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In this animated series, a group of young friends who share a love of stomping around in foul-weather boots go on adventures together. The series is based on a line of dolls sold by the American Girl company. WellieWishers is a series that is currently running and has 102 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2016.

Where do I stream WellieWishers online? WellieWishers is available for streaming on Mattel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch WellieWishers on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

102 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 14, 2016
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WellieWishers Full Episode Guide

  • Ashlyn and Camille put their different styles of garden party to the test. They each take turns schooling the girls in Ashlyn

  • Emerson ruins the girls' superhero game and picnic by refusing to give up her annoying persona of the all-powerful Mighty Girl.

  • Ashlyn plans a perfect Fall Fiesta for all of the Wellies to enjoy. When the wind kicks up blowing away napkins, steamers, balloons and decorations, she thinks everything is ruined

  • When Emerson fakes being injured to get attention, the girls go out of their way to take care of her. But once they discover her ruse, they engage in a fun snowball fight that soon has Emerson yearning to play and fessing up.

  • The Wellies plan a special day for Carrot to celebrate the day he came to live with them, but are baffled when he doesn

  • After competitive Ashlyn accidentally breaks the latch on Carrot

  • The Wellies are delighted to discover a young duck in the garden and set out to help him feel at home. But when

  • Emerson is convinced she won

  • Camille is frustrated that she

  • When Ashlyn and Emerson

  • The girls create a time capsule including some of their favorite things and then discover one left by five little girls, a long time ago.

  • Kendall gets carried away with a sense of authority when she makes and enforces a host of garden rules, ruining everyone

  • Emerson learns that there is a fine line between funny and hurtful when she tries mastering impersonations of her friends.

  • Ashlyn makes up a story about a rare animal in the garden. As the girls search, her animal description grows until the girls are so fearful they plan to flee the garden for good, forcing Ashlyn to finally come clean and apologize.

  • Ashlyn plans a scavenger hunt where each of the Wellies find things of a chosen color but is frustrated when she can

  • Kendall stubbornly breaks from the group to build a see-saw €˜her way€™ along with a new wooden friend. But when she gets stuck high up on the see-saw and relies on the others to help her down, she apologizes for being bossy. They all build a six seat see-saw for them all plus Kendall€™s wooden friend.

  • When Ashlyn sets out to give Camille a new hairdo and things go impossibly wrong, the girls work together to fix it, only to make things worse. They worry that Camille will freak out once she finally sees her hair, and Ashlyn prepares to apologize for the mess, until Camille sees her hair in an icy reflection and absolutely loves it.

  • When Ashlyn plans a garden walk to enjoy the fireflies at night, Ashlyn and Emerson are forced to admit their fear of the dark. The other Wellies empathize and help them practice being comfortable in the dark, a plan that works so well that Ashlyn and Kendall want to stay up later than the others and enjoy the beautiful night.

  • The girls prepare special wings and dances to welcome some new butterflies. But when Willa€™s wings get muddy and broken, she€™s too disappointed to participate€¦until it turns out one of the butterflies is actually a moth whose wings look just like hers!

  • When the girls use face paint to become their favorite animals and Emerson€™s cat upstages Willa€™s, Willa€™s jealousy threatens to spoil the fun€¦until the other girls show her how talking about feelings can help you feel better.

  • The girls convince Kendall to help them build a snow playhouse for the animals by promising they'll work fast to beat an incoming storm. Sure enough, they get distracted, and the only way to salvage their fort is to make good on their broken promise.

  • When the girls decide to relocate a little tree languishing from lack of sun, it triggers Camille€™s memories about leaving home until the girls add a birdfeeder so that Little Tree will always be among friends.

  • When a noisy songbird keeps interrupting their puppet show rehearsal, the WellieWishers soon discover that the bird is protecting a nest of eggs close to their playhouse. The girls decide to move their performance a safe distance away so they and the birds can share the garden in peace.