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Follow along as families search for the luxury farmhouse of their dreams. We Bought the Farm is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2016.Where do I stream We Bought the Farm online? We Bought the Farm is available for streaming on HGTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch We Bought the Farm on demand at HGTV, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
April 8, 2016
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We Bought the Farm Full Episode Guide

  • Maryland foster parents John and Cynthia are hoping to continue to grow their family. But in addition to their six kids, they have goats and chickens that share their suburban yard. In order to make their dream come true, they're setting their sights on a farm with a home large enough for eight.

  • Despite having no farming experience, this Asheville, NC, family of four is moving to the farm. They're ready to crack open the books to learn about crops, cows and planting to make their dream come true. They've certainly got the motivation, but these rookie farmers are in need of some serious help.

  • High-school sweethearts want to settle down on a farm with ample room to start a cattle business and to keep horses. They're each looking forward to living life on the farm, but can't agree on what type of farm house to buy. He wants an older traditional build, but she's on the lookout for something newer.

  • Jenny and Nate are tired of living a chaotic suburban life in Pennsylvania and want to move with their three children to some rolling farmland outside of the city. Having grown up on a farm, Nate is ready to return to his roots and Jenny is on board so long as she can home school their children and hang on to her creature comforts.

  • A couple is prepared to leave their corporate life in suburban Manchester, N.H. for farm-life in the Merrimack Valley area.

  • Two workaholics are tired of living in their small Greenville, S.C. bungalow, and are ready to look for a spacious and relaxing farmhouse away from the city.

  • A couple and their two kids leave Harrisburg, Penn., to live a more fulfilling life on a farm and begin a lavender-growing business.

  • A Boston couple wants to move their family out of the suburbs and connect with nature in a farmhouse on sizable acreage.

  • A recently divorced single mom is ready to leave behind her home on Lake Harmon and move her family to a farmhouse near Mooresville. She's ready to get back in touch with the "down to earth" country living she enjoyed as a child.

  • Sick of their cramped Atlanta subdivision, a young couple wants to trade in their hectic schedule for a country life in Madison, GA. With two young daughters, they're looking for a picture-perfect farm with space to raise horses.

  • Yearning to escape their crowded neighborhood in Delaware, a young couple with a new baby wants to buy a farm in Pennsylvania. She wants to raise horses with her daughter, while he wants to grow peppers and make his own hot sauce.

  • A family of five is ready to move to Denton County, Texas, in search of more land and more space. They're looking for a larger family home, an outbuilding to house a workshop, and land with large trees for a zip-line.

  • A North Carolina couple has been keeping their two horses in a boarding facility, and now they want a farmhouse with a barn of their own keep their horses close by and happy.

  • Looking for a more balanced life, a couple sets out to buy a farm and create a self-sustaining lifestyle. Will they find a place where they can grow their own food, have a reasonable commute to work and be closer to family?

  • Tired of living in a tiny army base house in Fort Benning, a couple wants to move their kids to a rural area of Harris County, GA. She wants to grow her own food and he wants acreage, but they've got a strict budget to keep.

  • A family with eight kids wants to leave the bustle of Miami for a simpler lifestyle in Martin County. He wants plenty of land, she wants a house big enough for the everybody, and the kids want farm animals. Will they find it all?

  • Jeff and Susan are tired of their busy life in New York and want a serene country life in northwest New Jersey. After 20 years on Wall Street, Jeff dreams of growing vegetables and Susan wants to raise every kind of farm animal.

  • A New England couple is looking for a farmhouse to raise their daughters.