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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (37)

Wait 'Til Next Year is a fascinating reality television series that premiered on MTV in 2013. The series offers an emotional journey filled with dreams, failures, tears, and laughs, showcasing the rocky road to high school football redemption in a small Midwestern town.

The show's main focus is the Lincoln Park Railsplitters, a high school football team from Downriver, Michigan. Struggling through an agonizing 43-game losing streak, the 'Splitters' journey to break this curse empowers the heart of our plot. The narrative gives root to the deeply-embedded town pride and features an exploration of their collective will to reverse the string of defeats and reinstate their dignity, thus bringing back the honor on the community.

Wait 'Til Next Year is not your average sports documentary; it strays away from the standard highlight reels and sideline action, and instead, burrows deep into the fundamental cores of America's favorite sport to paint a more comprehensive portrayal of the people involved. It broadcasts the agonizing suspense, profound disappointments, and exhilarated triumphs that sculpt the journey of high school athletes, inviting viewers to grasp a glimpse into their lives and share in their struggles and aspirations.

What distinguishes Wait 'Til Next Year from other reality television series is its unwavering commitment to authenticity. This is not a tale of glitz and glam or neatly packaged drama; it's about real people facing real obstacles. The working-class Railsplitters do not possess state-of-the-art facilities or big-budget coaches; yet, they have an unbelievable sense of community spirit and indomitable will that keeps driving them forward.

In the course of the series, we meet the team's helm, optimistic coach and local hero, Randy Threet. Tasked with the daunting feat of ending the losing streak and transforming the much-maligned 'Splitters' into a winning team, Randy, with his unyielding resilience and encouragement, emerges as the inspirational core of the team. The series traces Randy's painstaking efforts while juggling the multitude of other roles he plays in the community.

Balanced with the rich and intimate narrative of the coach and the team, Wait 'Til Next Year also offers a poignant exploration of the lives of the players off the field. You will meet a diverse ensemble of teenagers navigating the ups-and-downs of high school, the turbulence of teen love life, the struggle of academics, and the pressure of their parents' expectations. The show permits an honest, unfiltered depiction of both their personal lives and communal ties, adding an emotional depth to the story.

More than just a sports tale, the show mirrors the turmoil and tired yet hopeful spirit that pervades many small, working-class towns across the United States. It paints an intimate, realistic picture of middle America, capturing the school's nerve-wracking football games and the town's jubilant Homecoming parade with equal parts warmth and grit.

Wait 'Til Next Year is a testament to the power of perseverance, community spirit, and the importance of never giving up, even when the odds seem stacked against you. It wrestles with the nature of defeat and the taste of victory, as well as the intricate interpersonal relationships between the students, families, and the community. The series teaches viewers that any goal, however distant, is achievable with unity, persistence, and most importantly, believing in oneself.

From tales of aspiring cheerleaders to the heart-racing anticipation of homecoming queens, from homework struggles to prom anxieties — Wait 'Til Next Year offers a blend of stirring emotions and authentic human experiences that audiences can resonate with.

In a nutshell, Wait 'Til Next Year is an inspiring docu-series that brings to life the classic American proverb, "Where there's a will, there's a way". The show promises a tumultuous ride filled with heartbreak, jubilation, and a hefty dose of reality that will leave viewers rooting for the underdog, teaching them the importance of teamwork and resilience — all against the iconic backdrop of America's favorite high school pastime, football.

Wait 'Til Next Year is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2013.

Wait 'Til Next Year
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Lights Out
14. Lights Out
December 13, 2013
Summary not available
Promise Ring
13. Promise Ring
December 13, 2013
Ashley's dreams come true when Ed surprises her with a promise ring. Cody is heartbroken when he finds out Cheyene may be cheating on him. Dakota works hard to lose weight in a last ditch effort to make varsity.
Lights Out
12. Lights Out
December 6, 2013
Amanda and Cristian's relationship comes to a breaking point. Cody's mom come back to Lincoln Park. Ed and Ashley plan for the future.
The Promise Ring
11. The Promise Ring
December 13, 2013
Ed surprises Ashley with a promise ring. Cody is worried that Cheyene is cheating on him. Dakota works hard to loose the weight he needs to loose to make varsity.
The Drive
10. The Drive
November 29, 2013
Ashley agonizes over her relationship with Ed, and challenges him to prove his love to her. Amanda grows even closer to Cody as he's suddenly left all alone. Danielle commits to Yanni, pushing Naeem to make a big decision.
9. Homecoming
November 29, 2013
Ashley's campaign for homecoming queen is overshadowed when she's forced to finally confront the truth about Ed. Naeem becomes enraged at the homecoming dance when Yanni steals his date, Danielle.
Breaking Records
8. Breaking Records
November 22, 2013
Yanni decides to go to the dance with a boy, forcing Danielle to take drastic measures. The Railsplitters face a record breaking game.
7. Cheaters
November 22, 2013
The cheerleaders try to prove themselves to the whole school at the upcoming Pep Rally.
6. Rumors
November 15, 2013
Ashley hears a rumor that Ed is cheating on her. Cody questions his relationship with Cheyene and confronts his mother's drug abuse. Coach causes a stir when he recruits Danielle's girlfriend Yanni for a position on the team.
5. Jailbird
November 15, 2013
Ed and Ashley face separation as Ed is called to court and may face jail time. Amanda is annoyed by Cristian's non-confrontational nature, leaving her wondering if he is the right boyfriend for her.
The New Girl
4. The New Girl
November 8, 2013
A quarterback change is made, creating turmoil among the players.
3. Concussion
November 8, 2013
Naeem's bad attitude affects his leadership abilities.
Flirting at White Castle
2. Flirting at White Castle
November 1, 2013
The team play a prank on their rivals.
Meet The Railsplitters
1. Meet The Railsplitters
November 1, 2013
A five-year losing streak looms large in the opener of this docudrama following a woeful high-school football team in Michigan.
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Wait 'Til Next Year is available for streaming on the MTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wait 'Til Next Year on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 1, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (37)