Under the Hammer

Under the Hammer is a TV series about a man named Ben and a woman named Maggie. They both work together at an art auction house that is in London. They find an old painting they like but it was inherited under odd notions.

Acorn Media
1 Season, 7 Episodes
January 10, 1994
Mystery, Crime, Drama
Cast: Martin Roberts, Lucy Alexander
Under the Hammer

Under the Hammer Full Episode Guide

  • A lost manuscript containing an unpublished story from Charles Dickens presents a tantalizing prospect, but it might be too good to be true. When the manuscript is stolen, Ben finds himself the prime suspect, with much more than his reputation at stake.

  • A bidder at Klinsky's New York branch mysteriously dies, and Ben suspects that a rare Titian masterwork has something to do with it. After making some unexpected discoveries, Ben must make a choice between what's best for his career and his conscience.

  • Ben and Maggie visit Moscow to explore the possibility of opening an auction house there. Ben plans to make the most of his time with Maggie, but he's foiled by an amorous tour guide and a masterpiece that suddenly resurfaces after being lost for generations.

  • Klinsky's resident wine expert has miraculously stumbled upon a reserve of Chateau Petrus '61, pricing the rare wine at ?850 per bottle. Ben distrusts the windfall, as well as a superb silver piece brought to him by a shady antiques dealer.

  • What defines a masterpiece: the fact that a renowned artist created it, or the merits of the work itself? Ben and Maggie are thrilled by the discovery of a possible 16th-century Bronzino--but the owner inherited the painting under suspicious circumstances.

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