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  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons

D.N.Ace is a Canadian animated television series created by Nelvana. The show follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Ace Ripley, who is a student at the Advanced Gene Splicing Institute. Ace has a passion for science and technology and is always inventing new gadgets and machines that help him in his work.

In this world, gene splicing is a common practice and has advanced to the point where people can splice different animal DNA to create hybrid creatures that live alongside humans. Ace has a unique ability to communicate with these creatures and often teams up with them to solve mysteries and save the day.

Ace is not alone in his quest to protect the world. He has a team of friends who help him in his adventures. There is Xander, a tough and sarcastic teen who is an expert in combat and strategy. Xander always has Ace's back and is willing to do anything to keep his friend safe.

Then there is Tina, an intelligent and kind-hearted girl who has a knack for technology. Tina is the mastermind behind most of Ace's gadgets and machines, and she is always finding new and innovative ways to help the team.

Finally, there is Phoenix, a mysterious girl who hides behind a cloak and mask. She is a skilled fighter and an expert in espionage. Phoenix is always one step ahead of the bad guys and uses her cunning and stealth to get the team out of tight spots.

Together, Ace and his team embark on thrilling adventures that take them on a journey to uncover the truth behind the Gene Splicing Lab and the true intentions of the people who run it. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they discover hidden agendas and high-level corruption that threatens not just the city, but the entire world.

The show is filled with action, adventure, and a healthy dose of humor that will keep kids entertained and engaged. Each episode follows a different storyline, with its own challenges and obstacles that the team must overcome. The animation is top-notch, with colorful and detailed visuals that bring the world of D.N.Ace to life.

The characters are well-developed, with unique personalities and quirks that make them stand out. Ace is a likeable protagonist who is always looking for ways to help others, Xander is a loyal friend who doesn't take himself too seriously, Tina is a tech genius who provides the brains of the operation, and Phoenix is a mysterious figure who adds an element of intrigue to the team.

Overall, D.N.Ace is a fun and exciting show that will appeal to kids who love science fiction and action-adventure. It has a positive message about teamwork, friendship, and doing the right thing, making it a great show for parents who want their kids to watch something with good values.

D.N.Ace is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on July 20, 2019.

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Del Contender
10. Del Contender
November 23, 2019
When Ace earns a dream Clash, he hires a ringer to help in his corner. But can he be trusted? / Ace fears Juan's deception has hurt Crabby beyond repair and he races to set things right.
The New Guy / Mendel vs Mendor
9. The New Guy / Mendel vs Mendor
November 16, 2019
When Stu interns for Plunderman Industries, Ace and Sloane realize they have to intervene. / It's the anniversary of Mendel's meteor-splatting, so Ace invites his rascal brother, Mendor.
The Night Leaper / Legend of the Clashquatch
8. The Night Leaper / Legend of the Clashquatch
November 9, 2019
Ace is sick of his team goofing off, but a serious new Hero-Scrammer takes things too far. / Could the myth of an undefeated Clashbot living and hiding in Wasteland Woods really be true?
Underground Clashdown / Ready Clasher One
7. Underground Clashdown / Ready Clasher One
November 2, 2019
When Boomhound is seized for being parked in a No-Clashbot Zone, Ace has to bust him out. / Plunderman's new VR Clash game is great, but is it making Ace bad at Clashing in real life?
Tropic Blunder / A New Dayzee
6. Tropic Blunder / A New Dayzee
October 19, 2019
When Huxley starts experimenting with biological Clashers, Ace has to fight fire with... plant. / A Gala celebrating noted Clash Klutz, Whoopsie Dayzee, is marred by a brazen WCL Belt theft.
Wish Sewer Here / Timber Tantrum
5. Wish Sewer Here / Timber Tantrum
October 26, 2019
When Digby gets flushed down the toilet, Ace and the Gang head into the sewer to rescue him. / A prank makes Crabby believe he's a tree, so Ace has to rescue him from Wasteland Woods!
Snot Rocket / Ace of Grades
4. Snot Rocket / Ace of Grades
October 12, 2019
Ace is sick, so he creates a Scrammer to help score free candy. But has he created a monster? / Ace gets Mendel to help with school - but a fallout between them threatens to go nuclear!
The Ace and the Hound / Sibling Riotry
3. The Ace and the Hound / Sibling Riotry
October 5, 2019
When Ace and Boom's web series gets popular, Huxley hires them as clash league commentators. / With Huxley away, Sloane invites Ace and the scrammers to watch a clash on the big TV!
Squirrel Interrupted / Clash Cops
2. Squirrel Interrupted / Clash Cops
September 21, 2019
A burrito explosion gives Mendel a nasty rash, making him worry he's lost his invincibility. / Ace's favourite TV Show is filming at Del Nuevo Museum and Ace is auditioning as a villain.
Wingin' It / The Pawshank Redemption
1. Wingin' It / The Pawshank Redemption
September 28, 2019
Humiliated by his previous Flapdragon defeat, Huxley tricks Ace into rematch for flying Bots. / Ace's laziness gets Mendel picked up by Animal Control and now the Gang has to bust him out.
Where to Watch D.N.Ace
D.N.Ace is available for streaming on the Nelvana website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch D.N.Ace on demand at Amazon Prime and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    July 20, 2019