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Showtime presents a family comedy titled United States of Tara. Toni Collette plays Tara, a wife to Max (John Corbett) and mother of two teenagers, daughter Kate and son Marshall. The Kansas suburbanites are a quintessential American family in every way; except that of Tara's mental illness. Past trauma in Tara's life have caused emotional issues; leading up to a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID),or multiple personalities.

Life's stresses often cause Tara to transition into one of her many alternate personalities. There is a wild and flirty teenager T, 1950's housewife Alice, and a rough, beer-drinking, male Vietnam vet Buck. Later in the first season, a further personality, Gimme, makes a brief appearance. Two additional personalities were introduced during the second season: a therapist named Shoshana and an infantile representation of Tara when she was 5 years old, Chicken. A final personality appears in Season 3; Tara's then unknown half-brother Bryce.

Other characters include her sister , Charmaine, who attempts to keep her distance from Tara; due to her skepticism regarding the validity of her sister's illness. Their parents are introduced briefly, as the story unfolds Tara's repressed childhood trauma causing the DID. Her family remains supportive through trying times with Tara's disorder, as she tries desperately to cling to her sanity. While helping Tara tackle her daily struggles, her family attempts to deal with their own obstacles. The show is a depiction of a typical family affected by mental illness and it's infliction on their lives.

United States of Tara is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 2009.

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Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
January 18, 2009
Cast: Toni Collette, Rosemarie DeWitt, John Corbett, Brie Larson, Keir Gilchrist
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United States of Tara Full Episode Guide

  • Tara and Max prepare to leave for Boston to see a specialist for Tara.

  • When Bryce takes over, Tara's new alter threatens to destroy the whole family. Max fights to get rid of Bryce before it's too late.

  • A heavily-medicated Tara struggles to get rid of any trace of her violent alter Bryce before Max and Marshall return. Neil tries to convince Charmaine to move to Houston.

  • A scare at a local corn maze shakes Tara up. She unveils a new alter that threatens Charmaine's baby and arrives at Dr. Hattaras' office as Alice; Kate takes Max and Marshall to New York where they meet Evan and his unruly son; Charmaine meets a "fierce mommy" at a spa.

  • Max is delighted by Tara's suggestion that he reunite his rock band; Tara is turned away from further sessions by a depressed Dr. Hattaras.

  • Tara and Charmaine are rushed to the hospital in the same ambulance and Charmaine reveals that her baby is off limits to her crazy sister.

  • The stress of juggling school and Charmaine's baby shower causes Tara to transition, with negative consequences for Charmaine; to sell the family business, Max must get the approval of his eccentric mother; Kate meets a flight attendant who inspires a new idea about her future.

  • Tara transitions into her psychiatrist alter Shoshanna in her Abnormal Psychology class and is humiliated by her professor.

  • Tara is determined to finish the last few credits she needs to earn her college degree, but Max is concerned that the stress will trigger a transition to one of her alters.

  • On the day of Charmaine and Nick's wedding, long-held secrets come to light, while Kate and Marshall accidentally make a discovery of consequence.

  • Tara and Charmaine pay a woman who appeared in Tara's memories a visit, while Kate tries to change herself for her new and much older boyfriend.

  • Tara and Charmaine discuss Tara's childhood memories with their mother and Max holds an open house after re-modeling their neighbor's house.

  • Tara starts working on a family portrait in order to re-connect with her family while Max tries to get away from Pammy.

  • Tara and Lynda make preparations for their art show. Kate sets up a new business, while Lionel and Marshall's friendship deepens. In the meantime, Charmaine struggles trying to balance Neil and Nick.

  • An imminent visit from a social worker sends Max into a tailspin. Tara horns in on Kate's friendship with Lynda. Courtney pushes Marshall to the brink. Neil discovers Charmaine's big secret.

  • A tornado brings some long-covered secrets to light when Tara's alter Shoshana takes over.

  • Tara makes an astonishing discovery about her new alter Shoshana.

  • As a new alter emerges, Tara seeks a new therapist; Max struggles with Buck's infidelity; Charmaine has big news; Tara and Max disapprove of Kate's friendship.

  • The truth emerges about Tara's alters; an alter brings out a new side of Max; Neil learns about Charmaine's engagement; Kate grows closer to Lynda; Marshall and Courtney experiment.

  • Tara keeps her family in the dark about her condition and Charmaine wants to move in.

  • Season two opens with a bang as the Gregsonsa neighbor commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house. Now well and dissociation-free for several months, Tara sets out to make new friends with Max's help. Marshall struggles to fit in at school while Kate lands a new job.

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United States of Tara News

Showtime Cancels 'United States of Tara,' Renews 'Nurse Jackie'

Life for Tara Gregson has never been easy, and now it just got worse. Showtime announced today that it will not renew the "United States of Tara," its comedy series from creator Diablo Cody. Toni Collette stars in the series ad a woman struggling to survive with an identity disorder and a dysfunctional family. Unfortunately for Collette and "Tara" fans, the series will not live to see a fourth season.