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Upload with Shaquille O'Neal is a truTV comedy series hosted by the hall-of-fame center along with co-hosts Gary Owen and Godfrey. Together, they review and comment on funny videos that can be found all over the internet. Viewers who tune in hoping to see a new video might already be familiar with the majority that they show. This could take away from the overall value of the program for some.

The hosts also create their own hilarious videos usually making parodies of famous pop culture news stories as well as pranking others in a variety of different ways. Guest comedians make appearances weekly to give their reviews as well. Seeing how the hosts feed off of each other can enhance the experience along with the funny videos they show.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on truTV
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
February 21, 2013
Upload with Shaquille O'Neal

Upload with Shaquille O'Neal Full Episode Guide

  • Actor and comedian Mike Epps joins Shaq and the crew to riff on some of the most cringe-worthy viral videos, special guest Rob Dyrdek comes around looking for the freshest clips on the street, and Shaq takes over the biggest TV in Hollywood to surprise some unwitting tourists.

  • Stand-up comic Greg Fitzsimmons joins Shaq, Godfrey, and Rachel at the Upload desk to run down some fresh and hilarious internet clips, the world premiere of the sultry advertisement for Shaq's new cologne, and special guest Jimmy Kimmel teaches Shaq how to up his prank call game.

  • Comedian Julian McCullough joins Shaq, Godfrey, and Rachel to take on some ridiculous new internet videos, the Upload crew gets in the toy business, and Shaq shares the first trailer for his upcoming summer blockbuster SHAQROBATTLE 3000.

  • The Upload crew is joined by comedian and author DC Pierson to size-up the newest and most outrageous videos, the first ever Upload poetry slam, and Shaq tries to take his privacy and his dignity back from special guest Joel McHale.

  • Shaq, Godfrey, and Rachel welcome comedian Pete Holmes to the Upload set for a look at the latest and craziest viral videos, a retrospective of Upload's greatest moments from decades past, and Shaq returns to the court to take on his toughest opponents yet: 100 grade-schoolers.

  • Shaq welcomes comedian and writer Damian Fahey in the second season premiere. Plus, Kevin Hart.

  • Shaq looks for his missing pants; Godfrey is happy to find an abundance of women; and comedian Al Jackson joins the guys for a game involving undesirable food on the Internet.

  • Shaq reveals behind-the-scenes outtakes... America's worst daredevils... and his sweet moves with a stripper pole. Guest comedian, Tiffany Haddish, also joins the guys in an International dance competition.

  • Shaq reveals his lost audition tape for "Full Metal Jacket" and then hits the pavement to find his ultimate fan. Special guest comedian, Dillon Garcia, prowls with the guys in a game of "Love Shaqtually."?

  • In this episode, Shaq confesses his love of all things kitty-kat... Gary uses a hidden camera while moonlighting as a security guard... and special guest, comedian Baron Vaughn, joins the crew in the "Love Shaqtually" competition.?

  • Shaq airs his lost "Men in Black" audition video; Gary suits up as a school mascot; and comedian Ali Wong joins the guys for a booty-shaking competition.

  • Shaq unreels his lost audition tape for a cult movie, while Gary tries the cinnamon challenge and comedian Aries Spears faces off against the "Shaq Don't Crack" contest.

  • Shaq faces off against singer Aaron Carter at the hoop, while Gary and Godfrey play "What's in My Mouth," and comedian Michelle Buteau joins in the fun.

  • Shaq becomes a photobomber for tourists; Gary experiences messy weightlifting contests; and comedian Eliza Skinner participates in the Upload International Dance Off competition.

  • In this episode, Shaq pulls an airbag prank on Gary. goes toe-to-toe with Godfrey to prove who's the biggest boy. and challenges comedian Arnaz J to find the internet's "Whitest People" clip ever found!

  • Shaq and his co-hosts Gary Owen and Godfrey look for funny online videos, pull pranks, make their own viral videos and create parodies.

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