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The reality TV series Toy Hunter follows Jordan Hembrough as he travels to major cities on the east and west coasts of the United States to buy and sell toys and collectibles. An excellent negotiator, Hembrough must walk the line to ensure he ends up on top in making a deal or trade despite many obstacles, including difficult budgets, hesitant sellers, and extremely thrifty buyers.

On a typical episode, viewers watch Hembrough dig through other people's G.I. Joe, Star Wars, or Transformers action figure collections, diecast cars, and boxes of boardgames from decades gone by. The show is informative, as Hembrough will not only explain the sentimental value he places on a toy, but also the history and current condition of a toy as well as its investment value due to its condition.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
3 Seasons, 41 Episodes
August 15, 2012
Fantasy, Science & Technology
Cast: Jordan Hembrough
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Toy Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • Jordan searches for expensive Mexican versions of American toys.

  • Jordan has spent a year searching for an elusive 1965 James Bond Attaché Case.

  • In preparation for Portland Comic Con, Jordan and Travis search for the best toys from the 90s and 2000s. A $10,000 set of Transformers could be the hot ticket item they're looking for.

  • Jordan searches for rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia for Rob Van Winkle, also known as rapper, Vanilla Ice. Jordan takes a chance buying a $1500 pair of sneakers that he hopes he can sell to Ice as well.

  • Jordan searches for superhero memorabilia to display at the Hall of Heroes museum in Elkhart, IN. He hopes to impress the Hall of Heroes founder and land him as a new client, with a mint-condition 1946 Captain Marvel statue.

  • Jordan was tasked by Israel Idonije to find a variety of action figures.

  • Prior to setting up his booth at his first international Comic Con in Birmingham, England, Jordan goes hunting through the states to build up his collection of both classic American and classic British TV/ film toys and memorabilia.

  • Jordan is on the hunt for rare 1980s wrestling figures for Grammy award winning artist, Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas.

  • Jordan is on a quest to find vintage Masters of the Universe memorabilia.

  • Jordan is preparing for New York Comic Con, and he's setting his goal at $45,000. He gets a lead on the 12 original Star Wars action figures that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but will he be able to strike up a deal?

  • Jordan and his sidekick Steve are on the lookout for iconic toys for a 3-D manufacturing company to supersize. They hope to hit the jackpot at the ToyMan Toy show in St. Louis.

  • Jordan is thrilled to attend his first Stan Lee Comikaze show.

  • In the third season premiere, Jordan travels to Staten Island, where he collaborates with rapper DMC to find toys from the 1970s to share with kids at a summer camp for foster children.

  • While on the lookout for extremely rare and vintage monster memorabilia for Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett, Jordan hunts for frightening toys to sell to his fans at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH.

  • Jordan searches for rare toys to sell at the Puerto Rico Comic Con. Included: McDonald's puppets; a Batman activity book; and the Beatles Flip Your Wig game.

  • Jordan searches for "Buck Rogers" action figures in Las Vegas for actor Felix Silla. While there, he becomes interested in a Freddy Krueger replica glove and a "She-Ra: Princess of Power" toy collection.

  • Jordan tries to sell a G.I. Joe play set for top dollar at the C2E2 in Chicago.

  • Jordan searches for all-American toys while in Colorado, and discovers a "Pee-wee's Playhouse" play set and a GI Joe action figure.

  • Jordan needs help in his search for the right buyer for a G.I. Joe collectible at the WonderCon convention in Anaheim.

  • Jordan heads to an auction in Pennsylvania and meets with toy collectors in New York and Washington in an effort to find the perfect item to sell comedian and comic-book enthusiast Mike Lawrence.

  • Jordan is in Missouri searching for toys from the '80s - including rare Star Wars memorabilia, Pee Wee Herman play sets and Karate Kid games.

  • Jordan attempts to impress potential client Danny Bonaduce with collectibles from "The Partridge Family."

  • Jordan is on a quest to find big-ticket items to sell at a convention in Seattle, but runs into some unexpected competition from a fellow toy enthusiast.

  • Jordan is on a quest to find a Bigfoot action figure in the state of Florida.

  • A Santa Claus impersonator and a former football pro team up with Jordan as he searches for classic toys in Chicago. Finds include a "Ghostbusters" Proton Pack; a remote-control Batmobile; and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" action figures.

  • KISS bassist/co-vocalist Gene Simmons recruits Jordan to track down rare KISS memorabilia to add to the collection that he has been amassing for more than 40 years.

  • During a trip to Virginia, Jordan makes a wager with a fellow collector that he can obtain the most valuable toys. Among the finds are a Foghorn Leghorn bobblehead valued at $300, a rare Blythe doll and a playset worth $900.

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