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  • TV-14
  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (1,718)

Vanished is a very interesting TV movie when a woman by the name of Sara Collins, a lovely wife of a Georgia Senator, vanishes without a trace. Shortly after she disappears, the FBI and her family begins searching for her but many secrets begin to come out and it seems almost everyone is a suspect in her disappearance.

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Warm Springs
13. Warm Springs
December 8, 2006
When Sara seemingly has found aid in a safe hiding place, her helpers' motives come into question and she...
The Velocity of Sara
12. The Velocity of Sara
December 1, 2006
Although Sara manages to free herself, a tracking device hinders her escape and consequently the Sheriff's...
The Proffer
11. The Proffer
November 24, 2006
As the demands are met, Agents Lucas, Mei, and Tyner begin preparing for Sara's return until a tip from an...
The Cell
10. The Cell
November 17, 2006
When Sara is seen emotionally drained in captivity and Marcy visits the doctor, Senator Collins stress level reaches new heights and he struggles to cope with Saras disappearance and life without her. Meanwhile, Agents Lucas and Mei visit a death row inmate linked to the conspiracy and fight back when the FBI offices are infiltrated.
The New World
9. The New World
November 10, 2006
When Senator Collins delivers a press conference to address the speculation swirling around his vote on Judge Wallace Rainer as a justice of the Supreme Court, Marcy struggles with developments involving Judge Rainer, and Agents Mei and Lucas investigate leads that uncover new clues to the conspiracy.
8. Aftermath
November 3, 2006
The mystery continues after the shocking events that transpired when Senator Collins visited Washington, DC, for Judge Wallace Rainer's confirmation hearing and Agent Graham Kelton was gunned down and killed. While Judy Nash reports on the shocking and fatal shooting incident, newcomer Agent Daniel Lucas joins Agents Mei and Tyner in the investigation into Sara Collins' baffling disappearance.
7. Resurrection
October 2, 2006
The mystery and conspiracy continue to unravel as FBI agents Mei, Kelton and Tyner investigate a gruesome crime scene while things heat up between Judy Nash and her competition when they meet for drinks. Kelton makes an early-morning visit to the Collins estate to deliver news to an already distraught Senator Collins, who is planning and preparing for the tense trip to Washington and the all-important vote on Judge Wallace Rainer for the Supreme Court. The case takes an unexpected turn when Judy Nash reconnects will old friend Daniel Lucas.
The Black Box
6. The Black Box
September 25, 2006
After WCN's aggressive reporter Judy Nash is scooped by a competing news agency, she and Agent Kelton meet to discuss how they can work together to mutually benefit one another. A flashback reveals that Senator Collins has gone above the law before, while his ex-wife, Jessica Nevins, urges him to take a position on the all-important appointment of Supreme Court nominee Judge Rainer. Agents Mei, Kelton and Tyner close in on leads signaling a turn in the investigation.
The Feed
5. The Feed
September 18, 2006
When Agents Mei and Kelton discover bizarre and frightening links between the abduction of Sara Collins and another high-profile crime, the investigation accelerates and unthinkable motives are considered. Senator Collins experiences some weak moments and Jessica brings herself closer to Marcy and Max. All the while, Judy Nash finds herself in a position with leverage and the investigation takes a new turn.
Before the Flood
4. Before the Flood
September 11, 2006
While FBI agents Mei, Kelton and Tyner make some progress and clues seemingly come together, more enigmatic evidence is uncovered. An obvious suspect is brought into FBI headquarters for questioning, and it is discovered that Marcy has been keeping a little secret. Her suspicious mother, Jessica Nevins, offers parenting advice while Senator Jeffrey Collins copes with the unfolding nightmare as political pressure accelerates. Determined reporter Judy Nash visits Gloucester, MA, to learn more about who Sara Collins actually is.
3. Drop
September 4, 2006
Senator Collins grapples with a new development while FBI Agents Kelton and Mei follow leads regarding the inexplicable disappearance of Sara. The senator's ex-wife, Jessica Nevins, is brought in for questioning and admits to wanting her kids back in her life. Meanwhile, Marcy rendezvous with her boyfriend, who, Max informs her, is now a suspect. Armed with new footage from when Sara Collins was known as Nikki Johnson, ambitious reporter Judy Nash uncovers more mind-bending evidence into Sara's mysterious disappearance.
The Tunnel
2. The Tunnel
August 28, 2006
As Senator Collins pushes to make a public statement and announce a reward for any tips regarding the inexplicable disappearance of his wife, FBI Agents Kelton and Mei pursue leads that uncover elements that expand the scope of the investigation. Peter Manning, the man from Sara's past, remains determined to provide authorities with everything he knows, while the senator's ex-wife, Jessica Nevins, seeks to reconnect with their kids during this tragic and trying time.
1. Pilot
August 21, 2006
Sara Collins, the beautiful young wife of prominent Georgia Senator Jeffrey Collins, inexplicably vanishes. As the search for Sara unravels one of the nation's most prominent families, it also exposes evidence that could rock the foundations of American society. Through the eyes of Senior FBI Agent Graham Kelton, ambitious reporter Judy Nash and the distraught members of the Collins family, viewers will journey inside a sensational, thrilling national soap opera. Kelton, partnered with determined Agent Len Mei, uncovers enigmatic clues that suggest Sara's disappearance may be part of a large, sinister conspiracy. At the Collins home, Jeffrey and Sara's dutiful son Max is keeping secrets of his own, while his rebellious sister Marcy is on the verge of eloping with her sketchy boyfriend Ben, whose motives are questionable. Just when things couldn't get any more chaotic for Senator Collins, his ex-wife Jessica Nevins and a man from Sara's past, Peter Manning, mysteriously surface.

Vanished is a very interesting TV movie when a woman by the name of Sara Collins, a lovely wife of a Georgia Senator, vanishes without a trace. Shortly after she disappears, the FBI and her family begins searching for her but many secrets begin to come out and it seems almost everyone is a suspect in her disappearance.

Vanished is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on August 21, 2006.

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Vanished is available for streaming on the FOX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Vanished on demand at Amazon and Google Play.

  • Premiere Date
    August 21, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (1,718)