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Class of the Titans is about seven teenagers who have to come together to defeat a villain named Cronus. Each teenager is a descendant of a Greek god or legend. Jay, the leader of the group, is related to Jason of the Argonauts. The brawn of this group is related to Hercules. The Greek gods do show up in this show as well.

Class of the Titans is a Canadian American TV cartoon series first aired in December of 2005 on Teletoon with a special showing of the first three episodes. Americans got to see it in September of 2009 on Discovery Kids and Qubo. The series is currently airing on Malaysian cable channel called Kochu TV.

The first three episodes came to DVD in February of 2008. The second DVD contained the next 3 episodes of the show. November of 2008 saw the release of a DVD that contained all the season 1 episode. The show finished its run in February of 2008.

Class of the Titans is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on June 13, 2007.

Where do I stream Class of the Titans online? Class of the Titans is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Class of the Titans on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
June 13, 2007
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Meghan Black, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, Samuel Vincent, Ted Cole
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Class of the Titans Full Episode Guide

  • With the power of the Olympian gods at her command, Theresa defeats Cronus? and now she?s after Zeus! It?s a battle that rivals any Zeus has faced before and his brute force can't seem to stop her? but maybe her friends can.

  • A mysterious PHANTOM is attacking the gods and draining their powers. It must be Cronus, right? Wrong. It?s Theresa! She has been pushed too far by the gods, and now her powers are out of control. She just wants her old life back? but will she lose her mind in the process?

  • Neil?s growing arrogance and good fortune draws out the goddess NEMESIS, who decides our Golden Boy needs to be taught a lesson. She curses him with the Midas Touch and now everything he touches then turns to gold. Meanwhile, Jay and the others are drawing Cronus into a trap. Just as they?re about to spring it, Neil messes things up? big time? by turning his friends into golden statues!

  • The River God, SCAMANDER was defeated by Achilles millennia ago. Now he wants to even the score by destroying Archie. Its sink or swim for our water fearing hero, as Archie soon finds himself in very hot water!

  • Hoping to find some lost papers or inventions left behind by DAEDALUS, Odie discovers Daedalus is still alive! This is good, right? Wrong! The heroes soon find themselves caught in the crazy genius? most diabolical trap!

  • Cronus gets his hands on Theresa?s pendant. He convinces the magical TELKHINES to unlock its secret by giving them their enemy, POSEIDON. Now Cronus has a portal to the secret refuge of the gods and heroes! As Cronus prepares for his attack, the heroes try to find a way to help Poseidon and close the door on Cronus.

  • Cronus strikes a deal with the crafty SISYPHUS? freedom from his eternal punishment, in exchange for the life of one of the heroes. The heroes are going to have to cheat death if they are to get out of this one? and the only way to do that is to capture THANATOS, the God of Death.

  • Cronus poses as AMALTHEIA, the goat who raised his son Zeus, and whisks Zeus off for a fatal game of battle chess. With a bestiary as Cronus? players and the heroes on the Zeus? side, the game then manifests itself in real life? where the pieces aren't captured, they?re destroyed! The only way to stop the game is to get the CORNUCOPIA from the fickle goddess FORTUNA and wish for it to end. It?s all up to the Neil to spin the Wheel of Fortuna to save the day.

  • With Hephaestus? help, Odie creates an android to simulate Cronus? moves, one that can learn to adapt, in order to test their skills. But Cronus 2.0 soon learns more about them than they wish to know and it begins to play a deadly game. It's up to the heroes to make the right moves? or it's game over!

  • The noble Cyclops, POLYPHEMUS, life of quiet refuge is interrupted once again by Cronus. This time because Cronus is forging an alliance with the ghosts of Polyphemus? ancestors to create for him a weapon to destroy the heroes. It?s up to Jay, Odie and the others to stop Cronus and rescue their one-eyed friend.

  • Millennia ago, PEIRITHOUS was left behind in the Underworld by Hercules. Through all those years he?s wanted a taste of revenge and now he has a recipe for disaster? one that taints the god?s ambrosia and threatens their immortal lives.

  • When Neil?s pranks hurt Odie?s feelings, Odie decides to go for a drive. But Odie soon finds himself riddled with problems when he meets the beautiful SPHINX in a small town. He must solve the Sphinx?s riddle, or he?ll never leave! Lucky for him, Neil shows up with an apology? and the innocence to answer the riddle that baffled our brainy Odie.

  • MORPHEUS helps Theresa use her telepathic powers to give Cronus a prophetic vision. Now he believes there is a talisman that can help him defeat the heroes, and it looks like the heroes dreams are about to come true as Cronus steps right into their trap. But it quickly becomes a nightmare for Theresa when Cronus has the ONEROI, dream daemons, blur Theresa?s own vision and the line between reality and fantasy is erased.

  • Cronus tracks down AUTOLYCUS, son of Hermes, and the Prince of Thieves. He wants Autolycus to get him Hercules? Arrow, a weapon dipped in Hydra venom and deadly enough to destroy even a god. The race is on to find the arrow? a race that leads to heroes Theresa?s father!

  • ERIS, the Goddess of Strife and Discord, wants to impress her father Cronus? and what better way to do that, than to destroy the heroes! She lays some serious strife on the heroes and all of New Olympia. The only way to stop her is to find HARMONY, the Goddess of Harmony of course? but getting the dippy hippy goddess going is more of challenge than they expected.

  • The Earth is literally in upheaval as GAIA, Mother Earth, gets Cronus and Zeus together for a little family reunion. She?s upset with her son and grandson and they better realize that mother knows best. The heroes try to help Zeus, but there?s a small problem: the giant ANTAEUS isn't allowing any more visitors.

  • Cursed by TANTALUS, Atlanta can't resist the temptation to take on Cronus by herself. She steals Athena?s AEGIS, a shield that has Atlanta believe she?s invincible, and faces off against Cronus? alone! Is it too late to stop the flood of emotion?

  • It?s the first day of spring and Persephone doesn't return from The Underworld? thanks to Cronus. Her mother DEMETER mourns for Persephone and her grief plunges the planet into a deep freeze. The heroes have to get through Cronus and his legion of snow beasts, to save Persephone? and the world!

  • Cronus brings LYCAON, the original werewolf, back to life with a drop of Atlanta?s blood? and now it wants more! Our huntress Atlanta is now the hunted. It tracks her down to where she already has her hands full with Archie who, after a brush with PHOBOS, the God of Fear, has gone from being invincible to wanting to be invisible,

  • The demigod PAN returns? and so does Archie?s jealousy as Atlanta?s old feelings for Pan are rekindled. But they have to put their emotions aside if they?re going to save the gods? immortal lives? for Cronus has poisoned the TREE OF LIFE in The Garden of Hesperides from which the gods gain their strength.

  • Our heroes and Cronus get splashed by the forgetful waters of the river LETHE and can't remember who they are. They actually end up working together? that is, until some things start to jog Cronus? memory. Luckily, Neil didn't get splashed. But unfortunately, he has to bargain with CHARON to help him get the cure.

  • Cronus conjures the famous hunter Orion from the night sky to track down Jay and the others. Meanwhile a student reporter, doing a story on Neil?s modeling career, sees our heroes in action and now they?re facing a new threat: public exposure.

  • Odie discovers of the all-seeing eye of the GRAES. With the eye, Cronus can't hide from them anymore. Problem is, the three Graes sisters (aka HORROR, DREAD, and ALARM) want their eye back. They literally strike fear into the hearts of the heroes, and now the heroes are battling their worst nightmares.

  • Morpheus helps Theresa use her telepathic powers to give Cronus a prophetic vision.

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