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"Jacob Two-Two" (2003) is a Canadian cartoon based on the book series by Mordecai Richler. The title character is the youngest in a family of five. He owes his nickname to his habit of saying things twice in order to make himself heard. In the series, Jacob and his family move to Montreal, where they have to deal with eccentric neighbors, including a spy and a pro wrestler, and some nasty teachers at the local school.

Jacob Two-Two is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2003.

Where do I stream Jacob Two-Two online? Jacob Two-Two is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jacob Two-Two on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
September 7, 2003
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Dwayne Hill
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Jacob Two-Two Full Episode Guide

  • The spirit of long departed hockey player is released from an old arena seat and possesses Jakes family. The only way for Jake to break the spell is to join his family and play a hockey game against the Montreal Marvels. Jake gives his dad an enchanted arena seat thats possessed with team spirit.

  • When Jake undertakes to mind Marfa's science project, an Artificial Intelligence robot, he doesn't figure on wiping its memory clean. But when he reprograms the robot, he inadvertently loads it with his Dude Funslinger computer game. Now the robot act like Dude Funslinger and is off to rid the world of space zombies. Jake's action hero computer game is accidentally programmed into Marfa robot science project.

  • Everything goes wrong for Jacob because he's so small. When Mr. Moleculus shows Jake his formula for growing giant tomatoes, Jacob borrows it to use on himself. But as Jacob grows, his problems grow too. Jake has a remarkable growth spurt when he borrows an experimental formula from Mr. Moleculus.

  • Jake buys a back-scratcher that grants wishes, but before he can wish for the perfect present for his moms birthday, Greedyguts and Leo snatch it away. Comic mayhem ensues as the thieves selfish wishes go awry. Jakes enchanted back-scratcher is stolen before he can make a very important wish.

  • Carl Fester King has a new money-making scheme. Using stolen hockey bags, hell create the worst smelling substance on earth, stink up Montreal, then make a fortune selling air fresheners! But when the stinkonium is stolen from King, its up to Jake and Kid Power to track down the second stinker, who has his own agenda for the stuff Carl Fester King plans to stink up Montreal and get rich selling air fresheners but when his smelly formula is stolen, its up to Jake to find the thief and neutralize the stinky threat!

  • Principal Greedyguts hijacks a shipment of Captain Canuck comic books in hopes of selling them for a huge profit. Fighting for Captain Canuck fans everywhere, Jake and his friends devise a daring plan to get the comics back. Jake and his friends rescue a stolen shipment of comic books from Principal Greedyguts.

  • To force a letter of recommendation out of the studentbody, Greedyguts turns Dreary Meadows into a work camp! Jake leads the kids in a test of wills, and the outcome hinges on a mysterious pair of sunglasses that make everything seem perfect to whoever puts them on. Greedyguts goes to extreme lengths to get an invitation to the Principals Banquet, but Jacob and a pair of mood-altering sunglasses imperil his plans.

  • In a mix-up of literary proportions, Jake wins a student writing competition for a manuscript Dad wrote, while Dad receives a rejection letter from his publisher for a story that Jake wrote. Can the mess be straightened out? Or will Jake end up winning the upcoming national competition for a story that isn't his? After winning a student writing competition, Jake realizes that it was actually Dad's manuscript that won, and his own story was sent to Dad's publisher.

  • Jakes ghostly friend Claude LaToque, helps Buford become a skateboard stunt artist. Jakes attempts to end the perilous folly are thwarted by the bully boys, eager to capture a spectacular skateboard crash on video.

  • Jacob comes into possession of a very rare and valuable coin. Word of his good fortune travels quickly amongst every greedy character hes ever had the misfortune of meeting, and soon they join forces to take it from him.

  • When Jacob calls his teacher a mean old witch for handing out a homework assignment on Halloween, he almost doesnt live to regret it.

  • Jacob fears an important spy mission may be compromised when his spying partner Agent Intrepid falls for a mysterious female hamster named Daisy, while Carl Fester King corners the countrys maple syrup reserves.

  • Reformed criminals Fish and Fowl become unlikely allies as Jacob worries that X. Barnaby Dinglebat has become a jewel thief, after he disappears with the fabled Stanley Puck Diamond.

  • Jacob must rescue Buford and their science teacher from an unknown dimension after Mr. Moleculus latest invention goes haywire. But first he has to rescue the invention, which is stolen by a greedy thief.

  • A pesky love bug buzzes into Jacobs life, causing Melinda to think he has a big crush on her, making Valentines even more terrifying than usual.

  • Jacob finds life on Miss Sour Pickles good side is even worse than being on her bad side. When he attempts to restore the proper order he only becomes even more of a teachers pet.

  • Jacob and friends travel to Ottawa to confront the Wicked Glitch after Jacobs life is turned upside down thanks to Prime Minister Perry Pleasers under-budgeted attempt to bring Canada into the computer age.

  • Miss Darling Sweetiepies stint as a substitute teacher leads her to instill old fashioned values in her students by turning them into a bunch of mindless, well behaved zombies. A school full of mindless zombies is the answer to Principal Greedyguts wildest dreams...

  • When Jacob accidentally switches brains with Principal Greedyguts he decides to make the best of a bad situation by making life better at Dreary Meadows School. Meanwhile Greedyguts does his best to make life miserable for Jacob.

  • While playing with walkie-talkies borrowed from X. Barnaby Dinglebat, Jacob learns his Mom is the ring leader of a band of spies. He finds that once the Canadian Armed Forces are on red alert, they wont quit until they get their man... or Mom as the case may be.

  • Jacobs well meaning efforts to make his Aunty Good For Yous Good For You cookies taste good too leads her into a business partnership with unsavory con man Carl Fester King. Jacob tries to rescue his Aunts recipe and her good reputation.