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In this animated comedy, a hybrid of a unicorn and a kitty rules over her kingdom, trying to make sure everyone is happy and that the world is free from negativity. She also has friends, among them a fox, a hawkodile, and a fun-loving Lego brick. The series debuted on Cartoon Network in 2017.

Friday at 6:15 PM on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 71 Episodes
October 27, 2017
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Kate Micucci, Tara Strong, Grey Griffin, Roger Craig Smith
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Unikitty Full Episode Guide

  • It's time for the gang's yearly vacation, but Hawk refuses to go, claiming the gang's vacations are never fun for him because the others are terrible at vacationing.

  • An asteroid is headed right for the kingdom, so Dr Fox leads the gang on a mission to save the kingdom by flying a rocket to the asteroid's surface and blowing it to bits with a huge bomb.

  • Brock drags Master Frown along to join him in following his dream, to become the Flyer on a cheerleading team. They team up with Unikitty & the gang and go head to head against Really Old Edith and her rival cheer team of meanies.

  • After an excessive spending spree, the Golden Goose tells the gang it won't give them any more golden eggs until they learn the value of money.

  • When the kingdom runs out of inspiration, Unikitty takes it on herself to re-inspire the citizens with a riveting game of kickball.

  • The gang is taking an airplane trip together, and Hawk is at the helm taking his captain's license test. However, Richard is terrified of flying, so Unikitty and Puppycorn spend the flight trying to help Rick conquer his fear of flying.

  • Concerned about Puppycorn's propensity to hurt himself constantly, the gang places him into Richard's old Safety Suit.

  • When the Score creeper traps Unikitty and the gang in his laser tag arena the gang must defeat the house team or be imprisoned forever.

  • Unikitty and gang have ordered some delicious Thai food for dinner. In an effort to get the food their faster the gang utilizes Dr. Fox's time machine which causes big problems, and really hurts Father Time's feelings.

  • To help combat bummer feelings, Unikitty's installed Bad Vibe detectors throughout the castle. But soon, annoying beeping detectors fill the halls, and they can't find the source of the bad vibes or shut off the sound!

  • In an attempt to cheer up the citizens of the town, Unikitty and the gang load a rainbow into a tanker truck with the intention of releasing it over Frowntown. Now they must avoid the marauding Master Frown in his monster truck, to succeed.

  • When Toast disappears from Unikitty's party, she leads a search to find him and expose the toast-napper.

  • The gang's set for a weekend of glamorous, easy-living camping! But when Hawkodile challenges their idea of camping, the gang switch places, with Hawkodile living a luxurious glamp life while Unikitty and the others survive in the wild.

  • Unikitty and her friends Are at Doki Diamond Fun Land, to ride the infamous Sugar Crash rollercoaster. Unfortunately, the line is gigantic! Double unfortunately, Master Frown and Brock are also at the park and ruining everyone's fun, in an attempt to make people leave, and thus shorten the line for the Sugar Crash. Now Unikitty and friends must muster the strength to wait a really long time while dealing with Frown's evil deeds, and trying to have fun.

  • It's a sleepover at the castle and Unikitty and Puppycorn want to stay up all night, believing something magical must happen if you stay up long enough.​

  • In an effort to prove to Master Frown that she is no tyrant, Unikitty agrees to hold an election to see who will be the new princess of the Unikingdom.

  • Puppycorn witnesses Unikitty doing the most embarrassing thing ever and vows he will never forget it; when Unikitty uses Dr. Fox's memory machine to erase Puppycorn's memory of the event, she accidentally releases all of Puppycorn's memories.

  • The gang plans a surprise for Puppycorn and spells things out when talking so he won't find out; Puppycorn finds a magic book that he thinks will help him learn to spell, but unbeknownst to him, it teaches him how to cast spells.

  • Puppycorn loses his first tooth and Unikitty's excited for her little bro, now he​ ​gets a visit from​ ​the​ ​legendary Tooth Fairy!​ ​But when the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, Unikitty and her friends take on the mantle and responsibilities. But will they play too fast and loose with loose teeth and hit a raw nerve?

  • Unikitty and the gang are having a great time at the public pool, until they try to get Puppycorn to swim in the deep end with them. Puppycorn is terrified of the deep end. Now Unikitty and the gang must get him over his fear, so he can have maximum pool fun. Meanwhile, Master Frown and Brock are hatching a plan to ruin everyone's fun, by pulling the pool's plug.

  • Unikitty and the gang have crashed on a fabulous island and no one wants to leave until Richard convinces them that they need to return to the Kingdom and deal with their responsibilities.

  • When boredom levels in the castle hit dangerously high levels, Dr. Fox conveniently introduces her P.L.O.T. Device to make life more exciting. Richard warns that this might be dangerous, but no one listens.

  • When Hawkodile admits his love for Dr. Fox, Unikitty and the gang become his love gurus to help him confess his feelings for her. Unfortunately, Unikitty's grand plans for the perfect moment of love complicates everything.

  • On a mission, Hawkodile finds some defenseless chipmunks that imprint on him.​ ​The bird bodyguard takes it upon himself to become their Sensei to teach the younglings his warrior ways, but Unikitty worries his training is too intense.

  • Unikitty and her friends have an exciting day at their favorite amusement park but Frown and Brock are there to ruin their good times and drive everyone out! Can the friends save the park and find out Master Frown's secret ?motives?

  • A super-grumpy volcano appears in the kingdom, so Unikitty takes the gang on an epic quest to cheer it up with one of FeeBee's flowers before it erupts and destroys the kingdom

  • When Master Frown starts a prank war with UniKingdom, the friends are ready to strike back. But Unikitty doesn't really understand pranks, thinking they're too mean. Can the friends help Unikitty comprehend a proper goof and win the prank war with Frown? Or will they be forced to suffer his tricks without retaliation and admit defeat?

  • The gang are at the local laundromat cleaning their clothes, when Unikitty finds Batman's uniform mixed in with her clothes. Intoxicated by the coolness of it, Unikitty takes on the persona of Batman and begins to fight crime. When she accidentally causes Master Frown to step up his crime game, she will need the help of her friends, dressed as Robin, to stop him.

  • After their spaceship explodes, Unikitty and the gang float helplessly through space. As they try to formulate a plan that will get them home safe, they flash back to how each of them is responsible for their ship being destroyed. Will they make it home? More importantly, who will be to blame if they don't?

  • Unikitty plans a parade to celebrate being unique, with everyone designing their own personalized floats! But Master Frown plans to ruin the parade with a super depressing float! It becomes an intense (and hilariously slow) car-versus-car float duel as Unikitty and the others try and take him down! Will Unikitty pump the brakes on Frown's low-speed scheme?

  • It's Christmas Eve and Brock is excited for Santa to come and visit as he settles down for a bedtime story from Master Frown, Unikitty and gang burst in. They are there to stop Master Frown from ruining any more Christmases. Frown pleads innocent but Unikitty and the gang tell the stories of the past Christmases he has already ruined. Will Frown prove his innocence or will he rocket to the top of the Naughty List?

  • During the gang's Halloween party, Unikitty discovers Brick isn't scared of anything! To get him in the holiday spirit, the gang tell their own ideas of what a spooky story is, hoping to scare the emotionless Rick for once, with each tale even scarier (and sillier) than the last!

  • The Land Lord has threatened Master Frown and Brock with eviction unless they fix the damage they've done to their apartment. Worried, Brock invites Unikitty and the gang to help. Instead of doing what the guys want to their place, she proceeds to do what she wants. Realizing her error, she returns the apartment to its former disgusting state, but now Frown and Brock are in danger of eviction again. They must team up with Unikitty and the gang to battle the Land Lord and save their home.

  • Unikingdom's throwing a kingdom-wide dance, a fun event where everyone dresses up and busts a move. Everyone's excited... except for Richard, who's terrified to let loose and feel his inner groove. Unikitty knows Rick needs to express himself but can she and the others convince him to break out of his shell with some minor robotic body enhancements?

  • After Richard puts on an amateur magic show, Dr. Fox becomes obsessed with figuring out how his science-defying tricks are done. But as she sets about using all of her genius intellect finding experimental ways to pull off the little pup's party tricks, will she accidentally ruin the wonder of magic?

  • After a mishap in the lab, everyone in the castle- except for Puppycorn- is shrunk to tiny size! Puppycorn thinks it's cool. His friends are like living action figures! So he begins playing with them in imaginary adventures. Unikitty and the others think being miniature and playing with Puppycorn is surprisingly fun, but PC has a habit of accidentally breaking his toys, and it's soon clear the gang will have to make a daring, tiny escape back to the lab before Puppycorn loves them to pieces!

  • Unikitty and the gang gear up for a fun day at the beach... but when Master Frown shows up as the lifeguard to spoil their plans in the sand, Unikitty and the gang embark on a beach quest to find the legendary Perfect Spot, far away from Frown's tyrannical rule. But can they get there before Frown and claim it for their own or will their quest turn out to be a real beach bummer?

  • Dr. Fox is proud to unveil her new ultimate combat machine and take it into an underground scientist fighting ring. But Hawkodile's jealous of Dr. Fox's fighting bot that's supposedly a better puncher than him and declares he can beat anything it can. To prove his point, he dresses up in spare robot parts and enters himself secretly in the bot battle. With Unikitty as his fighting coach, can Hawkodile survive the tourney, prove he's tougher than a machine, and avoid the scrap yard?

  • Unikitty finds an old, beatup recliner on the curb, but sees its inner beauty and brings it home to introduce to the gang! In a series of absurd and fun vignettes, we discover how a dirty, inanimate chair comes into each of their lives and changes them for the better. We soon learn that dear, sweet Chair was too good for this world.

  • When Unikitty and the gang discover a gross bug in the castle, they desperately want it gone for good, but Unikitty refuses to allow them to squish it, no matter how icky or dangerous looking it is. What sort of web is Unikitty weaving for her friends?

  • Puppycorn wants to impress his skater friends with his sweet skills... except he has none. Hoping to boost his confidence, Unikitty and the gang put on Dr. Fox's invisibility suits to secretly help him pull off impossible moves! But they do their job too well and “pro skater” Puppycorn is invited to showcase his skills in a dangerous stunt competition. How far will the gang go to help the pup live out his rad pipe dreams?

  • Unikitty and Hawkodile are “lost at sea,” when they become stranded on a raft together. Hawkodile sees this as an opportunity to show Unikitty that he's prepared for anything with his expertly-honed survival skills… but to his shock, all of his plans keep falling apart, while Unikitty's silly “it'll all work out, let's have fun” approach is somehow working great! Will Hawkodile manage to let go of his overpreparedness to save them both, or will Unikitty whimsical fun be their doom?

  • Hawkodile's caught by the Action Police for bodyguarding without an Action License. He's can't protect the kingdom or do anything rad until he does, but the test at the DMV (The Department of Mayhem and Violence) is for nerds! Forced to retire his gloves, Hawkodile struggles to live a life without punching, so Unikitty vows to help her friend contain his urge to be action-y and study for the test. But there's more to the test than meets the eye.

  • Unikitty keeps losing at video games to her little brother Puppycorn, so she acquires a super-powered video game controller from Dr. Fox to help. To her surprise, it actually controls other people, and the castle goes into lockdown like a real-world video game! At first it seems fun, but will she learn that life isn't a game?

  • It's Lazy Sunday, and Unikitty and Puppycorn are having such an amazing time hanging out on the couch, they never want to move! Richard insists they have chores to do, but they're unwilling to let Lazy Sunday end. The two go to ridiculous lengths to never leave the comfort of their sofa, rowing it across the castle and like a ship and conscripting their friends to abandon their chores and join Lazy Sunday… no matter how dangerous and impossible it might become!

  • Unikitty and Puppycorn are invited to Master Frown and Brock's apartment for a dinner party. But the two roommates are butting heads, and are anything but on the same page. Can Unikitty help Brock and Master Frown get back in harmony before the dinner party is ruined? Will Puppycorn figure out which door is the bathroom?

  • Unikitty keeps losing at video games to her little brother Puppycorn, so she acquires a super-powered video game controller from Dr. Fox to help. To her surprise, it actually controls other people, and the castle goes into lockdown like a real-world video game! At first it seems fun, but will she learn that life isn't a game?

  • This week an all new episode of Unikitty!.

  • You're watching the “Unikingdom News Show Super Good Morning Time Program Action Information Show,” a variety news program put on (badly) by Unikitty and the gang: Hawkodile does the weather; Puppycorn does sports despite knowing none of the rules; Dr. Fox puts on a fun science-y cooking segment that goes awry; and Richard wants this to stop. Unikitty's got some hard-hitting reporting and a big scoop after the break – if the studio survives that long!

  • This week an all new episode of Unikitty!.

  • Unikitty and Puppycorn become Dr. Fox's research assistants; Puppycorn's birthday wish is stolen, leading Unikitty and Puppycorn to visit Frown Town.

  • Puppycorn's birthday wish is stolen by Master Frown, the biggest downer in the kingdom! To recover it, Unikitty and Puppycorn will have to venture into the most depressing land ever – Frown Town! Will they manage to recover the birthday wish from Frown before his wish (and all wishes) are wished away forever?

  • When Unikitty has a little auto incident with Master Frown, he insists on taking it to court! Frown's thrilled because he can't wait to subject Unikitty to boring old court. Unikitty, however, is happy to make things right... When the trial is held in nonsensical Unikitty Court, it's Frown's worst nightmare! Will Master Frown succeed in bumming Unikitty out? Or will he be the one punished by their legal antics?

  • Unikitty and the gang bring home a tiny creature they name Pet Pet, but Richard won't let them keep it if they can't prove they're responsible owners.

  • Unikitty and the gang bring home a tiny creature they name Pet Pet, but Richard won't let them keep it if they can't prove they are responsible owners. When Pet Pet runs away, Unikitty must pretend to be Pet Pet until they can find him, or Richard will never let them have Pet Pet (or any pet) ever again! Will Unikitty survive pet training, or finally admit responsibility is a lot harder than she thought?

  • Puppycorn finally realizes that he's a prince, so he wants to be in charge of the kingdom for once! Despite their friends' concerns, Unikitty makes Puppycorn ruler... but soon absolute power in the hands of the pup is too much for him to handle and his ideas aren't exactly great. Can they remove him from power while keeping the kingdom from revolting?

  • When Master Frown's head is stuck on Unikitty's body, she vows to help him get his old self back... but first, she has to attend to her nice princess duties! But sharing a body with Master Frown can get pretty complicated, especially when Master Frown has his own agenda…

  • Unikitty is proud to be the reigning champ of Hide N' Seek Day. But when Unikitty finds everyone in the kingdom except for Richard, she hunts him down at all costs. Will Richard continue to elude the Princess at her favorite game, and if so, how?!

  • When Puppycorn uses a wishing well and it doesn't come true, Unikitty is shocked to discover the reason: all the wishes made over the years can't be granted because they're trapped at the bottom of the well (it's a dumb system.) She frees them to bring joy to the town… only to discover that they've gone a little bad after years trapped in a dark hole. Soon, they wish it would end!

  • Unikitty discovers Puppycorn's only other friend is a boring old rock. Encouraged to "make more friends," Puppycorn takes her advice and decides to literally make a new friend out of the best parts of his friends.

  • When Master Frown causes Unikitty to have an angry outburst that gets a little too destructive, she wishes her Rage Kitty side wasn't part of her anymore. Thanks to a new Dr. Fox invention, she gets her wish.

  • When a giant monster attacks the Unikingdom, the gang fights back with Dr. Fox's awesome new secret weapon: a massive mega robot!

  • Hawkodile is the toughest action hero in the land, until his old rival shows up to take vengeance on him. Defeated and in need of help, Hawkodile must train Unikitty and the others into super muscle?y tough bros. And there's only one place unstoppable warriors are made, the Action Forest.

  • Unikitty finds a haunted, old board game, and the players will risk a curse to reach the finish line.

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