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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 8.7  (44)

Vet Gone Wild is a compelling television show from Animal Planet, featuring Chris Brown as the main protagonist. The show focuses on Chris Brown's thrilling and dangerous adventures across the globe as a veterinarian, where he travels to different places to treat animals in need. Chris Brown is known for his expertise in treating animals, and he has been doing this job for more than twenty years.

In each episode, Chris and his team visit remote locations to treat wild animals or domestic animals in distress. This show is not just about treating animals from a medical perspective, but it also demonstrates Chris's humanitarian side as he tries to make the environment better for both the animals and humans living in the areas he travels to. From Africa to South America, he provides medical care and educates the locals on how to care for their animals better.

One of the striking aspects of the show is the various types of animals that Chris Brown and his team encounter during their travels, including tigers, leopards, and lions in Africa, and sloths, otters, and spider monkeys in South America. They also encounter animals such as horses, dogs, and cats in different parts of the world. Even though he is a veterinarian, Chris Brown handles these animals with expertise that shows he has years of hands-on experience beyond a typical veterinary practice.

Another aspect of the show is the different and challenging situations that Chris Brown faces. One of the animals he was able to help was an elephant in Nepal that got its trunk caught in a trap. Chris Brown and his team were called to the scene, and they anaesthetized the animal before cutting the trap away from its trunk. After the rescue, the elephant went on its way, happy to be alive, and with a new lease on life.

Throughout the show, Chris Brown injects his passion, empathy, humor, and compassion for animals, which shows in the way he interacts with them, the locals, and his team. He understands that treating wild animals or domestic animals in their natural habitats can be dangerous, but he takes the risks head-on to save lives, rescue animals, and make a difference in the environment.

In addition, Vet Gone Wild highlights the social, political, and environmental issues affecting wild animals in their natural habitats. In one episode, Chris Brown and his team encountered a group of lions; the locals captured the lions and enslaved them for tourism purposes, a practice that is creating an ecological imbalance. Chris Brown educates the locals and talks them into releasing the lions back into the wild. His work not only helps the animals in the area but also creates awareness on the ground.

In conclusion, Vet Gone Wild is a captivating show that showcases Chris Brown's expertise in the field of veterinary medicine, his empathy for animals, and his commitment to making a difference in the world. It is a show that offers an insight into the wild and domestic animals that inhabit our planet and the challenges they face. If you're an animal lover or just curious to see the impressive challenges Chris Brown faces in his career, this TV show is definitely worth watching.

Vet Gone Wild
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Sloth Salvation
8. Sloth Salvation
July 29, 2018
Chris travels to Costa Rica to help a sloth who suffered a life-threatening injury. Then, he captures and helps a capuchin monkey with an unidentified skin disease; and also treats dogs with a mite infestation at "Territorio de Zaguates."
Wild Tasmanian Devils
7. Wild Tasmanian Devils
July 22, 2018
Dr. Chris must help save endangered Tasmanian Devils from extinction, as they have been dying from a rare form of cancer. He also helps rescue an injured pademelon, and then helps wombats suffering from severe cases of mange.
Cheetahs of the Desert
6. Cheetahs of the Desert
July 15, 2018
Dr. Chris visits Namibia where he works with the cheetah population at the N/a'an Ku Se Wildlife Sanctuary. He also visits a baboon who may have brain trauma. Later, Chris gives a health check to some meerkats before releasing them back to the wild.
Island of Koalas
5. Island of Koalas
July 8, 2018
Returning home to Australia, Chris investigates a deadly disease that's killing koalas. Then, deep in the remote Northern Territory, he helps an aboriginal town that is overrun by dogs, and a kangaroo with an infection.
Vietnam's Endangered Animals
4. Vietnam's Endangered Animals
July 1, 2018
Dr. Chris sets off for Vietnam, where he must perform surgery on two endangered turtles. Chris then works with a langur and a very ill baby loris. Later, Chris treats a group of smuggled Pangolins who are on the brink of death from hypothermia.
Surrounded by Sharks
3. Surrounded by Sharks
June 24, 2018
Dr. Chris Brown saves fur seals off the coast of Australia who have been entangled in fishing wire. Chris then travels to Fiji to tag bull sharks who are being fished in a local river and must help a badly injured pig who was attacked by dogs.
Into the Lion's Den
2. Into the Lion's Den
June 17, 2018
Dr. Chris is called to South Africa where he must perform surgery on a trio of lionesses. While there, he helps de-horn an endangered white rhino to keep the poachers away and races to replace the tracking collar on a female elephant.
Into the Elephant Kingdom
1. Into the Elephant Kingdom
June 10, 2018
Dr. Chris Brown heads to Thailand to give medical attention to endangered Asian elephants. He also helps with the release of two gibbons and is then tasked with a difficult surgery on a dog rescued from a life-threatening situation.
  • Premiere Date
    June 10, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    8.7  (44)