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Cyberchase is an animated television series that takes kids on an exciting adventure through cyberspace. When the evil villain, Hacker, and other cyber bad guys embark on a mission to take over the virtual universe, Motherboard turns to three kids from Earth for help.

Jackie, Matt, and Inez, travel from their real world into the colorful virtual world of cyberspace. There along with their cyber-bird Digit they beat the villains at their own game using brain over brawn. Using their knowledge of math skills, and strategy, the kids with the help of Digit and Motherboard stay a head of Hacker and the other evil villains out to control the virtual world.

Through games and activities, the Cyberchase characters lead us through various settings, using math concepts based on national standards to foil the bad guys. Cyberchase was developed for children ages 8 to 11. The show sends positive a message about math making it less intimidating through teaching in an entertaining way that kids can understand, with of humor, mystery and action

11 Seasons, 115 Episodes
January 1, 2004
Cast: Novie Edwards, Annick Obonsawin, Jacqueline Pillon, Bianca DeGroat
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Cyberchase Full Episode Guide

  • Digit's friend Pearl says her town is in trouble. The water levels in Canalia keep getting lower, but Canalians don't see the problem. Pearl builds a time machine to travel with the CyberSquad and prove she's right!

  • Bird lovers across Cyberspace have arrived at the Migration Celebration - an event where the rare teal-footed trillers flock once every five years. But when the trillers are a no-show, host Professor Bobson knows something is wrong!

  • Hacker has finally captured the Earth kids on the Wreaker, but an alarm goes off and the Wreaker is out of fuel! Hacker lands on the nearest cybersite, which is an eerie place with no one around! What will Hacker do next?

  • Contestants from all over Cyberspace have come to Gardenia for its annual flower-growing contest. Hacker is sure his flower will win, but when he loses to Inez he is furious and plots a plant-based revenge!

  • In Happily Ever Afterville, the Three Pigs just finished building their new cottage at the base of Mount Evermore - a peaceful spot without any direct sunlight. Trouble strikes when Hacker and Wicked accidentally zap the mountain away!

  • Perfectamundo isn't so perfect anymore - the trash is out of control! A giant garbage heap threatens to break through the cybersite's dome, and the CyberSquad must become garbologists in order to reduce the rubbish. Hacker, meanwhile, is digging through the very same heap for some mistakenly discarded seeds that will allow him to grow an army of monster plants to take over Cyberspace.

  • A televised skate-off will decide ultimate naming rights for the new Radopolis skate park. Will it be named after Slider, the ace skateboarder of Cyberspace, or The Hacker, the vainest villain in the virtual universe? When the power mysteriously goes out at the skate park, the CyberSquad and Digit must find a way to turn it back on before the nighttime skateboarding extravaganza.

  • There's a mega mystery in Megabays - the once-healthy kelp in Big Bay is washing ashore. The CyberSquad must work with Captain Skuttlebutt, keeper of the bays, to get to the bottom of it. They explore the marine ecosystem and discover that there are way more urchins than anything else€¦ but why? Is it nature at work, or is something - or someone - causing the underwater kelp forest's collapse?

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