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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (18)

Unbreakable: Live to Tell is a crime documentary series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2019. The show explores real-life stories of individuals who have survived horrific crimes and overcame unimaginable obstacles to rebuild their lives. Each episode features in-depth interviews with the survivors, their families, and law enforcement officials who worked on their cases.

Hosted by John Beach, the show takes viewers on an emotional and inspiring journey, where they learn about the harrowing experiences the survivors went through and the courage they displayed in standing up to their attackers. From stalking to sexual assault, each episode covers different types of crimes and how the survivors fought to live on with the aftermath.

In every episode, viewers get a glimpse of the crime scene and the terrifying events that took place. The show also features excerpts from the 911 calls, police investigations, and trial coverage, which give a realistic portrayal of the events that occurred. Along with this, the series delves deep into the emotional and psychological challenges that survivors face and how they ultimately navigate their paths to recovery.

Jim Staley, a retired police officer, and Ellis Ford, a former US Marine, make recurring appearances throughout the show, providing their expert insights into the cases. They also offer advice that can help individuals protect themselves from becoming a victim of a similar crime.

Each episode’s story is told with sensitivity and empathy, and the survivors’ personal journeys are shared with a focus on their resilience and strength in the face of adversity. Throughout the series, viewers see how the survivors’ lives have been changed and how they cope with the trauma they endured. Some have become advocates for victims’ rights and use their experiences to raise awareness for the issues, while others have worked to rebuild their lives and come to terms with their experiences.

Unbreakable: Live to Tell is a show that is not only informative but also encourages people to learn from the survivors’ stories. It offers a perspective on the victims’ experiences while highlighting their extraordinary strength and their ability to overcome their traumatic ordeals. The stories that are covered are inspiring, but the show takes care not to sensationalize the crimes or exploit the survivors’ experiences.

The production quality of the show is also worth noting. The attention to detail in recreating the crime scenes and the use of appropriate music and sound effects add to the show’s immersive experience. Above all, the delicate handling of the survivors’ stories and the hosts’ compassionate approach make the viewers feel connected to the people in the stories.

In conclusion, Unbreakable: Live to Tell is an emotional and poignant show that offers a fresh perspective on the survivors of horrific crimes. The survivor’s stories are shared with care and sensitivity, making the show not just informative but also inspiring. With its authentic portrayals and expert insights, the show serves as a reminder of the human will to survive and the resilience of the human spirit.

Unbreakable: Live to Tell is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2019.

Unbreakable: Live to Tell
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Heather's New Family
12. Heather's New Family
March 15, 2021
In 2015, a family fight turned deadly when Heather Reid's father Eric shot and killed her mother and her half-sister. Heather and her niece and nephew were spared. Now, in exclusive interrogation video, Eric Reid explains what made him snap.
Gabby's Nightmare
11. Gabby's Nightmare
March 15, 2021
On March 30, 2011, 19-year-old Gabby McKenzie survived a vicious stabbing attack by her ex-boyfriend, Andy Wilson. Her father and new boyfriend were killed. Now, we see exclusive home video of the two men Gabby calls her angels.
Gina's Escape
10. Gina's Escape
March 15, 2021
In 2008, 21-year-old Gina Edwards was the lone survivor of a shooting attack by her aunt's boyfriend, Stephen Buckner. Now, in a newly released police interview, Gina takes us right back to the nightmare she faced that January day.
Ross' Awakening
9. Ross' Awakening
March 15, 2021
In 2006, Grace Minor's husband, Mark, shot both of their boys as they slept. Ten-year-old Ryan died, and 8-year-old Ross survived but was left blind. Now, Grace shares her raw moments of grief, while Ross shows how he pulled through a dark depression.
LJ's Reunion
8. LJ's Reunion
March 15, 2021
In 2002, 12-year-old Larry "LJ" Bobish, Jr. was the lone survivor of a brutal attack on his family. His father, mother and sister were all killed. Now, for the first time in more than a decade, LJ reunites with the officer who saved his life.
Justice for Lori
7. Justice for Lori
March 15, 2021
In 2014, Merry Jackson's son-in-law shot her and her daughter, Lori, killing Lori and badly wounding Merry. Now, Merry shares the warning signs she wished she'd paid attention to and her efforts to make sure this never happens to another family.
6. Survivalist
May 13, 2019
After Heather Reid's half-sister, Mary Ann, moves in with her and her parents, the once-orderly household is soon rife with tension; when it becomes apparent that someone in the family must go, things quickly escalate to murder.
My Scar
5. My Scar
May 6, 2019
Young mother Gabby McKenzie feels like she's finally back on her feet after a bad breakup with her son's father; however, when a new man begins spending time at her father's place, it's not long before her family home becomes a violent war zone.
Snow Day
4. Snow Day
April 29, 2019
Gina Edwards is happy about living near her cousin, but her aunt's live-in boyfriend starts showing a darker side; as the three women team up to take a stand against Stephen, a seemingly normal night ends in tragedy.
Mother's Day
3. Mother's Day
April 22, 2019
The Minors appear to be the picture-perfect family, until a move to North Carolina brings a big promotion for mom Grace. As her husband struggles to resume his position of power, Grace will risk everything to keep her sons out of the crossfire.
Dad's Garage
2. Dad's Garage
April 15, 2019
When a well-known mechanic is diagnosed with diabetes, his son LJ Bobish wonders how they will be able to make ends meet. Soon, secret meetings held out in the family's garage lead to a surprise visit from someone with a fatal score to settle.
He Comes Back
1. He Comes Back
April 8, 2019
After her daughter's relationship with single dad Scott Gellately goes sour, Merry Jackson vows to help Lori break free from his abuse. But when Scott refuses to back down, suddenly both Merry and Lori's lives are put on the line.
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Unbreakable: Live to Tell is available for streaming on the Investigation Discovery website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Unbreakable: Live to Tell on demand at Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Investigation Discovery, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (18)