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The television series Being Ian follows Ian who is a 12 year old boy. He thinks that his life is one big play on a stage and he is the director of this play. This causes him to get into many situations and some trouble along the way. He manages to walk away from every set and every adventure without being harmed or getting into any kind of trouble.

Being Ian is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2004.

Where do I stream Being Ian online? Being Ian is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Being Ian on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
January 1, 2004
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Ian James Corlett, Richard Ian Cox, David Kaye, Matt Hill, Patricia Drake
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Being Ian Full Episode Guide

  • A sleep-deprived Ian begins to imagine himself as famous historical characters.

  • Ian directs TV commercials that make Tyrone a huge celebrity.

  • Ian convinces Sandi to star in an internet video confessional on his website.

  • Ian will do whatever it takes to win an award during the school's Kooky Sports Day competition.

  • Ian decides to hold his own amateur filmmaker awards called "The Ians."

  • Ian gets more than he bargained for when he gets a Reality TV babysitter to watch over the Kelley boys.

  • Ian is banned from the School Fair when he's blamed for a prank he didn't commit.

  • When Ian starts writing a blog for his website, his friendship with Grace is tested.

  • Ian tries to attend a midnight screening of the cult horror film "Curse of the WereRat."

  • Ian and the Kelleys return from their Hollywood vacation to find that things back home have changed.

  • The Kelleys arrive in Los Angeles, and while Ian tries to find a way to enter Project: Spotlight, Kyle becomes shark bait while trying to empress some California girls; Koreys dream of meeting famous Sci-Fi actor Buck Orpheus quickly turns into a nightmare; and Kens worst fears about leaving Odbald in charge of Kelleys Keyboards come true.

  • Ian convinces his Dad to take the family on a road trip down the coast to Los Angeles so he can enter one of his films in a big time Hollywood contest. Unfortunately, his Dads meticulous trip itinerary gets in the way of Ian making the contests deadline, so Ian spends the whole time trying to speed up the trip... with disastrous results.

  • Action-horror flick Attack of the Giant Garden Slugs is premiering, and the star of the film Del Beaumont will be signing autographs. And even though the premiere is during school hours, it doesnt stop Ian and his friends who decide to skip class. But they discover that their trip to the theatre is more adventurous than any movie.

  • Lucky Ian has a voucher for the hot new video game Blood Blitz 3000: Part 2. Unfortunately, his mean and ruthless substitute teacher gives Ian and the rest of the class detention, so he cant pick up the game before the deadline. And when Vicky gets a new automatic vacuum, it becomes physically attracted to Ken.

  • When a ventriloquist drops by the store and pays Ken with his dummy Slappy, Ian takes the dummy home and learns the art of ventriloquism. Soon, he and the wisecracking Slappy are a big hit at school. But after spending too much time with the dummy, Ians personality takes on a mean streak. And while Ian is losing friends, Korey finds a new best friend in Dennis.

  • Mr. Greeble discovers that Kyle is an incredible speller, and he forces Ian to get his too cool brother on the nerdy spelling team. But the only way Kyle will do it is if hes disguised as The Phantom Speller. When Sandi becomes a reporter for the schools paper, she wont rest until shes uncovered whos behind The Phantom Spellers mask.

  • Ty makes a deadly fashion faux pas at school. Ian inadvertently takes the dork spotlight off his friend and thrusts it directly onto his own shoulders when he trips and stumbles in front of Ty. Ian quickly realizes theres money to be made renting out his services as a professional dork. And when Ken is overstocked with accordions, he hires a Polish celebrity hockey player to help out at the store.

  • When theres a movie marathon on TV for the very childish film My Little Unicorn, Ian is able to trick everyone into leaving the house so he can privately enjoy watching it. If anyone ever found out, Ian would die of embarrassment. While Ians able to enjoy his privacy, the other members of the family are off having their own adventures that include an amorous moose, a Monster Truck, and a gang of angry grannies.

  • Ians video camera captures Kyle and Korey accidentally knocking down the kitchen wall, and his exclusive footage gets him a spot as a reporter on the local news. But Ian learns how hard it is to stay on top and has to constantly try to find a scoop. Unfortunately, his friends and family are the victims of his sensational reports.

  • When a school project requires him to care for and protect a raw egg as if it were a child, Ian initially makes fun of the assignment. But he quickly becomes attached to the egg, and before long Ian becomes a doting parent and learns about the ups and downs of parenthood. And when the shiftless Korey is forced to find work, he discovers how hard it is to hold down a job.

  • Ian sees that Werner Wolfensteins half-eaten cheese sandwich is for sale, and after some serious moping hes able to convince his parents to buy the expensive item for him. But when he accidentally leaves it in Mr. Fleemans store without any way of getting it back, he must organize a heist to retrieve the sandwich before his parents find out.