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  • 2001
  • 2 Seasons

Quads! is a hilarious animated series produced by Nelvana that premiered on YTV in Canada in 2001, and then later aired in the US on Nickelodeon. The show follows the adventures of the four MacNeil siblings - Parker, Ava, Nicky, and Tracey - who are quadruplets and have very distinct personalities.

Parker is the oldest, and the most responsible and studious of the four. Ava is the athletic one, who loves to play sports and get into mischief. Nicky is the video game-loving nerd who's always tinkering with gadgets and technology. And Tracey is the youngest, and the girliest of the four, who loves fashion and makeup.

The series centers around the MacNeil Quads and their lives at home with their parents, as well as their adventures at school and with their friends. Each episode typically features a break in continuity from the previous episode, with a series of independent storylines and comedic situations.

One of the main recurring themes of the show is sibling rivalry, as the four siblings often compete against each other in various contests and challenges, and bicker and argue just like real siblings do. However, they also have a deep love and respect for each other, and will always come together to support each other when it counts.

Another important element of the show is the MacNeil Quad's relationships with their parents, who are often baffled and overwhelmed by their rambunctious children. The father, David, is a stay-at-home dad who often struggles to keep up with the kids, while the mother, Lisa, is a successful and driven career woman who tries her best to balance work and family life.

The animation style of Quads! is bright and colorful, with simple character designs and exaggerated facial expressions that emphasize the slapstick humor and comedic timing. The voice acting is also top-notch, with each actor perfectly embodying the personality of their respective characters.

Overall, Quads! is a fun and lighthearted series that's perfect for kids and families. With its relatable characters, hilarious hijinks, and heartwarming moments, it's a show that will leave viewers feeling happy and entertained.

Quads! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2001.

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Cain & Enabler
26. Cain & Enabler
January 1, 2002
Reilly becomes the Sobriety sponsor of wild -- but aging -- rock star, Flem Fleming. While sampling the carefree rock n roll lifestyle, Reilly's self-control is immediately weakened, and he begins drinking again. Eventually Reilly climbs back out from the bottle and musters the strength to stay sober but forever changes the fate of Flem Flemming and Gaping Head Wound.
Cripple Challenge
25. Cripple Challenge
January 1, 2002
The Severed become contestants on The Cripple Challenge, a new reality show set at the Manor. Alliances are formed, backstabbing is rampant, and lying, cheating, and sex are an important part of the game - which makes for great Television! In fact, the over-zealous Producer is even willing to risk the lives of Franny and Blazer, all in the name of better ratings.
The Gambling Bug
24. The Gambling Bug
January 1, 2002
Blazer's gambling addiction has spiraled out of control, causing him to foolishly gamble away Maimed Manor -- and Franny! While Reilly attempts to win Franny back, a despondent Blazer plans to end his losing streak once and for all. With everything at stake, and all the chips on the table, it all comes down to a single game of winner-take-all Tiddly Winks.
Heaven Can Bite Me
23. Heaven Can Bite Me
January 1, 2002
Reilly accidentally eats a booze-laced brownie, prompting his decrepit liver to finally crap out. He falls into a coma and is sent to Heaven to review his despicable life. Unable to find a single good deed, the angels admit he could spend eternity in Hell. Meanwhile, Franny and the others search for a compatible liver and discover their only option is to cut one out of Mort Bromberg, whether he likes it or not!
Griz Savant
22. Griz Savant
January 1, 2002
The Disability Centre is going broke and the Severed are forced to hold a talent Show to raise money. Their performances suck big-time and the event looks destined to fail -- until Griz sits down at a piano and turns out to be a brilliant virtuoso! Lefty is consumed with jealousy, and is on a mission to find his own special talent in between attempts to destroy Griz and his musical gift.
The Magnificent Severed
21. The Magnificent Severed
January 1, 2002
Reilly inherits a wad of green when a rich Uncle dies, but Liz Bromberg claims the money came from the theft of her famous rubies. The cops give Reilly twenty-four hours to prove the accusations false, and if he fails, he'll be sent to prison indefinitely to become some convict's crippled wife! With the clock ticking, the guys turn the neighborhood inside out, while Franny chants for the truth to be revealed, and Reilly plays sleuth in order to finger the real thief.
Gray Matter
20. Gray Matter
January 1, 2002
Reilly has been living large on the extremely dead Mrs. Venable's social security checks, but when a government worker demands to see proof of her continued existence, Reilly must disguise himself as the old bag or risk being charged with fraud! Unfortunately, while in Granny Drag he accidentally saves a child's life and becomes a local hero! Trapped in his disguise, he's imprisoned in a retirement home until rescued by the incompetent Severed.
Trial & Error
19. Trial & Error
January 1, 2002
Blazer meets a sexy wild woman at a rave, and it's love at first bite but it's the next day that things really begin to heat up -- when he's accused of her murder! Franny and Fontaine hunt for clues to clear Blazer. Blazers days as a free head look to be numbered, when Reilly takes over as his defense attorney!
Midnight Cash Cowboy
18. Midnight Cash Cowboy
January 1, 2002
In a desperate bid to gain acceptance among the elite, sexually experimental ladies at her Country Club, Liz Bromberg instigates a sweaty, steamy affair with Fontaine. The word gets around about Fontaine's mighty sexual gift -- and soon he is servicing Liz's entire social circle! When Fontaine wants out Griz, Blazer and Lefty become his sex for hire students, in hopes of filling the vacant position.
Let the Gimp Games Begin
17. Let the Gimp Games Begin
January 1, 2002
The Quads concoct a new scheme to bring in some dough -- by staging their own athletic competition, The Gimp Games. In order to guarantee a clean sweep, they rig the events and sabotage their competitors. It all comes down to the final race, which pits Reilly and Blazer against each other. Will the best Gimp win?
To Slash or Not to Slash
16. To Slash or Not to Slash
January 1, 2002
While pursuing his dream of becoming a legitimate actor, Lefty unwittingly winds up starring in a series of B horror movies. The rest of the gang are more than happy to capitalize on his success, but when a disgusted Lefty refuses to make more movies, they set out to convince the public that the Psycho Slasher is far more than just a character he plays on screen.
Vacation to Lesbos
15. Vacation to Lesbos
January 1, 2002
Franny is fed up with Reilly taking her for granted, so she decides to play the field only to wind up on the other team, when she falls for another woman! A jilted Reilly is shocked, offended, appalled not to mention incredibly turned on! In an effort to win Franny back, Reilly enlists the Severed in an ultimate Macho versus Lesbo showdown.
The Church of Reilly
14. The Church of Reilly
January 1, 2002
Reilly, looking to scam a quick buck, transforms himself into a smooth-talking, faith healing Preacher man, by convincing the guys there's a vision of the Virgin Mary in his breakfast omelet. Believers line up to catch a glimpse of the Blessed Eggs, while Reilly rakes in the donations. But when Sister Butch catches wind of the scam she calls in the Papal Investigators to bust his non-denominational ass!
Spalding in the Family Way
13. Spalding in the Family Way
February 2, 2001
Spalding's parents are visiting from Australia, throwing Spalding into a tizzy. He's never gotten along with his dad and he's never told them he's gay! Griz has his own problems; the Health Inspector is coming to check out his bar. Franny agrees to pose as Spalding's girlfriend, but that backfires with disastrous results. Finally, Spalding admits he's gay Mom and Dad knew all along -- in fact, Dad is a transvestite! And Griz bar is saved when Spaldings mom, a neat freak, cleans it in the middle of the night.
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Quads! is available for streaming on the Nelvana website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Quads! on demand at Amazon and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 2, 2001