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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is an animated cartoon sci-fi series based on the comic book Xenozoic Tales. It's part of a larger franchise that spans video games and spin-off comics. The Xenozoic Tales franchise has a considerable cult following. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs takes place in a post-apocalyptic era after the fall of human society. Humans have retreated to underground bunkers, where they preserved technology until mechanics became like priests. Then they re-emerged to the surface of the Earth to find dinosaurs rule it once again, in the Xenozoic Era. The story follows the humans as they try to rebuild society.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1993.

Where do I stream Cadillacs and Dinosaurs online? Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel Free, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 18, 1993
Kids & Family
Cast: David Keeley, Susan Roman, Bruce Tubbe, Dawn Greenhalgh
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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Full Episode Guide

  • Using dynamite stolen from a deep-woods scavenger to scare up a pack of dinosaurs, the Terhune brothers inadvertently set off a huge blaze in the middle of the jungle.. which quickly spreads, approaching Scharnhorst's new gas wells. The only way to stop the blaze before it reaches the wells and ignites the entire jungle is to bury it under tons of dirt and rubble... and the only way to do that is to use Scharnhorst's store of unstable nitro-glycerin. In a race against time, Jack and Hannah must reluctantly join forces with Scharnhorst and the Terhunes to transport the nitro to the appropriate blast zones.. a process made twice as deadly by the scavenger, who has returned to exact revenge on the Terhune brothers.

  • It's no secret that Jack disapproves of the new piledriver equipment Scharnhorst is using to mine the interior. When the equipment is stolen, Scharnhorst accuses Jack - and because a corrupt City guard has taken the evidence that shows the crime was committed by Hammer Terhune, Jack is sentenced to a wilderness gulag. When he escapes en route to stop Hammer from turning the piledriver into a poaching weapon, Jack becomes a fugitive, and Scharnhorst recruits a relentless bounty hunter to track him down...

  • While escaping a rampaging T-Rex, Jack and Hannah come across a large metallic capsule... containing an Ancient in perfect cryogenic storage!! It soon becomes apparent to Jack that there's something strange about this fellow Adamas, though the smitten Hannah is quick to disagree. As it turns out, Adamas is an android, created by the Army Corps of Engineers shortly before the Upheavals. When Scharnhorst learns of Adamas' vast library of technical knowledge and super-strength, a vicious tug-of-war ensues... Adamas, caught between the forces of good and evil, soon he concludes that the only solution is to go back into suspended animation, until such a time when the world will be better prepared for his powers.

  • Hannah's plan to house pteranodons in the City as a warning system against dangerous sea lizards is met with furious opposition from Scharnhorst, and frank skepticism from Jack. Hurt and upset, Hannah accepts a Wassoon promotion that will recall her to her homeland, resulting in mixed feelings for Jack and Hannah both. Their trip back through the interior is disrupted by a power-mad despot and his monstrous War Wagon... only Jack and a reluctant Hannah can stop him from destroying the city. Their adventures and the success of Hannah's warning system lead her to reconsider her rash decision to leave.

  • Jack, Hannah and Moustapha try to unravel the "Loch Ness Monster" -style mystery of a nocturnal creature, roaming the streets of City in the Sea and capturing its citizens. Despite difficulty from Scharnhorst, who doesn't believe the creature exists, they discover that it's a special kind of dinosaur called a Thecodont, and it's capturing the city-dwellers to use as food for its young.

  • Jack and Hannah are hunted in the deep jungle by a cunning Poacher, hired by Scharnhorst to prevent them from meddling with her plans to excavate an ancient train station/railroad line. The situation becomes even more dangerous when the excavation crew unwittingly looses an ancient which only Hannah has the antidote.

  • Scharnhorst and Dr. Fesseden discover the control facility for an SDI ballistic-laser satellite, deep within Girth territory; this attracts the attention of both Jack and Hannah and the Poachers, and soon a three-way battle for control over the facility ensues. With a little help from the Grith, Jack manages to program the satellite to destroy the control facility, since this is the kind of "knowledge" he believes everyone is better off without.

  • The Poachers launch a massive attack on Jack's Garage in an attempt to take it over and exploit its weapons and technical riches. Mikla poses as an escaped captive of the Poachers in order to infiltrate the Garage and sabotage its defenses. Jack's cleverness and the Poachers' lack thereof - foil the attack, and the Poachers are all driven back into the jungle, Mikla included.

  • At an outdoor market run by the Moles, Hannah learns that Scharnhorst and Fesseden have accessed a high-tech cybernetics lab. When she tries to access the lab herself, she is captured by city guards; it takes Jack disguised as such a guard to liberate her. Fesseden activates the lab's dangerous tunneling robots, which seem to have minds of their own, and immediately make moves to break out of the compound. In the ensuing battle, Jack and Hannah elude Scharnhorst and, with the help of the Moles, bring the underground lab crashing down on the unstoppable machines.

  • An earthquake scares up a herd of Triceratops, who then stampede down toward an assortment of settlements; after an argument with Scharnhorst about how to handle the problem (she wants to kill them), Jack and company organize a Xenozoic cattle drive. Despite poacher treachery, they manage to steer the herd to a safe ground and save the settlements.

  • Jack Tenrec must stop a rampaging dinosaur from destroying settlements; during the adventure, he meets Hannah Dundee, the Wassoon science ambassador who has just arrived at the City in the Sea. Jack discovers that the dinosaur is being agitated by a sonic implant: he removes it, and traces it back to Governor Scharnhorst, who had it implanted in an attempt to turn the people against Jack and Machinatio Vitae when the dinosaur proved unstoppable. Their mutual distrust of Scharnhorst makes allies out of Jack and Hannah.