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This real life TV drama follows different couples each week down the dark path of lies and deceit. This features real people facing real problems and opening up to the deep down fears of infidelity. We find out how a perfectly happy couple can slip and stray.

Intriguing reasons beyond belief to the secrets the cheaters had kept held close for so long are revealed. Temptations and the most intense secrets and fantasies that are hidden inside are revealed. Secret fantasies coming out show how some fall into infidelity.

How and why they felt compelled to fulfill a man or women's needs are discovered. Infidelity is truthfully, the hardest test to endure in a relationship and here you will see just that. Maybe it is that new job or your new little bundle of joy, but something has made your spouse feel that he or she is no longer getting the attention they deserve.

It could be something entirely different from attention, like wanting something new and different. This series gives couples the option of re-living those times of deceit. Strong men and women coming out of the shadows of complete and utter betrayal, reveal these secrets to their spouse or partner.

Some of these couples here will attempt on all sides to do what is right, while others will just forget and walk away. Families on both sides of the failing relationships are equally affected and get to speak their minds of the situation at hand. These families have their hearts shattered as the realization sets in on how serious this problem is.

These are revealing stories of normal people sharing their private, intimate secrets and reasons. An uplifting series that proves true love can endure all things. Openly true facts of a relationship on the brink of failing, but with the help of the therapist there could be a possibility to save their relationship and help them heal.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
June 6, 2011
Cast: Jahmar Hill
Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal
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Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal Full Episode Guide

  • A married man experiences sudden fame and he finds himself in the arms of one of his fans; a woman needs money for a divorce after her husband cheats on her.

  • A woman takes a job as a stripper to financially support her family, but her husband disagrees and has an affair for revenge; a woman spends recklessly despite financial problems, driving her partner to look elsewhere for a soul mate.

  • A married man fleeing from parenting woes at home meets a woman at his gym; a husband turns to the Internet to meet his needs when his wife is too busy and tired to engage in sex.

  • A man falls for a new colleague after his daughter's death; cooling ardor leads to infidelities in a marriage.

  • A man abandons his family and has an affair with a married woman; a woman caught in a sexting affair faces retaliation from her husband.

  • A man abandons his family and has an affair with a married woman; a woman caught in a sexting affair faces retaliation from her husband.

  • When a man feels pressure from his wife to spend more time at home, it actually does the opposite and drives him away; a stressed-out dad seeks relief in a strip-club fantasy world.

  • Nearly half of all adults have cheated and admitted to it. Why do they do it and how does it impact their relationships?

  • When Franklin can't handle marriage or fatherhood, he begins an adulterous affair. Randy finds satisfaction from pornography when his wife becomes consumed in a legal battle.

  • Feeling the pressure from his wife, Shawn finds comfort in a stranger. Meanwhile, Brian struggles with parenthood and discovers the fantasy world of strip clubs to alleviate the stress.

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