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Mouse works together with his best friend Rabbit and a group of animals to solve problems. My Friend Rabbit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2007.Where do I stream My Friend Rabbit online? My Friend Rabbit is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Friend Rabbit on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 5, 2007
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Stacey DePass, Peter Oldring
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My Friend Rabbit Full Episode Guide

  • An Arctic Tern named Tommy crash lands in a tree in the forest and loses enough feathers from one wing that he is unable to complete his migration. Mouse, Rabbit, Edweena, Thunder and the Gibble Goose Girls all want to help - but are unable to communicate with Tommy who doesn't seem to understand speech. But Tommy does understand song and so our gang sing a Hop-think as they try a number of ideas to repair Tommy?s wing. Thunder finally suggests that they use thin vines to tie Tommy?s feathers back on. Tommy is very grateful and touch and as he starts his journey again, the others realize they have made a new friend;When a snow-covered branch falls, Hazel?s winter store of acorns are dislodged and bounce everywhere. They are soon hidden from view. Rabbit, Mouse, Hazel and Thunder devise various ways of recovering the acorns by remembering things that happened in the past. Soon Mouse is tunneling under the snow to find some of the acorns, Hazel is dropping acorns to recreate their trajectory to find others and Thunder is rolling snowballs that pick up still more. By working together and using past experiences as their guide, Hazel soon has enough acorns to last the winter.

  • Thunder is trying to help Hazel catch acorns before they roll into the creek and drift away. But his inability to focus on the task at hand frustrates Hazel and Hazel?s frustrations make it even harder for Thunder to concentrate. Mouse and Rabbit help both of them to successful work together ? and they are further delighted when the Gibble Goose Girls announce that the ?missed acorns are now floating on their pond;The Gibble Goose Girls are having a tough time adapting to their first winter. It?s cold, everything is covered in snow and their pond is frozen. So Rabbit, Mouse, Edweena and Thunder show them how to live and have fun in winter. They clear the pond for skating, they travel through the forest to see how other creatures adapt, they slide down a hill on pieces of birch bark and they build a giant snow-rabbit.

  • When Mouse wishes to be The Hoppiest Hopper, his friends work together to think of some imaginative hop-helpers to aid him in getting his wish;Mouse finds a mysterious something on the beach, and he also learns an important lesson about sharing.

  • When Edweena's new friend Lexi the Bear has to hibernate, Mouse, Rabbit and Jasper help her says goodbye, and to feel better after her friend leaves by playing "The Lexi Game";All the Gibble Goose Girls, especially Jade, are entranced by the new goose in town, Tony, who?s almost all grown and quite a good flyer and deep diver. Jade wants to fly and dive too, but the Gibble Goose Girls are too little, so Rabbit and his friends help them pretend. When that doesn't quite satisfy Jade, Tony teaches her something she can do that will help her get ready to do the things a big goose can do ? speed-paddling.

  • The Gibble Goose Girls find it difficult to dance together when they misunderstand Rabbit's complements and think that their step is the best. But by watching Rabbit and Mouse work together to create fantastic 'stump-jumps' they realize that only by practicing, being open to suggestions and working together can they improve on their individual moves;Mouse and Rabbit are playing with Edweena when they meet a little skunk named Fowler. They invite Fowler to join them, but it turns out Edweena's afraid of Fowler, and Fowler's afraid of Edweena. Mouse and Rabbit realize the best way for the two to get over their fear of each other is to learn all about each other.

  • Mouse wants to climb Big Mountain, but is afraid to go alone. But when Rabbit, Jasper and Thunder all decide to go with him, they each must face a fear of their own.;Mouse and Thunder decide to change places for the day -- but Mouse learns there is more to being Thundery than just being big and strong, you have to be really nice too. And Thunder realizes that Mouse is small and agile and also very FUNNY!

  • When Edweena wants to make friends with a flock of pretty yellow songbirds, she enlists the help of the gang to teach her different friend-making strategies, but finally finds the best way on her own.;When Pearl becomes fascinated by a school of tadpoles, the other Gibble Goose Girls have to adjust their morning walk routine -- luckily they find a new leader, Mouse! Meanwhile, Pearl learns a new move from the GGG's swim-dance from her tadpole friends.

  • Jasper claims that his fishing stick is the Greatest Invention. Rabbit has a hard time believing it until the fishing stick helps rescue Amber from a mud puddle, allows Hazel and Edweena to sing together, shields Mouse from the rain, retrieves lost property and serves as a Friend Keeper.;Rabbit and Mouse enlist the aid of their friends in order to help 'Logan' a young turtle reach the 'Turtle Jolly Jumbo Jamboree' in time to compete in the amazing Turtle Jolly Jumbo Jamboree jiggle-jog race.

  • Mouse and Rabbit accidentally become stuck to the same stick, with resin from a ?sticky-icky tree?. With help from the Gibble girls, they learn to cope with ?extreme togetherness? but the two eventually realize that they can't stay this way forever. They end up doing what they?ve been avoiding all along? they have to pull apart, even if it means losing some fur!;The gang is preparing to celebrate ?Ladybug Day? when Mouse accidentally stains himself red with berry juice! Efforts to remove the colour fail, so Mouse?s friends band together to cheer him up about being red. It works ? and Mouse?s change in attitude is what attracts the ladybug ?guests of honour? to the festival.

  • Mouse wants to tell a story, but thanks to a swarm of noisy bees that are buzzing around Edweena, his friends can't hear him! They try ignoring the bees, then quieting them, and finally they try to get the bees to leave - but they ultimately solve the problem by looking at the situation from the bees? point of view;When Rabbit invents a kite-like 'flighty-fly', Mouse is keen to play with it. But when he tries to fly it, he's almost carried up, up and away! The gang tries various ways to allow him to play with it, but in the end it's Mouse who comes up with a solution. He realizes that he isn't too small - the flighty fly is too big!

  • A fallen tree?s branch is blocking the entrance to Rabbit?s sleeping hole and it just won't budge. Rabbit?s friends invite him to spend the night in their homes ? but Mouse?s nest is too small, the Gibble Goose Girls are too chatty, and Edweena snores. After a sleepless night Rabbit realizes he needs to think of a new way to get back into his own cosy home.;On a hot, hot day, Rabbit, Mouse and Hazel mistake Edweena for the Willow Pond Wackadoo that will grant their wish for cooling rain if they can tap it on the nose three times.

  • When the Gibble-Goose girls? nest is accidentally wrecked, they decide to build a new and better one. But they don't agree on what ?better? is, so Coral suggests that they each make their own nests. The Girls form teams with their friends to build the nests, which turn out perfectly except for one thing... the Girls miss each other too much to sleep!;Rabbit and Mouse want to show Thunder the Bouncy Bog they have found ? but their trail of nuts have been picked up by Hazel who is looking for her lost acorns.

  • >Rabbit and Mouse discover it is Jasper?s Birthday but they have no idea what to give him. While failing in their efforts to think of something, they help Hazel, Thunder and the Gibble Girls Hop-Think their presents. Finally, with the help of all these friends, they discover that they?ve already given a gift to Jasper ? the surprise party.;When Rabbit volunteers to do Hazel?s chores for the day, Mouse and the Gibble-Goose girls are disappointed. They wanted Rabbit to go to the pond with them! They decide to work together to finish the chores so they can all go to the pond. But Hazel didn't leave instructions, so it takes all of their creativity to get the jobs done ? all while making the chores fun enough to hold everyone?s attention.

  • Hazel has gathered, sorted, polished and stacked enough acorns to fill her hidey-hole, even though winter is months away and now she?s feeling a little down. Rabbit decides to plan a surprise to cheer her up that includes special fluffy-lovin? from the Gibble Girls, cloud watching on a lollygagging lily pad with Jasper and a special demonstration of Thunder?s Thump-thumpa dance. But it?s only when the friends all work together that they are able to give Hazel what she really wants ? more acorns to stack!;When Rabbit invents a new snow-toy, he and Mouse are dying to play with it. So they try everything to make autumn's 'last leaf' fall, and thereby bring on winter. After several attempts to bring the leaf down, they learn that this isn't how winter comes at all? but by then they?ve realized that they don't need snow to have fun with a 'snow-snapper'.

  • Rabbit has built a carrotastic ?flipper? and he and Thunder are having a great time flipping things into the air until, oh, oh they accidentally flip away Mouse?s treasured piece of ?cuddle? moss, Mossy. The search for Mossy evolves into a search for alternate things to cuddle, as well as ways to tire out Mouse so he won't have any trouble getting to sleep, until Rabbit finally hop-thinks a creative way to use his flipper to find Mossy;Jasper has a surprise for everyone but only if they can be quiet and still. Mouse and Rabbit try to organize this and discover they need all their ingenuity and a couple of Hop-Thinks before everyone is rewarded with a visit from a swarm of dragonflies.

  • One day, Rabbit gets a terrible itch. He grabs a stick from the beaver dam to scratch it - and the dam springs a leak! The whole neighbourhood turns out to offer help and ideas about how to fix the dam and Rabbit?s itch ? but none of their suggestions work - until Jasper suggests that one problem might just help to solve the other.;Rabbit thinks he made the moon appear by snapping his fingers so when Mouse finds it too bright, he tries to snap it off again. When it won't work, Mouse vows to help his friend Rabbit figure out the snapping trick, and with Thunder?s help they almost do, until they end up beside the pond and see, On, no! They?ve snapped the moon into the water!! How will they ever get it out? Luckily they get some advice and help from Jasper.