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Viking Chronicles, presented by Leupold is the new outdoor adventure series that documents the feats of the witty and worldly Kyle Lamb as he traverses North America and the globe on a quest for adventure and unique game opportunities. Along the way, Kyle educates the viewer with an exploration of training and firearms preparation in a way that only a former Special Forces veteran and expert gunfighter can. This series breaks new ground in search of exploits and locations that combine a passion for the gun with a longing for real action.

Viking Chronicles is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2016.

Where do I stream Viking Chronicles online? Viking Chronicles is available for streaming on Outdoor Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Viking Chronicles on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
September 28, 2016
Action & Adventure, Reality
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Viking Chronicles Full Episode Guide

  • Viking Chronicles is on the pursuit of a Big 5 game animal on this season 2 finale. Kyle and crew venture to the southern hemisphere in hopes of hunting the highly dangerous Cape Buffalo in South Africa. Producer, John Carter, choses to hunt with a lever-action rifle to up the ante for this once in a lifetime style hunt.

  • Practice on the range with different challenges is key to refining your skills, this week we focus on strong hand only drills. After traveling, Kyle gets some down time down at home and heads right out to track down some turkey. Patience is tested in his own back yard on this close to home hunt.

  • The South American fishing saga continues as Kyle and his fishing buddies explore deep in the waterways of the Amazon for the impressive peacock bass. The conclusion of this trip may just be the spark to start booking your own to the lush landscapes of Brazil.

  • Training and tactical continues at Sig with the strong hand only scenario. Then Kyle and crew continue the pursuit for elk on this bow hunt. The hunt runs into some complications as a hunter's worst fear is realized.

  • More practical tactical from Sig academy, then Viking Chronicles heads up to Montana for a spring black bear hunt out in Flathead National Forest. Montana provides a fresh dusting of snow in the wee hours of the morning. With the unpredictable weather, the boys try to stay warm as they hunt this rugged terrain. Do you have to think like a bear to hunt one?

  • IR and NODs explained with Sam at TNVC. What happens in South Africa when the sun sets? Well, Kyle is about to show you in this after dark special...hunt. Creatures of the night beware! Curious about the kit on this trip after seeing it in action? Let's get to know a bit about the equipment that has made a very successful trip to South Africa possible. Kyle walks us through his essential gear.

  • After some conceal carry tactical drills at Sig Academy, the Viking crew takes to stalking some quick and weary plains game on this South African hunt. With hunting tech and tips featured throughout on how to maximize your kit on safari hunts like this, Kyle leads us on an entertaining trip for the ever-impressive sable while Lee sets out at sun-rise to surprise an impala.

  • Kyle's recents hunts have left him chomping at the bit to fill a tag. Looking for redemption and a chance to fill his freezer on this antelope hunt, we take to the plains of Wyoming to see if luck is on his side today. Chili is finally off the range and out to hunt with Kyle. Long shots and open yet tricky terrain may be a huge obstacle. With good friends in tow, it will be a fun one either way.

  • Predator becomes prey under the cover of nightfall as Kyle and crew enlist cutting-edge technology to take down coyote in Southwest Wyoming.

  • Sporting clays to studio jam session, Kyle shows he knows how to hold his own in Music City; country rocker and Nashville staple Ira Dean makes a special appearance.

  • After a tactical training course at Sig Academy, Kyle puts down his rifle for something new. Sighting in his crossbow, Kyle takes to the hills of Tennessee for whitetail season.

  • With a drop into a remote lake to float through the vast Togiak wilderness in search of giant Moose, this mission will entail a couple of hard weeks through the bush with no resupply. We will see if Kyle, the old soldier, is up for the challenge?

  • This demanding hunt occurs in the Southern Alps steepest and most challenging terrain as Kyle is back in New Zealand and trekking hard, eschewing the ubiquitous helicopter transportation for his hiking boots in the quest for high mountain Tahr.

  • After a range day that prepares law enforcement officers for street combat in and around vehicles, Kyle takes to a remote corner of Oregon in a challenging eradication hunt where the pestilent jack-rabbit population plagues the local farmers.

  • Kyle's adventures in the southern hemisphere continue on a hunt for the agile goat antelope on the south island of New Zealand.

  • After wrapping a tactical training class, Kyle is off to Alaska and famed Kodiak Island in the Aleutians.

  • Kyle takes his colorful style of outdoor adventure to the Southern Alps of New Zealand where the hard lessons of his tactical training are applied to hunting the majestic Red Stag in one of the most picturesque but challenging terrains on earth.

  • After a terminal ballistics lesson on the effect of bullets on cars, Kyle heads to Canada in search of spring snow geese. His partner is a Former Special Operations Lieutenant Colonel who happens to be a die-hard waterfowler. Watch the feathers fly!

  • The rugged peaks and canyons of Southern Texas host Kyle on a search for mule deer after completing tactical teaching duties in his famed Street Fighter class. Robb Wiley imparts his expertise in shooting from steep angles on this arduous quest.

  • After a tactical street fighter course, Kyle journeys to Colorado in search of monster elk with a side trip of predator hunting. The great Fred Eichler is host to the master of modern firearms with a surprise lesson in traditional archery.