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In this animated comedy, a hybrid of a unicorn and a kitty rules over her kingdom, trying to make sure everyone is happy and that the world is free from negativity. She also has friends, among them a fox, a hawkodile, and a fun-loving Lego brick. The series debuted on Cartoon Network in 2017.

Friday at 6:15 PM on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 88 Episodes
October 27, 2017
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Kate Micucci, Tara Strong, Grey Griffin, Roger Craig Smith
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Unikitty Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Fox reprograms the P.L.O.T. Device to only generate boring events, but the gang can’t help but add drama and excitement to every scenario.

  • Dr. Fox accidentally transports the gang inside her brain, where they must control her movements to complete a dangerous experiment.

  • Score Creeper traps the gang in a fantasy role playing game where they must follow a complex set of rules to win their freedom.

  • Richard's newspapers aren't selling, so his friends pull out all the stops to put the printed word back on top.

  • Puppycorn doesn’t want to grow up. To ease his woes, Unikitty spends the day teaching him all the fun things about being an adult.

  • When Puppycorn can't fall asleep, Dr. Fox uses an invention to bring classic bedtime stories to life. But the gang's presence leads to some surprising twists in these popular tales.

  • It's Halloween again, and the gang is desperately trying to tell a scary story to scare a group of trick-or-treaters.

  • During a fireworks show, Unikitty and Master Frown become trapped in the Unikitty Castle. Seeing an opportunity to figure out why Master Frown is always such a Cranky McCrabby Face all the time, she tries to get Master Frown to let his emotional guard down!

  • After being rudely interrupted by Bim Bom during her daily morning song, an angry Unikitty takes the advice of her friends and writes down her feelings into a letter with the intention of keeping the letter to herself... but then accidentally sends it off, complete with postage! The gang then goes on a wild chase through the Unikingdom mail delivery service to keep that rude letter from getting into the hands of Bim Bom, and ultimately hurting her feelings.

  • Puppycorn is determined to become the Hot Dog King and joins an underground hot dog eating contest called Weiner Club. Rick warns "you are what you eat," but Puppycorn doesn't listen and eats so many hot dogs he becomes the new champion of Weiner Club. Unfortunately he also literally turns into a hot dog!

  • In order to get a promotion from the Doom Lords, Master Frown starts ruining parties. But Brock accidentally gets blamed for the calamities.

  • Unikitty hosts a live music video countdown show for the kingdom, showcasing music videos made by the gang.

  • Puppycorn is annoyed at Unikitty and doesn't want to be a "younger brother" anymore, so he uses some of Dr. Fox's "growing taffy" to grow bigger than Unikitty.

  • A mysterious relative, Uncle Donklecorn, shows up unexpectedly, claiming to be family. Hawkodile thinks it's just Master Frown and Brock in a donkey costume, trying to ruin things as usual, but Unikitty & Puppycorn are convinced Donklecorn is an old family member. Hawk follows his bodyguard senses and tries to prove that Donklecorn is a fake, until finally the real Master Frown & Brock show up and ruin things, just as he suspected they would.

  • The gang puts their favorite items in a Time Capsule to send 100 years in the future, but they get stuck inside right before the door seals. Dr Fox tries to convince the gang to let her use their favorite items to escape the capsule, and each character tells a story about their favorite (and why Dr Fox can't destroy it to escape). Finally, it's revealed that Unikitty's favorite thing was friendship and she trapped everyone in the capsule on purpose, so the future could see their friendship!

  • The moon is bored of taking the nightshift, since everyone's always asleep. So Unikitty leads the gang in putting on an over-the-top latenight talk show to keep the moon occupied.

  • It's time for the gang's yearly vacation, but Hawk refuses to go, claiming the gang's vacations are never fun for him because the others are terrible at vacationing.

  • An asteroid is headed right for the kingdom, so Dr Fox leads the gang on a mission to save the kingdom by flying a rocket to the asteroid's surface and blowing it to bits with a huge bomb.

  • Brock drags Master Frown along to join him in following his dream, to become the Flyer on a cheerleading team. They team up with Unikitty & the gang and go head to head against Really Old Edith and her rival cheer team of meanies.

  • After an excessive spending spree, the Golden Goose tells the gang it won't give them any more golden eggs until they learn the value of money.

  • When the kingdom runs out of inspiration, Unikitty takes it on herself to re-inspire the citizens with a riveting game of kickball.

  • The gang is taking an airplane trip together, and Hawk is at the helm taking his captain's license test. However, Richard is terrified of flying, so Unikitty and Puppycorn spend the flight trying to help Rick conquer his fear of flying.

  • Concerned about Puppycorn's propensity to hurt himself constantly, the gang places him into Richard's old Safety Suit.

  • When the Score creeper traps Unikitty and the gang in his laser tag arena the gang must defeat the house team or be imprisoned forever.

  • Unikitty and gang have ordered some delicious Thai food for dinner. In an effort to get the food their faster the gang utilizes Dr. Fox's time machine which causes big problems, and really hurts Father Time's feelings.

  • To help combat bummer feelings, Unikitty's installed Bad Vibe detectors throughout the castle. But soon, annoying beeping detectors fill the halls, and they can't find the source of the bad vibes or shut off the sound!

  • In an attempt to cheer up the citizens of the town, Unikitty and the gang load a rainbow into a tanker truck with the intention of releasing it over Frowntown. Now they must avoid the marauding Master Frown in his monster truck, to succeed.

  • When Toast disappears from Unikitty's party, she leads a search to find him and expose the toast-napper.

  • The gang's set for a weekend of glamorous, easy-living camping! But when Hawkodile challenges their idea of camping, the gang switch places, with Hawkodile living a luxurious glamp life while Unikitty and the others survive in the wild.

  • Unikitty and her friends Are at Doki Diamond Fun Land, to ride the infamous Sugar Crash rollercoaster. Unfortunately, the line is gigantic! Double unfortunately, Master Frown and Brock are also at the park and ruining everyone's fun, in an attempt to make people leave, and thus shorten the line for the Sugar Crash. Now Unikitty and friends must muster the strength to wait a really long time while dealing with Frown's evil deeds, and trying to have fun.

  • It's a sleepover at the castle and Unikitty and Puppycorn want to stay up all night, believing something magical must happen if you stay up long enough.​

  • In an effort to prove to Master Frown that she is no tyrant, Unikitty agrees to hold an election to see who will be the new princess of the Unikingdom.

  • Puppycorn witnesses Unikitty doing the most embarrassing thing ever and vows he will never forget it; when Unikitty uses Dr. Fox's memory machine to erase Puppycorn's memory of the event, she accidentally releases all of Puppycorn's memories.

  • The gang plans a surprise for Puppycorn and spells things out when talking so he won't find out; Puppycorn finds a magic book that he thinks will help him learn to spell, but unbeknownst to him, it teaches him how to cast spells.

  • Puppycorn loses his first tooth and Unikitty's excited for her little bro, now he​ ​gets a visit from​ ​the​ ​legendary Tooth Fairy!​ ​But when the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, Unikitty and her friends take on the mantle and responsibilities. But will they play too fast and loose with loose teeth and hit a raw nerve?

  • Unikitty and the gang are having a great time at the public pool, until they try to get Puppycorn to swim in the deep end with them. Puppycorn is terrified of the deep end. Now Unikitty and the gang must get him over his fear, so he can have maximum pool fun. Meanwhile, Master Frown and Brock are hatching a plan to ruin everyone's fun, by pulling the pool's plug.

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