stars are more recognizable to the general public than some Hollywood celebrities, and, needless to say, not always in a good way.

Every week the show features a segment titled "Viewer Video of the Week". In the "Viewer Video of the Week" segment, Tosh reviews the video clip that achieves the highest number of viewer's votes, instantly boosting the video into internet stardom.

In addition to those immensely popular segments of Tosh.0, the show also frequently features such segments as "Web Remix", "Web Reunion", "Topless Pogo Stunt of the Week", among many others. There is still no word on whether Tosh.0 will return for a fifth season.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
11 Seasons, 281 Episodes
June 4, 2009
Cast: Daniel Tosh
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Tosh.0 Full Episode Guide

  • On the season premiere of Tosh.0, Hard Rock Nick proves that it's possible to hate both the player and the game, and Daniel pulls a Felicity Huffman and ruins his fans' futures.

  • Hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, Tosh.0 delves into all aspects of the Internet, from the ingenious to the medically inadvisable. With his acid tongue and blunt delivery, Tosh has established himself as an expert on the best worst things on the Web.

  • Hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, Tosh.0 delves into all aspects of the Internet, from the ingenious to the medically inadvisable. With his acid tongue and blunt delivery, Tosh has established himself as an expert on the best worst things on the Web.

  • Daniel helps an adrenaline junkie OD, introduces you to the filthiest perverts on the internet, and offers live, up-to-the-minute election results you can trust.

  • On a super scary Halloween episode, Daniel talks to some deaf drag queens, treats us to a few tasteless costumes and proves once and for all that ghosts are 100% real.

  • Daniel breaks bread with a cry baby, explains why tweeting is more important than voting and finds out who's down with O.P.P.

  • Daniel takes one giant leap backward for mankind with a flat-earther, exposes some celebrity sellouts and shares how to stop flushing your money down the toilet.

  • Daniel carries out an elaborate scheme with a performance artist who got stuck in a tree, finds out what's funny to Daddy Long Neck and reveals helpful toenail tips.

  • Daniel awards a security guard the Purple Fart for breaking wind in the line of duty, proves that the only safe trampoline is no trampoline and gives credit where credit is due: to himself.

  • The strongest man in girls' high school wrestling helps Daniel cram his liberal agenda down your throat; plus, Daniel discovers a magical new way to scar your kids for life and lists a who's who of celebrities he'd do.

  • Daniel returns from summer vacation with a very special class reunion, gives a piece of himself to a worthy cause and reveals a new wardrobe that's as fluid as his sexuality.

  • Daniel meets a strong African-American woman named Woah Vicky, attends a big-ass born-again baptism and offers the heartfelt apology you've been waiting for.

  • Daniel meets the world’s loneliest life hacker, belts out some 8-bit bangers and offers a friendly reminder that you can never trust the white man.

  • Hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, Tosh.0 delves into all aspects of the Internet, from the ingenious to the medically inadvisable. With his acid tongue and blunt delivery, Tosh has established himself as an expert on the best worst things on the Web.

  • Daniel worships with a profanity-loving pastor and argues somewhere over the rainbow with a mental munchkin.

  • Daniel invests heavily in a cryptocurrency kid, unites the world through alcohol poisoning and learns that comedy plus math equals a huge waste of time.

  • Daniel investigates the realest reporter in the news game and demonstrates why being married is the number one cause of back pain.

  • Daniel saves a driver from suffering a thermal and mental breakdown, proves that knives are dangerous in the right hands and learns how to speak pruper Angloosh good.

  • Daniel meets a guy who invented a bike that breaks the sound barrier; a chef whose favorite kitchen utensil is her mouth; and a bachelor who would never pass a background check for "The Bachelor."

  • Daniel meets a man who became trail mix for bears, talks to the most talented sound machine who isn't from Miami and runs down a list of Hollywood’s most horrifying hooves.

  • On the Season 10 premiere, Daniel meets the only old person who should be allowed on Instagram and promotes faux healthy living with his new wardrobe.

Tosh.0 News

Funny Video of the Day: Here's How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Dad, Repeatedly

Scare me once, shame on you. Scare me another 40 times, shame on my poor situational awareness. This fantastic viral video is making the rounds today, courtesy of YouTube user andrembennett. In the video, our hero shows us the many different ways one can scare his dad. Or, more specifically, how it doesn't much matter what you say, provided you do a good job of sneaking up on him.

Daniel Tosh Explains The Oscar Nominees

If you didn't get a chance to watch all of the Oscar nominees for best picture, Daniel Tosh of "Tosh.O" is happy to explain the premise of each movie with a short review. Some spoilers involved.

Patton Oswalt Jumps (Foolishly) To Daniel Tosh's Defense

Sorry, Patton Oswalt. This is the feedback system at work. Daniel Tosh went way, WAY too far even joking about wishing rape upon an audience member...IN FRONT OF THE REST OF THE AUDIENCE. Think of it as risk-reward. In this case, the risk didn't pay off. It's completely fair that Tosh takes it on the chin. Hard.

Daniel Tosh of 'Tosh.0' Apologizes for Rape Jokes

In an incident that rings of Tracy Morgan, comedian Daniel Tosh was targeted by an audience member after telling rape jokes at a comedy club, leading him to apologize later on Twitter. Well, sort of apologize.

Tosh.0 Season 3 Episode 3 - Redemption for the Ice Cream Truck Guy

In a segment called "20 Seconds on the Clock” Daniel Tosh cracks as many jokes as he can about one video in about 20 seconds. Last week, Tosh featured a lady swinging her baby during some form of what she labeled yoga. Since the airing, the featured woman has received widespread scrutiny from the press.

Daniel Tosh may be joking but it seems these breakdowns could be serving as a public watchdog.

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