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This is an animated series that was developed in Canada and the UK. Main characters in the show are a married couple named Bob and Margaret. There are very few regular characters in the show, but there are several friends who stop by for visits. The couple is an English couple who are about 40 years old. Bob is a dentist trying to support his family. They struggle with all of the mid-life happenings that other couples struggle with, but they are in a cartoon form. Many of the storylines revolve around issues that families can relate to such as shopping and spending too much money to dealing with the issues of life from friends who annoy them. They frequently go out to dinner with their friends, only to talk about them later when they get home. The series begins with the couple living in London, but they move to Canada by the third season.

Bob and Margaret is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on June 22, 1998.

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4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 22, 1998
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Andy Hamilton, Alison Snowden, Brian George, Adrian Truss, Jayne Eastwood
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Bob and Margaret Full Episode Guide

  • Bob and Margaret thought they knew everything about their next door neighbours, until Joyce and Trevor introduce them to their grown son, Gary. Joyce and Trevor have a son? Gary is on medication and was discharged from the army and has moved back home. Trevor asks Bob to take him to work with him. Bob cant imagine anything worse, until Gary takes a romantic interest in Bobs receptionist, Heather.

  • Bob and Margaret experience a truly Canadian Christmas. First they are asked to dinner at their cousins Cookie and Melvins house for Christmas dinner, then they brave a house fire, a turbulent winter storm and the most dreaded of all Canadian Christmas traditions the office party.

  • Bob decides to donate his sperm to a local sperm bank. Margaret, already uncomfortable with the idea, is horrified to learn that her co-worker Guinevere will be the lucky recipient of Bobs donation.

  • When an efficiency expert comes to assess the Inner City Dental Clinic, Bob gets side shifted out of a job. He then embarks on a journey of self-discovery and group therapy.

  • Bobs mother is coming all the way from England to visit him. Or is she? When Daisy arrives at the airport, Bob is shocked to learn that she has a new Toronto boyfriend and plans to spend her Toronto trip with him instead of Bob and Margaret.

  • Bob attends a personal finance seminar to help him get his hopeless financial house in order. After combing through his new books and motivational tapes, Bob becomes hooked on day trading.

  • Margaret gets called to Jury Duty but Bob has planned a holiday for them and begs her to get herself excused. Margaret insists on performing her societal duty and remaining on the jury.

  • Margaret finds herself inadvertently running for City Council when the candidate she is supporting drops out of the race. Bob gets caught up in his role as the man-behind-the-woman.

  • Bob inadvertently saves the life of a suicidal man who then decides to become Bob's best friend. Bob, who has always felt the lack of real mates in his life, is flattered.

  • Bob and Margaret have near-death experience when Bob nearly crashes their car. They decide to turn over a new leaf and live their lives more fully.

  • Margaret accidentally picks up her neighbour's photos at the pharmacy. Bob insists on sneaking a peak at them and is shocked to find their neighbour and her husband in a series of uncompromising amorous positions.

  • A film crew sets up shop on Bob and Margaret's street, giving them a small and unsavory taste of fame and fortune.

  • Bob and Margaret go cross-border shopping in the United States. They drink far too much coffee and get greedy at the mall. Events turn sour at the border when Bob and Margaret have to decide whether to smuggle their loot or come clean with the customs officials.

  • Bob and Margaret get invited up to the cottage of Dr. Yoselheiffer, President of the Canadian Council of Dentists. Bob sees this as his big chance to get ahead in the competitive world of dentistry, but Margaret wishes he would just relax and have a good time. Unfortunately, neither of these options proves likely when Bob's obnoxious cousins Cookie and Melvin turn up.

  • Bob and Margaret join a book club in the hopes of expanding their tiny social horizon. They discover, however, the club meetings consist mainly of petty gossip and minute -taking.

  • Bob and Margaret have put it off for too long. They need to get their Canadian drivers' licenses. Margaret passes the test easily, but Bob fails and suffers a major blow to his male ego. Margaret helps Bob to regain his confidence, and even manages to save a man's life by giving him the heimlich maneuver.

  • Bob gets cajoled into joining his office softball team. Everyone at work is convinced that Bob is a world-class cricket player, but in truth he is terrible at all sports and too embarrassed to tell anyone. Margaret helps Bob to screw up the courage to hit that all-important run and carry the Dental Drillers softball team to victory.

  • Cookie and Melvin invite Bob and Margaret to the wedding of their goddaughter, Tiffany. Although the wedding is small and nondescript, it is being filmed by Wedding Television, which puts everyone on edge.

  • Bob gets conned into buying a cemetery plot for Margaret as a surprise 15th wedding anniversary gift. Margaret finds clues around the house and mistakenly thinks that Bob has a fatal disease.

  • Bob and Margaret have made the big move to Canada. They have bought a house and Bob has gotten a job at a small inner city dental clinic. The only problem is that Margaret can't find herself a job. She gets more and more depressed as Bob's life gets better and better. But Margaret triumphs in the end when she hooks up with a quirky pair of foot practitioners who run a Womens Foot Care Clinic.

  • Bob and Margaret are mortified to discover that while they have been cooped up at Cookie and Melvin's house in Mississauga Ontario, their dogs have been left unattended by Penny, Bob's unreliable receptionist. The RSPCA and the British press are outraged. Bob and Margaret become the scourge of England and are forced to move their lives and dogs to Toronto to start over.

  • When Bob and Margaret take a trip to New York, their flight is re-routed to Toronto due to a storm. At Pearson airport, they run into their obnoxious Canadian cousins, Cookie and Melvin who insist that they stay over. On the way home from the airport, Melvin crashes the car, seriously injuring Bob and Margaret. They spend a forced holiday with Cookie and Melvin 'Misery' style.

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