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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

US Armour: Hell on Wheels is a thrilling television series produced by Total Content Digital that showcases some of the most powerful and technologically advanced armored vehicles that are used in modern warfare. The show delves into the history and development of these vehicles, as well as their application on the battlefield. It features interviews with current and former military personnel who are experienced in using these vehicles in combat situations.

The show's first episodes focus on tanks, the most iconic armored vehicles in history. The series takes us back to the early days of tanks when they were introduced in World War I as a means of breaking through the trench warfare that had stalemated the conflict. The series profiles different tanks, from the original British Mark I tanks to the M1 Abrams, examining their design, performance, and evolution over time.

Other episodes cover a range of armored vehicles including armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, and reconnaissance vehicles. The series showcases how these vehicles have improved over time, as advancements in technology have allowed for greater firepower, speed, and protection. Additionally, US Armour: Hell on Wheels shows how these vehicles have been utilized in a variety of conflicts, from the Gulf War to the present day.

What makes US Armour: Hell on Wheels particularly unique is its focus on those who operate these vehicles. The series profiles current and former military personnel who share their personal experience driving and fighting in armored vehicles on the front lines. These interviews provide a unique glimpse into the world of armored warfare, highlighting the bravery and sacrifice of those who defend their nations in these machines.

Throughout the series, we are shown how important these armored vehicles are in modern warfare. The vehicles provide soldiers with protection and mobility, enabling them to engage enemy forces while minimizing the risk of loss of life. The show effectively demonstrates how close collaboration between infantry and armor units is essential for success on the battlefield.

US Armour: Hell on Wheels also highlights the importance of technological advancements in the field of armor warfare. The series shows how developments such as infrared cameras and advanced armor materials have given armored vehicles greater speed, agility, and protection. It also provides insight into how these technologies have revolutionized the way that armored warfare is conducted.

Additionally, the series shows the complexity of operating these vehicles. The tanks and armored vehicles require a tremendous amount of maintenance, and the soldiers must learn how to combat different environments and terrains. There are also unexpected challenges that the soldiers must overcome, such as mechanical failures, equipment breakdowns, and enemy ambushes.

In conclusion, US Armour: Hell on Wheels is a must-watch TV series for enthusiasts of military history and technology. The show is well-researched, and the interviews with current and former military personnel provide a unique perspective into the world of armored warfare. The series highlights the importance of the development of armored vehicles in modern warfare and demonstrates how these machines have been utilized on the front lines throughout history. The show is both informative and engaging, and it is an excellent tribute to the brave men and women who have served their nations in armor units.

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Famous Generals Patton
15. Famous Generals Patton
January 1, 2019
Military career of the colorful general George S. Patton, with focus on his World War II action in Africa and Europe.
Armored Force
14. Armored Force
January 1, 2019
There's nothing as mighty and bold in "war" as the tank. The role it plays in combat and in training is spectacularly pictured in "Armored Force." Nothing has been omitted from this presentation -- all the latest designs and equipment are pictured to give the show a "this-is-the-latest" flavor.
Conduct of Fire
13. Conduct of Fire
January 1, 2019
Demonstrates the method of firing each of the weapons on the general sheridan tank, including the 50 cal and 7.62mm machine guns, 152mm gun/launcher, and grenade launchers.
M73 Tank Armament
12. M73 Tank Armament
January 1, 2019
Machinegun, 7.62Mm, Tank M73 - part I operation and disassembly and assembly, features and capabilities - techniques for clearing, loading, firing and unloading weapons - methods and procedures for disassembly and assembly of the six main component groups of weapons.
Birth of A Tank
11. Birth of A Tank
January 1, 2019
Regularly each year, the American public looks forward to the first showings of the new models by the country's automobile manufacturers. Not as often, perhaps, but awaited more eagerly by the Armed Forces is the appearance of a brand new combat vehicle. The Big Picture tells the inside story, from the idea to the fighting weapons, of the birth of a tank.
Tank Company Team in Night Attack
10. Tank Company Team in Night Attack
January 1, 2019
Tactical requirement and vital measures for a night attack; fundamentals and techniques used by tank company team in the planning and conduct of a night attack.
Big Picture M-60 King of Armor
9. Big Picture M-60 King of Armor
January 1, 2019
This film presents the story of the development, testing, and use of the M-60 tank in the U.S. Army. Scenes trace the origin of the modern tank and the need to create a mobile armored vehicle that could carry enough fire power to destroy machine gun emplacements as it led its troops through the line.
Third Armored Divison Spearhead
8. Third Armored Divison Spearhead
January 1, 2019
Describes the enormous power and mobility of the modern third armored division in Germany, and the intensive year-round training that keeps its combat readiness sharply honed.
Seek and Strike
7. Seek and Strike
January 1, 2019
Looks at the development of mobile armor, and examines the training of a tanker as he learns to move, shoot, and communicate from aboard the latest combat vehicles.
Big Picture Role of Armor
6. Big Picture Role of Armor
January 1, 2019
Signal Corps films present an authentic report of the first tactical employment of the iron combatants. Now accepted as an essential part of the fighting team on the ground, tanks were once considered impractical and ineffective. Authentic combat footage shows the successful employment of armored vehicles in World War II and in Korea.
Big Picture Armored Combat Power
5. Big Picture Armored Combat Power
January 1, 2019
"Aggressively powerful, fast and mobile under all conditions, the Armor Team of the United States Army is a forceful deterrent to any would-be aggressor of the future." This documentary follows the development of armor from early war chariot of four thousand years ago to modern tank in today's Army.
Highballing to Victory
4. Highballing to Victory
January 1, 2019
Transportation in wartime.
Troop Train
3. Troop Train
January 1, 2019
The 201 Armored Division heads across America by train. The train carries tanks, trucks, motor cycles and jeeps. Men eat, sleep, exercise, and amuse themselves on the long trip as they slowly head for the ocean, troop ship and ultimately, the front.
Fourth Armored Division
2. Fourth Armored Division
January 1, 2019
Shows how the division keeps ready to provide armored support for the ground forces of nato in West Germany, and how the men foster excellent German-American relations.
Hell on Wheels
1. Hell on Wheels
January 1, 2019
Historical record of the combat activities of the 2d Armored Division during World War II.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2019