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Valemont is a television show that is based on the supernatural. It is an American miniseries on the station known as MTV. The show began to run on the air in September of 2009. This show has been running ever since and is still available for viewers to watch. Viewers can watch the show online and also check out bonus footage as well. Each episode runs for approximately 3 minutes so it is a very short show almost like an extended commercial.

As for the premise of the show, it follows the life events of Maggie Gracen. She visits a morgue to find the burnt body of her brother Eric. As a result she decides to get into Valemont University which is a highly secret and classified college in the state of Massachusetts. It is also the place where many great leaders have graduated and where her brother Eric recently attended before disappearing. Gracen goes by the identity of Sophie Fields in order to infiltrate the university in order to protect her identity. Over time she begins to get deeply involved in the mystery of her brother's sudden disappearance. On the surface Valemont is like any other university, however it does have some strange vibe with the students.

During the show, each episode will start with a video or text message that is on Eric's mobile device. Each of the phones and mobile devices give the viewer clues to each character on the show along with providing an online game. Viewers are also shown a five second billboard that advertises Verizon Wireless for each of the episodes.

Television viewers are able to watch this show about once per week. The show is televised on MTV and can be watched in many countries including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is one of many supernatural themed shows and therefore is a quite intriguing show as a result. For those looking to watch supernatural themed shows, this is one of the main options you can watch and therefore gives viewers yet another intellectually stimulating television program on a regular basis.

1 Season, 35 Episodes
September 21, 2009
Cast: Kristen Hager, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Eric Balfour, Nikki Blonsky

Valemont Full Episode Guide

  • Sophie busts Poppy out of the mental facility by faking her death and the two go underground, hitting the road in search of whomever Eric was working for.

  • Professor Blunt shows up to help when Sophie has a final showdown with Eric and his army inside Valemont's lair.

  • Sophie finds Valemont's lair but in the process reveals the location to Eric and his minions who had been following her since she left the mental facility.

  • Sophie talks with her mother and finds out that her real father is Valemont. When hunger finally sets in for Sophie, Eric tries to convince her to feed on Poppy.

  • Eric takes Sophie to a mental facility and shows her that their mother is alive and a vampire as well.

  • Sophie meets Eric at club being held at a funeral home and she learns that he's using music to attract teenage vampires so he can recruit them before Valemont does.

  • Sophie learns there is a war brewing between vampires wishing to return to their old ways and Valemont's new world order. Then Sophie accepts the offer to rush Serpentes so Beatrice will take her to see Eric.

  • Sophie continues down the Desmodus vampire road and she meets the founder of Valemont University who tells her she'll be needed to combat the 'bad things' that are about to happen.

  • Sophie accepts an invite from Beatrice to a Serpentes party but she soon finds out that it's actually a mixer where vampires are set up with their non-vampire fellow students.

  • Sophie gets enrolled in new courses along with her new life and to help make her transition less stressful she tells Poppy that she's changing dorm rooms because she needs space.

  • Sebastian helps Sophie through her painful turn and later she wakes up in the sanitarium where Professor Blunt tells her the truth behind Desmodus House and how she is connected to it.

  • Gabriel attempts to force Sophie to change into a vampire with a vile of garlic water but his plan goes awry when something shows up and attacks him in the dark.

  • Welcome to the shocking conclusion of Valemont and watch as Sophie's adventures continue down a path of mystery and surprise...

  • Sophie reveals what she knows about Valemont to Professor Blunt, who in return says he knows who she really is and offers to help her find out if she's a vampire like her brother.

  • Gabriel tells Sophie that Eric broke his ankle freshman and had pins put in it so she returns to the morgue to check for the pins and see if it really was Eric's body that she was shown or someone else.

  • Sophie finds a Panthera pin on the floor of her dorm room and when she asks Sebastian about it he says that Panthera members give it to the person they're interested in and that no one will hurt her if she's wearing it.

  • Now that Sophie's been made aware of the vampires and what some are capable of, Gabriel tells her how to protect herself.

  • Gabriel takes Sophie to an abandoned High School so she can get her first look at some Valemont dropouts.

  • Sophie tries to continue the search for her brother's killer without revealing who she is or what she knows. Poppy returns after nearly a week but can't remember anything that happened to her.

  • Sophie hatches a plan to get herself into the Sanitarium but once inside she doesn't belong there.

  • Sebastian shows up at Sophie's dorm looking for his house key. Then Sophie and Gabriel find Poppy where she is being held by vampires at the school's sanitarium.

  • Gabriel explains the vampiric tradition behind Valemont and warns Sophie to let the dust settle before they start looking for Poppy, who's been missing since the Hallowe'en party.

  • After Poppy and Sophie witness a horrifying ritual at the Panthera party, Gabriel helps Sophie escape and reveals the secret behind Valemont University.

  • Sophie talk Poppy into sneak into the Panthera Hallowe'en party so she can go to the basement and try to find whatever it is that Eric uncovered.

  • Sophie lures Sebastian back to her dorm room under the pretense of a date so she can steal his key to Panthera House.

  • Sophie's scary dreams start to cross into the realm of reality, even when she's doing laundry. Meanwhile, Sebastian continues to seek her attention, but Gabriel warns Sophie to stay away from him.

  • Sophie finds out that Beatrice had been meeting with Eric in secret and she's certain Queen Bea knows something about his death.

  • Sophie has a confusing meeting with Sebastian Van Cleer in the Valemont conservatory that leaves her wondering why one of the most prominent students on campus has taken such an interest in her.

  • Sophie searches deeper into her brother's cell phone but disturbing dreams and strange behavior from other Valemont students continue create more questions than answers.

  • The following morning of Sophie breaksinto into Panthera House, she suffers some very bizarre hallucinations and later she meets The Archangel, also known as Gabriel, who's curious as to why Sophie has a dead man's cell phone.

  • Sophie gets caught breaking into Panthera House where 'the rules' state house members get to have fun with her until she forgets.

  • Sophie Gracen changes her name to Sophie Fields as she arrives at Valemont where she meets her new roommate, Poppy Barker, and has a meeting with Professor Blunt.

  • When Sophie goes to the morgue to see her brother's remains and she finds a cell phone full of mysterious video messages from him.