Waiting for God

The British sitcom Waiting for God was produced by the British network BBC and broadcast for five seasons consisting of 47 episodes. The series takes place in a retirement home in the English seaside town of Bournemouth and details the difficult relationship between elderly residents Tom and Diana, and the manager of the Bayview retirement home Harvey Baines. The title of the show is a play on the title of the Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot where characters wait for the arrival of Godot; in Waiting for God the characters are trapped in the retirement home waiting for their lives to end and discuss their different attitudes to religion.

Over the course of each 30 minute episode a self contained story is usually told, with story arcs also carrying through each season and onwards through all five. Upon arriving at the Bayview Retirement Home new resident Tom Ballard reveals he is suffering from the early stages of dementia; Tom meets Diana, a grumpy fellow resident who spends her days fighting the managerial regime of Harvey and his assistant Jane. A former photojournalist Diana remains a resident at Bayview because of the information she has discovered from former journalist colleagues about the directors of Bayview. Diana and Tom conduct and on off relationship made more difficult by Tom's slide into dementia and his tendency to make up imaginary stories about his past. In a similar vein Bayview manager Harvey is the subject of the affections of Jane, whom he does not see as a potential girlfriend or wife. In most episodes Tom and Diana fight the regime of Harvey and hatch plans to halt whatever new policy the manager is attempting to put into place; as the seasons progress the relationship between Diana and Tom progresses as they become engaged.

Broadcast between 1990 and 1994 the series was shown around the world and has achieved a cult following mainly because of the irreverence of the elderly characters. At the end of the fifth season many of the plot points of the show are tied up.

BBC America
4 Seasons, 30 Episodes
June 28, 1990
Cast: Graham Crowden, Stephanie Cole, Daniel Hill, Janine Duvitski
Waiting for God

Waiting for God Full Episode Guide

  • There's bad news for Tom as his doctor alerts him to impending problems with his prostate.

  • Tom has a night out at his regimental reunion, and Diana has reason to believe he has met up with a girlfriend.

  • Diana causes Harvey to have what he terms a nervous breakdown.

  • When the local council cancels Tom and Diana's favorite classes as the adult education Centre, Diana looks to roll some heads.

  • Harvey wants to produce a glossy video on Bayview to help him set up franchises around the country.

  • A spiritualist is hell-bent on splitting up Diana and Tom who are "living in sin."

  • Diana is away and greatly missed at Bayview, especially by Tom. His son, Geoffrey, is driving him insane with his hobby: building shelves.

  • After only a few weeks spent together "living in miserable sin," Diana is in desperate need of solitary confinement.

  • The always-abrasive but now penniless Diana is forced to live with Tom. A new resident turns them into a most unlikely pair of love birds.

  • Diana has run into severe financial difficulties, and the management of Bayview delight in the prospect of losing her as a resident.

  • Diana's niece, Sarah, goes into labor, and Diana and Tom are pressed into service.

  • Diana falls ill and believes herself to be in critical condition. She takes matters into her own hands and asks Tom for sleeping pills.

  • Diana decides she needs to broaden her horizons to encompass her energies and talent, so she launches herself into politics.

  • Tom and Diana decide they should go away on holiday. But first they will have to outwit Harvey's building plans and raise some money.

  • When Diana is found in Tom's bed, the shock waves reverberate around Bayview. Tom is suddenly the center of attention of the ladies bowling team.

  • Tom and Diana turn their attentions to the local area outside of Bayview. In doing so, they lock horns with an estate agent.

  • An unexpected guest and Harvey's fiancĂ©e are the sources for some malicious fun on the parts of Tom and Diana.

  • It falls on Tom and Diana to look after two rather nasty children. Diana decides to teach them a thing or two.

  • A local vicar has a nervous breakdown at one of the resident's funerals. Tom and Diana set him off on an interesting pat to sanity.

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